Top Features of Appy Pie’s Animation Maker

Here are a few major features that Appy Pie’s Animation Maker offers.

Character Builder

With Appy Pie’s free animated video maker you get multiple facial features and accessory options to create a character of your choice and add more meaning to your videos.

Character Builder

Drag and drop images, videos, and sounds

While creating your video with Appy Pie’s animated creator, you can drag and drop the images, music, sounds, and footages of your choice. You can build every aspect of your project creatively by using one of the best animation makers available online – Appy Pie’s animation maker.

Drag and drop images, videos, and sounds

Professionally Crafted Templates

Appy Pie’s free animation maker allows you to select the template of your choice and customize it as per your needs in just a few minutes. You can visit the gallery of tons of professionally created ready-to-use templates and find the one that is perfect for your project.

Professionally Crafted Templates

Extensive Facial Expressions

Not only can you create and add unique characters here but can also bring them to life by using extensive facial expression features with the help of this tool.

Extensive Facial Expressions

Auto Lip-Sync

With this free online animation maker you can add voiceovers to help your characters speak and make your videos engaging. This cartoon movie maker helps the viewers watch what your character says with an excellent auto lip-sync feature.

Auto Lip-Sync

Custom Shapes

Appy Pie’s free cartoon video maker helps you create attractive geometric shapes with basic tools like pencil, pen, paintbrush, etc. Use these tools to draw the freeform, fill areas with colors, erase things, and so much more.

Custom Shapes

Share and Download

Appy Pie’s Animation Maker helps you create animated videos online, download them, and share them with your target audience, family, friends, and more. Publish your animation videos on any social network or any popular video platform of your choice.

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Share and Download

Benefits of Using Animation Videos for your Business

Using Animation Videos in your content is an excellent idea to grow your business. Here are a few benefits that you get once you start using animated videos.

  • Engage-with-Your-Customers
    Engage with Your Customers

    Consumers get attracted to videos more than the text content or images. You need to work smartly to engage your customers on the digital platform. You can create cartoon videos to present your product information in an interesting and attention-grabbing way. This may be your initial step towards making a sale.

  • Improve-SEO
    Improve SEO

    Google loves animated video content. You can use this free animation video maker online and make animated videos for website content to enhance your search engine ranking. This way, you will be accessible and visible to more potential consumers.

  • Save-Time-and-Money
    Save Time and Money

    Animation videos remain fresh-looking for a longer time in comparison to regular live-action videos. They do not need frequent updates and help you save your money. These videos can express the message in minutes that could take hours to perform, listen, or simply read.

  • Expand-Your-Reach
    Expand Your Reach

    You can create animated videos for your social media channels to attract your target audience. With these videos, you can present your products and services to as many users and as possible and expand your customer base.

  • Develop-Your-Brand-Name
    Develop Your Brand Name

    Create animation videos with the best video animation maker by creatively integrating your brand color schemes, brand images, and logos into your video. Additionally, creating brand icons and recurrent themes using a series of animated videos could also help.

  • Help-Clients-to-Know-Your-Product
    Help Clients to Know Your Product

    Animation videos created using Appy Pie’s animation maker can help you explain the function and purpose of your product to the clients. With animation videos, you can tell your consumer how the products and services that you offer can make their life easier. Also, with the help of animation videos, you can show your clients how your product works and how they can use it.

More About Appy Pie’s Cartoon Maker

Appy Pie’s Animation Maker allows you to create excellent cartoon maker apps in just a few clicks. With these cartoon maker apps, you can create various animated images and using frame-to-frame animations. The software also lets you integrate your social media such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc. in your cartoon creating app, so that your app users can and share their creations with their friends and family.

The cartoon maker apps built on this no code platform can prove to be a game-changer for professional game developers, animators, students, and animation enthusiasts as it helps simplify the task and get them recognition among a wider audience. Various businesses use these cartoon creator apps to make animated videos and GIFs to attract their audience.

Appy Pie’s cartoon making apps enable you to bring your imaginative ideas to life and create your favorite cartoon characters using more advanced editing tools. With Appy Pie’s cartoon app maker, you can create your own cartoon making app for android and iOS. Not just that, the software allows you to publish your app on both the major app stores – Play Store and Apple App Store.

Here is what you can do with the cartoon making apps created using Appy Pie’s Animation Maker.

  • Create and edit animated cartoon characters
  • Build animation videos and gifs
  • Use drawing, sketching, and coloring tools
  • Share your animations through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Send push notifications, emails, and text messages

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