Appy Pie, the sole App Builder at CEBIT 2018 Piqued Curiosity & Wonder Among the Visitors

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on July 19th, 2022 1:47 pm
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CEBIT, the biggest and most internationally representative computer expo was predicted to be a little lackluster this year because of the whole venue changeups and more. However, there still was a decent turnout!

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As the only app builder exhibiting at this technological event of the year, Appy Pie was both a center for curiosity and a source of wonder for all the exhibitors. Industry experts and technological stalwarts were equally amazed at the level of simplicity and convenience brought in by Appy Pie’s app builder.

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In this 5-day long event, we saw some clear trends emerge and Appy Pie was there to observe it first-hand!

Artificial Intelligence

Like we witnessed at the WWDC 2018, at CEBIT 2018 too, Artificial Intelligence emerged as a strong trend. The technology is not just a goofy trend, but has found strong application in the real world, like Hewlett Packard’s demonstration about computers gaining the ability to compare millions of symptoms of diseases & identifying the correct medication for a particular patient.

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Artificial Intelligence takes on a quasi-human form in Pepper – the humanoid robot from SoftBank Robotics, that responds to human emotions and has the ability to answer questions about various products and services.

Internet of Things (IoT)

As the world is introduced to 5G technology, mobile wireless data is all set to take a massive leap. One of the most interesting examples of this was a display at the Vodafone stand which demonstrated to the visitors how the robots that are connected through 5G wireless have the ability to learn from each other even when they might be separated by hundreds of kilometers physically.

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The future of IoT would see innovations like truck tires embedded with sensors which would enable the fleet operators to remotely monitor the temperature and pressure via an app.


A subject that has been witnessing a huge debate – blockchain is still getting a lot of attention as a lot of companies featured interesting exhibits that demonstrate that this technology is perfect for secure transmission of data in the IoT, in addition to trading of renewable energy or car-sharing services to name a few. DXC technology brought about an interesting application to the technology where they exhibited a robot that could mix drinks which were ordered using a blockchain based order chain!

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Relevance of Appy Pie

Appy Pie as an organization and the products that it has on offer, lived up to justifying each one of these trends, thus fortifying its claim as a company that offers the next generation features to their clients. The industry experts were intrigued by the platform and explored the entire process with great interest. The sheer amount of interest and attendance at our live demo was a true testament to the fact that Appy Pie truly has a unique product to offer to their clients.

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Some of the attendees had concerns about database management, database integration, and about data security. It was rewarding to see all their concerns alleviated when they went through the demo and saw our stringent terms of use & data security compliance.

Our Chief Business Office Alok Kumar, who was present at our booth to meet and greet people and showcasing our service and the apps stated, “There was not only a sense of wonder but even excitement among the professionals, students, and even young parents who wanted their children to explore technology. This enthusiasm also pervaded the technology veterans and researchers who wanted to understand the kind of value offered by Appy Pie’s app builder.”

He further added, “On the whole, the concept of a DIY app builder that requires no coding or programming was more or less a surprise for most people, especially the ability to build their own apps by simply using a mobile app was nothing less than a miracle, even for the technically aware professionals. what further inspired awe was the ‘too good to be true’ freemium model that intrigued and tempted most of the visitors who went through the demo and the surprisingly affordable subscription plans.”

Abhinav Girdhar

Founder and CEO of Appy Pie

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