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Know about the most prominent Book & eBooks size and dimensions by following Appy Pie' nifty Book size guide!

Book size Dimension
Royal Folio 12.5 × 20 in
Royal Quatro 10 × 12.5 in
Royal Octavo 6.25 × 10 in
Royal Sixteenmo 5 × 6.25 in
Royal Thirty-Two Mo 3.13 × 5 in
Royal Sixty-Four Mo 2 × 5 in
Medium Folio 11.5 × 18 in
Medium Quatro 9 × 11.5 in
Medium Octavo 5.75 × 9 in
Medium Sixteenmo 4.5 × 5.75 in
Medium Thirty-Two Mo 2.88 × 4.5 in
Medium Sixty-Four Mo 2.25 × 2.88 in
Crown Folio 10 × 15 in
Crown Quatro 7.5 × 10 in
Crown Octavo 5 × 7.5 in
Crown Sixteenmo 3.75 × 5 in
Crown Thirty-Two Mo 2.5 × 3.75 in
Crown Sixty-Four Mo 1.88 × 2.5 in

Book size is the length of the pages in a book, as well as the thickness of the book. Book size is also the size of the spine or binding of the book. The size and dimensions of each individual book are different depending upon it’s a personal book, academic book, business promotional book, or others. People who judge a book by its cover, then the design and size of your book should be impressive. Only then they will open your book and read it with interest.

What are Ebooks and their sizes?

Ebook is a short form of Electronic book which is an electronic version of a conventional printed book. They take less space to store as compared to printed books. These books are stored in digital form as they can be read anytime and anywhere. Hence, eBooks must be published in a standard size and design that will cover the less storage of the Mobile or desktop device of the users. Also, one should not compromise with the quality of the eBooks (fonts, color).

Get through with this Appy Pie’s handy Book size guide, we’ll take you through the types of books/ebooks along with their standard book sizes.

Ebooks are of various types like:

  • Text eBooks:
  • These are the ebooks that are made up of text. They are also known as text books and are written by experts. The ebooks are about various topics like business, management, marketing, computers, economics, health and fitness, psychology, finance and others. The standard text eBook size is 1,600 x 2,650 pixels.

  • Image eBooks:
  • These are the ebooks that are made up of images. They are generally in the form of cartoons and are very popular among children. The image eBook size is the same as with any web image and its standard size is 1500 x 2500 pixels.

  • Audio eBooks:
  • These are the ebooks that can be listened to. The audio books are in the form of audio files and are read by professional audio readers. These ebooks are very useful for people who do not have time to read. They can enjoy the audiobooks while driving or working. The audio ebooks are read by professional voice readers. Audiobooks are usually an hour-long but can be longer. So, the size depends on how many minutes the audio book is and how many bits it is. On average, audiobook files are 28 MB/hour, and most audiobooks run for approximately 10 hours.

  • Video eBooks:
  • These are the ebooks that can be watched on the computer. The ebooks are in video format and are very popular among the young generation. They are very useful for people who do not have time to read. The video ebooks can be watched on the computer at any time and this also saves time and money. Video eBooks are large files so the video eBook file is downloaded as a compressed file of between 5MB and 10MB.

  • Interactive eBooks:
  • These are the ebooks that are in the form of games. They are very popular among children. Interactive eBooks in PDF format are usually ~300KB to ~1MB in size. Interactive eBooks in HTML format tend to be much larger (5MB to 10MB).

  • Wattpad:
  • Wattpad ebook is a PDF format book that you can read on your computer or any device with a PDF reader. One can get different kinds of books like storybooks, business books, and more. The standard Wattpad cover size is 512 x 800 pixels and the images should be in PNG OR JPEG format.

  • Kindle eBooks:
  • Kindle eBooks are electronic books that are sold by, and can be downloaded and read on mobile phones, tablets, and Kindle e-readers such as Kindle Keyboard, Paperwhite and Touch. The standard Kindle cover size is 2560 x 1600 pixels.

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