Best Stripe Integrations for Online Payments in 2022

8 Best Stripe Integrations for Online Payments

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on June 25th, 2024 10:31 am

You cannot turn a blind eye to your customers because they are your company's primary asset. Suppose you have fabricated your website, but what if you do not emphasize the payment gateway? You will be surprised to know that the customer can run away in the worst case from the purchase if you do not integrate any well-grounded payment gateway into your business. This is where the relevant and reliable payment gateway comes into concern. Incorporating an efficient payment gateway in your business can facilitate many areas, including data security, customer support, custom communication, market awareness, and many more.

You can get all these aspects in single Stripe integration with your business. Stripe has become one of the most widely used payment processing software for many companies. In addition, it will give you other exhilarating financial services for your business regardless of size and situation.

Workflow automation tools like Appy Pie Automate help you to integrate Stripe with other apps. we are upholding some useful and efficient Stripe integration for the best payment gateway. You can contact our professional team with the help of the given contact details to get the assistance of our experts.

The top 10 Stripe integrations in 2022

  1. Stripe with Discord Integration
  2. Apart from providing an efficient, systematic, and well-organized payment gateway, the integration between Stripe and Discord will help you to detect any financial-related fraud. With the assistance of this integration, the application Discord can easily go with the various credit card companies, including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard, for accepting the payment from their customers. The integrated platform will also help to prevent the abuse of unwelcomed users that ultimately debarred your website from being hacked. With a Stripe and Discord integration, a message will be sent to a channel in Discord whenever a new customer is added to Stripe.

  3. Stripe with Google Calendar Integration
  4. Google Calendar is one of the most wanted scheduling applications in the market. It will help collect payment at booking when integrating Stripe with Google Calendar. This integration platform also made some e-commerce features available, creating a robust payment gateway to collect customer payments. Integrating Google Calendar with Stripe is also an ideal solution for freelancers, solopreneurs, and consultants by generating additional revenue and getting paid for their hard work and expertise. With this integration, you can create a detailed event in Google Calendar whenever a new customer is created on Stripe.

  5. Stripe with eBay Integration
  6. When you integrate Stripe with eBay, you can count on Stripe's facilities for a reliable and secured payment processing gateway. The integration allows both these applications to create a successful payment system that helps customers pay for their purchases directly on eBay by using their credit card addition. In addition, it will reduce the time customers long wait to login into the single payment gateway application when it comes to purchasing from eBay. Overall this integration is most beneficial for both the application eBay and Stripe to increase their sales and maintain their competitive advantages. For instance, you can ensure that whenever a new order is placed in eBay, a sale will be created in Stripe.

  7. Stripe with Shopify Integration
  8. With a Stripe and Shopify integration, the sellers would be capable of giving more payment options to their potential buyers that can increase sales. Along with this, the integrated application helps the user to purchase directly from the Shopify website without entering into Stripe's websites. Besides, it decreases the expenditure of sellers because they do not need to spend a huge amount of money individually for online payment system development. On top of that, they also need not worry about fraud as the integrated platform ensures data security through encryption technology. With this integration, a new customer will be Shopify whenever a customer is created in Shopify.

  9. Stripe with Facebook Page Integration
  10. Have you ever wondered if Facebook helps you to sell through this application by creating a business page? Once you create the Facebook page, you are good to go with the direct sale from pages. But what if it comes to accepting the payment? In that case, the contribution of Stripe can go into the picture. To get paid from your Facebook business page, you can integrate Stripe with Facebook Page. This will lead you to offer an effective payment gateway to your customers.

  11. Stripe with Mailchimp Integration
  12. Integrating stripe with Mailchimp helps to accept secured and safe payments from the major and various credit cards. After combining these two applications, the user of Mailchimp can tackle and manage the orders. In addition, they can also promote their business with the help of built-in marketing tools offered by this integrated platform. Both applications can take advantage of the professional team of each other. For example, with a Stripe with Mailchimp Integration, Mailchimp can take the help from Stipe's expertise on the ground of payment processing.

  13. Stripe with Google Forms Integration
  14. Another efficient integration of Stripe and Google Forms is beneficial for the websites that want to incorporate Stripe as a payment gateway. Simultaneously they also want to integrate the Google Forms for accumulating information from their customers. With the help of this particular integration, the user can give in the credit card details on the Google Forms that Stripe will verify. This is one of the fastest and easiest payment methods compared to the other existing payment gateways.

  15. Stripe with WooCommerce Integration
  16. The Stripe and WooCommerce integration comes with several useful features which can easily manage the payments. The integrated platform directly accepts debit, credit card payments, and Apple pay payments. Aside from that, it came with an onsite check-out feature that can enhance the user experience. It also provides a simple payment structure that people who are not tech savvy can easily understand. Simply, the integrated platform is a great partner of WooCommerce.


We hope this blog helps you select the appropriate one for your business. In addition, the stripe integration discussed over here can help you experience an excellent user experience and the availability of a successful and secured payment gateway for accepting payments from customers. So have you tried any integration from above? Is there any issue you are going through with installing the integration? Let us know to assist you in adopting the best one for you.

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