Top offline marketing strategies for small businesses

Top Offline Marketing Strategies to Promote your Business

Abhinav Girdhar
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This is an era of marketing and most businesses today realize that no matter what else you are doing, choosing the right marketing strategies defines the difference between a business that flourishes and the one that may crash. In this post, we are going to talk about various offline marketing strategies for small businesses, offline marketing ideas to give you some great marketing tips to help you promote your business. Though online marketing has gained popularity and prominence in recent times for two major reasons – low costs and easy measurability. However, good old offline marketing strategies cannot be ruled out, not yet anyway. In fact, a combination of online and offline marketing ideas can prove to be the most beneficial as a complete and effective marketing strategy. Top offline marketing strategies for small businesses

Here’s a list of offline marketing activities that can be used quite effectively to promote a business:

  1. Network Proactively
  2. Even though a huge chunk of business activities take place online, including marketing, but face-to-face connections are still of great value when it comes to networking. Though many people steer themselves away from professional networking as it may be a little daunting to begin with, but it is one of the most effective ways to market your business when you get it right. Networking not only lets you engage directly with the client, but also offers great referral opportunities. In both the scenarios the rate of conversion is high, as people prefer doing business where they can put a face to the brand/company name. This creates a deeper sense of loyalty in your clients and hence, you must not skimp out on this critical offline marketing strategy.

  3. Grab Speaking Opportunities
  4. There are multiple speaking opportunities, and seminars that happen from time to time. These happen at varied scales and levels and for multiple industry types. These speaking engagements can prove to be excellent marketing opportunities for multiple reasons. One of the biggest advantages of speaking at such events is that you are immediately put in front of a highly targeted audience that is actually interested in what you are talking about. This audience is already primed and is invested enough to pay you dedicated attention when you are in front of them. Another huge advantage of speaking at this scale is that you get to build your credibility in your industry and establish yourself as a thought leader within your firm and in the extended network. You can, of course set up your own seminars, but that includes a whole lot of effort and massive investment. The more viable way to keep doing this frequently is by finding the right space where you can share your knowledge. At the very beginning it may prove to be a challenge to find and secure such speaking opportunities. It may be a good idea, initially, to start small with local bodies or associations and even accept the unpaid opportunities. At this level, you have more to gain from the experience than the money that comes with it. These early experiences will reap substantial returns for you in the future.

  5. Leverage Print Media
  6. Print articles may not give you the same SEO benefits that an online link back may give you, but getting your stuff out there on print has considerable merit in offline marketing. When you get your articles published in the print media, your authority and credibility gets a natural boost and you may even get paid for it! It may seem lucrative to target the national magazines and big newspapers, but it makes more sense to zero in on the publications that cater to the audience that is relevant to you and to your business. For example, if you are a stylist, it makes sense to pitch to fashion and lifestyle magazines, not political journals. While writing for the magazines, direct your focus on solving the problems that your target audience experiences. It will not only help the audience you are targeting, but also increase their curiosity about you, encouraging them to get in touch with you. Before you start writing your piece, create a list of publications that may be interested in printing what you are writing about. Once you have this list, explore their magazines and get a sense of the kind of material they publish and the tone they prefer. Most of the publications have their own set of instructions for the pieces they accept, and it is important to read them carefully before you send out your idea pitch or articles to them.

  7. Send Direct Mailers
  8. The buzz about online marketing might have overshadowed the good old direct mailers, but you must not underestimate this offline marketing technique. Direct mailers can be a little expensive, but this adds a touch of personalization, which is a big factor for a huge group of people in your target audience. Direct mailers are quite effective and worth the investment when you have a great offer to be sent out to a targeted list. In addition to this, direct mailers work great for retargeting and for re-engaging the customers you have fallen out of touch with. One of the most effective ways to increase the chances of your emails being opened is to make sure that the envelope conveys your amazing deal! Whether you are offering a discount, a freebie, a deal, or a great solution, it should be indicated clearly on the envelope so that it is not thrown out without being opened.

  9. Make Some Cold Calls
  10. Marketing calls may seem annoying when there is no thought behind it, which is why they are dismissed quite often. However, when there is some serious thought and planning involved, cold calling can turn out to be quite an effective offline marketing strategy. Cold calls are more personal than emails and require an instant response. Granted, that it can go either way, but that’s the idea. When you have a good cold calling script in front of you, the chances of getting through are higher and of course the opportunity to cross sell can increase as well. Make sure that you address the recipient by their name and are confident about the reason you are reaching out to them. You can take a look at the cold calling tips we have put together for you as well.


Even though online marketing may seem to be the only way ahead, offline marketing is still relevant and has its own advantages. In the post above, we have mentioned the top 5 offline marketing ideas that will help you promote your business. The modern consumer is moving in leaps and bounds towards the online world and digital services, but offline marketing strategies are still relevant and have their own unique attributes. The idea is to find the balance between the two and come up with a combination of online and offline marketing strategies for the best results.

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