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King’s College Hospital is an institution of repute and is among London’s largest and busiest teaching hospitals.

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Excellence in patient care.
Case Study

KCH, NHS Foundation Trust

Appy Pie combines an affordable solution with a user-friendly interface which works well for teams with limited technical expertise. We found the customer service to be both responsive and efficient while the support team have helped to ensure the success of the PRUH Library App


App Goal

Help the staff access the Valuable resources at KCH, NHS Foundation Trust

A centralized resource to help meet the need for accessing information at the point of need on mobile devices, ensuring compliance with KCH (King’s College Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust) information governance policies.
1st Rank

Listed as a top new Medical App on Google Play Store in March 2019.


359 views in a single day on 24th May


Average of over 800 accesses per week, over 3500 per month. Usage increasing every month


Over 650 installations since launch in January

PRUH Library

Increased awareness of the PRUH Library.


Business Overview


The challenge here was that the staff needed to access information in a more mobile manner, maximize the usage of transactional and web-based resources based on KCH intranet and ensure compliance with KCH Information Governance policies. They needed a solution that was concise, user-friendly and easy to install while being responsive to customer needs through analysis of quantitative data.

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Business Highlights

  1. Appy Pie and NHS Foundation Trust have come together to achieve some great results that go beyond numbers. But here are some great numbers…just for fun!

  2. Before

    The content was all there even before the app was launched, but the problem lay in accessing it all. The staff members were on the move, and the need for immediate assistance was increasing. The NHS Foundation Trust was looking for a solution that would be effective and affordable. The desired solution would have to support the staff in accessing all the resources in a timely fashion while being able to track and analyze all activity.

  3. After

    The solution was presented to them in the form of a mobile app for the KCH named PRUH Library App which became a central information point for the staff right in their pockets. The mobile app now gave access to all the courses at King’s College Hospital, had libraries available at a single tap, daily rostering, daily news and current news updates, and access to ESR for their pay slips and more.

Analysis & Planning

Analyzing the Current Scenario

  1. Analyze Existing Status

    King’s College Hospital is an institution of repute but faced a challenge in collating all the relevant information in a coherent manner that is easy to access for the entire staff even when they were on the move. Most of the employees in KCH were always moving, and lack of information sometimes delayed the action or a series of actions relaying an image of inefficiency.

  2. Identifying Critical Goals

    The most critical of the goals was to get all the relevant information in one place which was mobile and easily accessible, saving up on time and leaving no room for any inefficiencies. The second level of goals was to ensure compliance particularly with KCH Information Governance policies and getting enough quantitative data to become more responsive to customer needs.

  3. Creating Feature Portfolio

    As the two teams (from Appy Pie and KCH) sat down to create the feature portfolio, the goals lay at the center of the strategy. This was not just an app to get from one link to the other, in fact, it was intended to be a solution that would give the employees access to important employee portals, relevant courses, access to ESR and pay slips and even make rosters online.

Fine Tuning the App

  1. Design & Layout

    Our app builder presents a drag and drop app building experience to the clients which is simple, needs no coding, and a perfect fit for companies with limited budget. However, that doesn’t mean that all the apps look the same. KCH, NHS Foundation Trust was able to add their own logo, choose a colour theme, and use just the right fonts that go with the functional, clean image they created for the institution.

  2. Bringing it Together

    Now that the features had been selected, the colour theme, design, and the layout of the PRUH Library App was all decided, it was time to build the app! Building an app on the Appy Pie platform is as easy as pie and anyone can do it without writing even a single line of code!

Go Live

Once the app was built, it was time to test it on device. We gave them test link using which they downloaded the app on device of their choice and explored how the app was working and whether there was a need to make any tweaks. This was one of the most crucial phases of the app development journey. This is where they could actually step into the shoes of their staff members (app users) and define their experience every step of the way.

Once this fine-tuning part was over, PRUH Library app was ready to Go Live on app stores so that KCH employees could find the app and download it to their devices! Appy Pie team was there at every step of the way in helping KCH team publish the app on the app stores.

Appy Pie combines an affordable solution with a user-friendly interface which works well for teams with limited technical expertise. We found the customer service to be both responsive and efficient while the support team have helped to ensure the success of the PRUH Library App.

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