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Create your own custom App Splash Screen for your Brand

What is an App Splash Screen?

App Splash Screen is a screen that appears when you start up your app. In general, App Splash Screen lets the users know that the app is starting up and let them have a preview of what they will see once the app is ready to be used. The images or graphics that appear in the App Splash Screen are called “the logo”. There may be a few lines of text, which usually contains the name of the app, its version, or some other data about it. Having a custom app splash screen can be really effective for your customer if it shows the company slogan or the company logo, etc. App Splash Screen can also be customized with different colors, which help users to identify if the app is running in the background. This feature is helpful in case users want to close all their apps and then open them again in a specific order.

Appy Pie's online App Splash Screen Maker is a fun and easy way to design and customize your own splash screens. It is a cloud-based tool that you can use directly from your browser - no software to install. Our Free App Splash Screen Generator helps you create Splash Screen Design without any coding knowledge, formal education, or a course in graphic design. You can simply pick our Splash Screen Maker tool to create a retina splash screen for your application.

Why choose our online App Splash Screen Maker?

  • There is an availability of thousands of Splash Screen templates available on our platform. You can design your own custom App Splash Screen using these templates, which are designed by the best designers worldwide. These templates are very easy to use and can be customized easily. These templates are also very cheap and affordable for small business owners and individuals. So, opt for our Splash Screen Maker Tool today.
  • These Splash Screen templates are made in different sizes so that you can easily fit them into your devices. So whether you need an iPhone 6 template or an Android tablet template, you will find it on our platform.
  • You can create your own custom App Splash Screen by uploading your company logo or some other image to the template you like. All you need to do is upload your company logo, add some text if necessary and then click on Save & Download button. That’s it; your custom App Splash Screen is ready to be used!

How to Design a Splash Screen in easy steps?

  • Sign Up/Login to Appy Pie Account
  • Choose our free App Splash Screen templates
  • Customize the chosen template (Color, Font, Text, Image)
  • Upload & add your own company logo
  • Save & Download the App Splash Screen

We also allow you to save your work in progress so that you can return back to it at any time without losing any changes that you have made previously.