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Making App Maintenance Easier with Appy Pie AppMakr

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on October 15th, 2023 10:29 am | 3-min read
Making App Maintenance Easier with Appy Pie AppMakr

How much does it cost to make an app?

This is a question that is always asked by everyone. However, most people that make apps forget to realize a very important fact. The fact that apps need maintenance. Both Android and iOS are being regularly updated to optimize the user experience.

These updates to the mobile OS are the reason why mobile apps need constant updates and maintenance to maintain an app’s performance. Apps that are not updated are sidelined and eventually become incompatible with the OS.

Why should you make apps with Appy Pie

App maintenance is usually thought of as an easy side process to app development. However, that is not the case. According to our 2020 research into the state of application development, 75% of work that app development companies are involved in is the maintenance of the apps they have previously created.

Let that number sink in. Almost 75% of app development work is maintenance. This leaves no room for new apps and innovation. From a professional development standpoint, this creates a backlog and a lack of new ideas. Infact, the same research notices that backlogs have more or less remained the same as the years before 2020 despite more employees and faster app development. This backlog stems from app maintenance. 11% of the survey’s respondents agreed that backlogs are slowly getting worse as more and more apps are being created.

For a person who’s creating their own app, maintaining apps can become difficult since they’ll have to dedicate more time than they have. App maintenance can get complex and expensive crazy fast. However, there is a way to make maintaining your app easy. It involves our own Appy Pie AppMakr.

More About Appy Pie AppMakr

If this is your first time hearing about Appy Pie AppMakr or if you’re wondering what it does, this next section is for you.

Appy Pie AppMakr is a completely codeless app making software. Yes, you read that right. Creating apps with Appy Pie is easy. To create an app, you simply need to drag and drop or double click on a feature you need and it’ll be added to your app. Just like that! You can select a predesigned template, and add features that you need to your app with a few simple clicks. Then you test your app and publish it. Given below is your app making interface.

Appy Pie AppMakr

Appy Pie provides over 200 features that you can add to your app. No other app building software in the market provides that many customization options directly.

How Appy Pie Reduces Maintenance Costs

Appy Pie has a dedicated team of developers to ensure that all features are up-to-date and in line with Google and Apple’s policies. Everytime a new change is made, Appy Pie’s developers ensure that affected features are updated to meet the new standards.

Since AppyPie apps can be updated in real-time, these changes are applied to your app almost instantly. If you or your clients want to add new features to their apps, you can simply log in to your account, add the feature and republish the app to the respective app store which is then available as an update for the users.

These simple maneuvers make it really easy to update your apps to new standards. Appy Pie is so easy to use that you can also change your app design after publishing almost any time you want. Our design templates are updated regularly and new designs are added regularly.

Apart from maintenance costs, the ease of use means that you can significantly reduce backlogs and focus on creating innovative apps for your clients. For example, nearly 50% of all customer-facing/employee facing apps are being made with no-code app builders in 2020. Since these apps have a set design and requirements, it becomes really easy to create them with Appy Pie AppMakr. Infact, a good customer service app can be created and deployed within the same day.

How to Update an App in Appy Pie AppMakr

If the app update is for the content or the application of an existing feature, you can directly edit it through your Appy Pie account. As mentioned above, changes are reflected in real-time, your app gets updated almost simultaneously.

For adding new features, or changing the design of your app, you first have to edit it in your Appy Pie account and then resubmit your app to the app store. Appy Pie assists you in this resubmission and your update is active as soon as the app store approves it. Yes, it is that easy. The time required for updating an app can be brought down by almost 50% when creating an app through Appy Pie AppMakr.

How Can One Learn Appy Pie AppMakr?

This is an excellent question. While Appy Pie is easy to use, its interface can be overwhelming for people with no knowledge of no-code app building. Not to worry, we have created a student app developer program that you can study through. It tells you everything you need to know about how Appy Pie AppMakr works.

Apart from our app developer program, you can find various online tutorials on our YouTube channel or just experiment with the app builder. Appy Pie also assists during app publishing. If you lack the knowledge on how to publish an app to the Playstore, don’t worry, Appy Pie has got your back.


Appy Pie is a great way to reduce both the time and the effort required to maintain a modern day app. Its success speaks for itself. On average, more than 10000 apps are created with Appy Pie AppMakr each day. Since the beginning of the pandemic Appy Pie has seen an astonishing growth of nearly 198%!

Get in the no-code fold of app building. Try Appy Pie AppMakr today!

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