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A flat vector logo of a deer head, minimal graphic, by Sagi Haviv --no realistic photo detail shadingUse as Prompt
A simple mascot for a tissue company, Japanese style, vector, no photo-realistic detailsUse as Prompt
A logo for a football team, simple minimal --no shading details, psychedelic colorsUse as Prompt
An emblem logo of a special forces unit, tactical military, vector graphic, psychedelic colors, no photo-realistic details, no textUse as Prompt
An emblem for an urban motorcycle group, vector, simple, no photorealistic details, psychedelic colorsUse as Prompt
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Easily generate logos using AI technology by simply describing what you want. Our AI logo generator will transform your text prompts into artistic designs, as if by magic!

A logo for a fintech company, vector, logo, symbol, no photo-realistic details, psychedelic colors

A low poly "lion" logo of a lion-symbol, psychedlic colors.

A logo of a lighthouse, with clouds and mountains on the psychedelic digital art background, low poly, symbol, vector, outline, icon, no photo-realistic details

An e-sports logo, eagle, red & white, Vector, no realistic details

A logo for a marketing brand, logo, symbol, no photo-realistic details, psychedelic colors

A vector logo, phoenix with wings spread on fire, red fire, psychedelic, symbol

Generating Logos with Appy Pie’s AI Logo Generator: Step-by-Step

By following just three easy steps, Appy Pie’s AI Logo Generator enables you to effortlessly produce high-quality logos that authentically embody your brand, while saving valuable time and effort during the logo design process.

Step 1: Enter Your written Prompt

Begin by providing a clear and concise written prompt that describes your desired logo. This could include details such as your brand name, industry, preferred colors, and any specific design elements you envision.

Step 2: Let AI Work Its Magic

Once you’ve entered your prompt, sit back and let the AI Logo Generator work its magic. The advanced algorithms will analyze your prompt and generate a wide range of logo options based on the provided information.

Step 3: Customize and Refine

Explore the generated logo options and select the design that resonates with your brand identity. From there, you have the flexibility to customize and refine various aspects of the logo, such as colors, fonts, layouts, and icons. Tailor it to your liking until you’re satisfied with the final result.

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  • Unlock Efficiency and Savings
    Wave goodbye to expensive designers and effortlessly craft your own unique logo within seconds, even if you’re a complete novice.

  • A Wide Array of Templates
    Explore a vast collection of logo templates tailored to your needs, providing endless possibilities for customization and personalization.

  • Boost Your Social Presence
    Elevate your online presence with high-quality JPEG logo downloads, perfect for showcasing your brand across various social media platforms.

  • Customized to Suit Your Industry
    Discover a diverse range of logo design options meticulously tailored to match your industry or niche, ensuring a perfect fit for your business.

  • Cultivate Brand Identity
    Craft an exceptional logo that instills customer trust and confidence in your brand and offerings, setting you apart from the competition.

  • Unparalleled Customer Care
    Our relentless pursuit is to establish ourselves as the ultimate online logo maker, placing utmost importance on customer feedback. Rest assured, we are dedicated to promptly addressing any inquiries or concerns you may have

How to Craft Powerful Prompts that Produce High Quality and Relevant Logos?

Simply convey your precise vision, and we’ll bring it to life! Writing effective and well-crafted prompts relies on keys such as specificity, clarity, relevance, and contextualization.

Good Prompt   A modern and innovative logo for a tech start-up specializing in AI, sophisticated, trust, and futuristic vibes with clean lines and vibrant colors, vector, flat, no realistic details
Bad Prompt   An innovative logo for AI startup
Good Prompt   An elegant and timeless logo for a luxury fashion boutique that specializes in high-end women’s clothing with refined typography, delicate imagery, and a luxurious color palette, vector, flat, no photo-realistic details
Bad Prompt   A logo for fashion boutique of high-end women’s clothing

Need Assistance? Read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No! Appy Pie’s AI Logo Generator doesn’t offer a free plan and only allows paid subscribers to generate and download logos.
Not at all! The AI Logo Generator will then generate a range of logo options based on your written prompt, allowing you to choose and customize the one that best represents your brand. It's a hassle-free way to design professional-looking logos, even if you're a complete beginner.
Yes, you can easily customize the logo templates. You can modify text, colors, fonts, icons, and other elements to make your logo unique to your brand.
Absolutely! The logos created using Appy Pie’s Logo Generator can be used for both personal and commercial purposes without any restrictions.
Appy Pie’s Logo Generator allows you to download your logo in high-quality PNG, JPG, and SVG format and is widely supported across various platforms and applications.
Appy Pie’s AI Logo Generator takes the security of your designs seriously. Your logo designs are stored securely and are accessible only to you.
Appy Pie’s AI Logo Generator offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your logo, you can contact their support team for assistance or inquire about their refund policy.
Yes, Appy Pie’s AI Logo Generator is a web-based application, allowing you to access and use it on various devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
If you have any questions or encounter any issues, you can reach out to Appy Pie's customer support team through their website or contact their support channels for prompt assistance.
While a detailed written prompt helps the AI Logo Generator better understand your preferences, you can provide as much or as little information as you like. Even a basic prompt can generate logo options, and you can refine them further during the customization process.