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13 Reasons Why You Need Chatbot for Your Real Estate Business

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on March 7th, 2024 12:25 pm | 3-min read

Chatbots are computer programs that help businesses simulate human conversations. Many businesses use chatbots to engage, nurture, and convert their prospects into customers. With constantly growing language processing and machine learning capabilities, chatbots are being used in almost all the industries including retail, eCommerce, healthcare, hospitality, and fashion. Chatbots are truly dignified to be helpful in the real estate industry as well.

Do You own a Real Estate Business?

If yes, keep reading to find out how you can drive customer engagement and increase sales with Chatbots. In this post, we have listed the top reasons why you should start using a chatbot for your real estate business.

How Chatbots can be Used in the Real Estate Industry - Appy Pie

How Chatbot Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business?

Here are a few major reasons why you should create a real estate chatbot for your business.

  1. Real-time Enquiry
  2. Chatbots help businesses answer their customer queries instantly and save them from waiting for a live agent to find answers about the property they are interested in. This helps your customers make quick and informed decisions.

  3. Available 24×7
  4. Most businesses create chatbots with no-code development platform to provide their customers with quick responses to their queries. Even if these businesses don’t provide full-time support, by leveraging an intuitive chatbot, they can help customers find the required information regardless of what the time is and on what day they get in touch with customer service.

  5. Lead Generation
  6. You can use chatbots in the real estate industry to collect the necessary information from the users. And then, if your chatbot qualifies the prospect, it can redirect them to the specific product landing page, so that they directly visit that page when they need to make a purchase. Go through this post to learn more ways of generating leads using chatbots - How to Use Chatbots to Generate Leads?

  7. Customer Queries
  8. Chatbots for the real estate industry can help you answer your customers’ queries in a matter of seconds. These customers usually ask questions regarding the property they are interested in buying or the one that they have already bought. It’s an expensive and tiring task for a human agent to handle those queries. Businesses can deploy chatbots to communicate with these customers swiftly and efficiently. Chatbots can easily be trained to handle repetitive queries and transfer the chat to the live agent in case of any complex query. Here is a post that you can go through to learn how you can reduce customer response time using chatbots - Reducing Customer Response Time(CRT) With a Chatbot.

  9. Site Visit
  10. Mostly visitors want to visit multiple properties before they make a purchase. As they invest a huge amount of money when buying any property, they try to research more. Chatbots for real estate can help businesses schedule these site visits for the prospective leads. Chatbots can automatically take requests and help customers book a slot.

  11. Loan and Finance Assistance
  12. Customers often apply for financial loans when buying properties. They get in touch with the real estate firms to ask for more information and assistance in applying for the loan. Chatbots can help these customers find various loan options and connect them with supportive financial institutions.

  13. User Specific
  14. Chatbots can understand the user’s requirements and can be specific about it. Not everyone comes looking for the same kind of property. Chatbots ask customers a series of questions to understand what they want and help them accordingly.

  15. User Engagement
  16. Businesses get offline or online forms filled by the customers to understand their preferences. However, with chatbots, they can just initiate a real-time conversation and ask users what they want. This helps businesses respond to their customers’ queries at the same time while gathering information about what they have come looking for.

  17. Better Time Management
  18. Chatbots save you from wasting your time in fruitless queries. They interact with the customers in a personalized manner and save all their information in the database. This information helps you understand what the customer wants before you communicate with them. This way, you will only be concerned with closing the deal and not end up answering FAQs or spending time prospecting.

  19. Efficient Follow-ups
  20. As a realtor, you might not be able to follow-up with each person who is yet to be the customer. This can make you miss out on a few deals. Chatbots can help you follow up on your leads via their preferred medium of contact may it be an email or a text message. These messages and emails will be sent to the users automatically as per the time they have asked for in the chat or what you have saved in the database.

  21. History of Interaction
  22. When you are into a business, you need to keep the record of all your deals and your customers. Chatbots keep all the interactions, documents, users’ names, and contact details, etc. stored in the system so that you can access them as and when you need.

  23. Virtual Tours
  24. With busy schedules, users sometimes don’t have time to visit the property they are interested in. Chatbots take them through the virtual tours and give these customers a fair idea of the property before they schedule a site visit.

  25. Handling Agent Queries
  26. With chatbots, you can automate the customer interactions that would otherwise need the presence of a support chat agent. This way, you cannot only save time and money but also lighten up the workload of your support team and enable them to focus on more critical tasks.


Chatbots are quite efficient in enhancing your business drastically. If you own a real estate agency, you must consider developing messenger chatbots to receive more qualified leads, reduce customer support cost, and as a result, increase your sales and revenue. Make sure you choose the chatbot that suits your business needs and the type of real-estate business you are running. Choosing the right bot can help you take your business to the next level. You can create an excellent real estate bot using Appy Pie’s Real Estate Chatbot Builder. This is a no-code software which means you need not have any programming knowledge to create a chatbot for your business. Just a few clicks and it will be all done! Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder helps you create the best real estate chatbots with various chatbot templates and amazing features. Post the comments and let us know what is going on in your mind and we will help you find the bot that meets your business requirements.CitationsChatbots LifeMaruti Tech

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