15 Reasons Why Chatbots are Beneficial for Small Businesses

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15 Reasons Why Chatbots are Beneficial for Small Businesses - Appy Pie

‘Chatbots’ is a very common buzzword in the IT industry today. Chatbots are the computer programs that mimic a normal human conversation. They are mostly used by businesses for customer service purposes. Chatbots use chat interface to interact with the users. They undertake much of the human workload and help them manage their regular business tasks such as answering customer queries, compiling data, filling forms, and much more.
How Chatbots are beneficial for Small Businesses - Appy Pie
With chatbots, you can incorporate automation into your business and manage repetitive tasks easily. Chatbots offer a set of key features and benefits to help you develop your business. They could be an amazing tool and a real opportunity for both large and small-scale businesses for better growth.

In this post, you will learn how chatbots are beneficial for small businesses and the major reasons why you should start using chatbots for your business.

Why Chatbots for Small Businesses

Here are a few major reasons why you need chatbot for your small business.

  1. Save Time and Money
  2. Chatbots help businesses save their time and effort. They are one of the more affordable means of delivering better customer experience. They help you automate the repetitive tasks and spare some time for your busy employees to focus on other critical tasks.

  3. Simple Interface
  4. Using chatbots is easy for customers. They don’t even have to open or search for the chatbots on your business website. As soon as they visit your website, chatbots ask if they need help proactively. All they need to do is provide the required information for the chatbot to understand their issue.

  5. Cheap and Easy
  6. Integrating a chatbot into your business is way cheaper than hiring a team of customer support executives. You can create well-programmed and affordable chatbots easily by using various online chatbot builders.

    Chatbots help businesses reduce customer service costs. You can invest in chatbots other than spending extra money in adding more employees and save on the extra money to be spent in giving salaries, providing training, or renovating infrastructure.

  7. Influence Decisions
  8. It is difficult for businesses to follow up with every user and ask them if their issue has been fixed. This is where chatbots come into the picture. Chatbots assist users with their issues and recommend the products and offers based on user preferences. They automate the repetitive tasks of your support team and offer dynamic full-time support to your customers.

  9. Instant Customer Service
  10. Chatbots operate with a defined set of parameters and rules. They use a chat-based interface to interact with the customers. You can program your chatbots to understand what the customer says with the help of certain keywords. Chatbots help you in responding to user queries instantly and addressing their issues as fast as possible.

    Read the post – ‘How a Chatbot Can Reduce Customer Service Response Time’ to have a better understanding of this benefit.

  11. Simplify Sales
  12. Chatbots can help you enhance your customer service system and drive more sales. You can use chatbots for multiple purposes based on your business and product nature. Chatbots have a smart learning capacity that you can use to increase your sales by providing users product advice based on their online activities.
    Make customer service your next marketing campaign - Appy Pie
    Additionally, chatbots help businesses streamline the sales process from start to finish. You can use a bot to drive more sales on both ends of the equation, for your business and the customers.

  13. Social Media Integration
  14. You can also use chatbots to increase your social media engagement. You can target a huge audience on social media platforms. The chatbots integrated into your social media pages can help you boost user engagement and interaction with your brand.

  15. Increase Engagement
  16. Chatbots enables businesses to increase their user engagement. They not only help them in improving customer service but also boost sales. They correlate the enhanced customer engagement with the social media platform and help businesses target a new group of audience in their social media business profiles.

  17. Streamline Payments
  18. Some chatbots act like an efficient payment system for businesses. Using these chatbots, users can make payments for their purchases without even leaving the chat interface. These bots help your customers shop and order the selected products in just a few clicks.

  19. Answer Questions
  20. Using chatbots is one of the easiest ways for small businesses to remain available for their customers all the time and answer their questions instantly. To enable your chatbot to answer all your users’ queries correctly, you can load it with your product-based knowledgebase articles and FAQs.

  21. Generate Leads
  22. Small businesses can also use chatbots to generate leads. When chatbots interact with your customers, they analyze the customers’ behavior and store their details in the database. This way, even the details of your website visitors who accessed your website and asked a few regular questions to your chatbot will be stored in the database. You can try contacting these users later when you have some attractive discount offers.

  23. Enhanced Team Productivity
  24. Most customer interactions are being handled using chatbots. You do not need chatbots to replace human agents but to empower your business to provide the primary support. Chatbots filter the customers’ requests and concerns before forwarding them to a live agent for further assistance. This way, other than humans, you get chatbots too in your customer support team that helps enhance its productivity.

  25. Higher Customer Satisfaction
  26. Businesses with human agents can’t initiate periodic communication with all their customers. However, with the help of chatbots, you can reach out to all your customers at the same time using personalized messages and inform them about your new products or the recent product updates. This helps you in boosting your sales and retaining your customers.

  27. Reduced Human Error
  28. Chatbots help businesses cut down human error. With manual work, you always have the risk of mistakes that can ultimately create problems for you. Using chatbots is one of the best ways to provide your customers with an error-free service to avoid complications. Chatbots when work, guarantee accuracy.

  29. Scalability
  30. Chatbots can be the best way of handling conversations when you decide to ramp-up your business. Unlike humans, chatbots can handle multiple conversations at a time and that too with no delay. Whether a chatbot is dealing with two, three, or hundreds of chats, every user at the other end of the chat will get an instant response.

All the above-mentioned activities of the Chatbots help businesses reduce the workload of the support team. As a result, they start performing better and get time to focus on more critical issues.

Final Thoughts

After going through these major benefits of using chatbots for your small business. Do you want to build a chatbot for your business? Why don’t you try and create a chatbot using Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder?

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Appy Pie’s chatbots help your target audience according to their location and talk to them in their preferred language. The software has a user-friendly interface and is simple to navigate. Even the person new to development can create a chatbot with this chatbot builder without any challenges. The software not only helps you with the chatbot creation but also supports you with the chatbot development and management. Once you have created a chatbot, you can then implement various effective chatbot marketing tactics to it and take your business marketing strategy to the next level.

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