Promote an app – the right way

An app maker is a great way to make an app. However, just making a great app is not enough to achieve success with it. It is important to let people know about your app and what it can do for them.


  1. Leverage social media
  2. Our app builder lets you integrate social media feature into your app but take your social media game a notch up and design a strategy that targets your users on the platform of their choice.

  3. Get positive reviews
  4. When you chose our app builder, didn’t you look for reviews? Connect with reputable review sites, tech blogs and get your app some positive reviews to encourage more people to download your app.

  5. Create a video intro
  6. Let your users know how they can use your app in the best way possible with an interesting video or a series of videos. Wasn’t it easier to build your app when you saw our app maker’s video tutorials?

  7. App Store Optimization
  8. The app builders you saw at the top of your search on the app stores must have made quite an impression on you, right? Write strong app description, put them in the right category, and use the right tags to help it get to the top.

  9. Try paid ads
  10. Before putting out paid ads for our app builder, we conducted a thorough keyword research and so should you! Once you have the right keywords you want to put up AdWords ads for, bid for your campaigns.