Pinterest sizes

Understand the standard Pinterest image, video, pins sizes and dimensions with Appy Pie's nifty Pinterest size guide to make your pins perform better!

Pin Sizes 2.45 × 3.67 in
Profile Picture 0.55 × 0.55 in
Board Cover Photo 0.74 × 0.5 in

Pinterest is an online pinboard site that allows users to add images to different pinboards. The images on Pinterest are varied and users can create pinboards based on their interests.

But have you ever noticed that some of the Pinterest posts are not very nice to look at? The reason is that they have too much white space, they are not high resolution, or they are too small. These are the most common mistakes when making a Pinterest post. This Appy Pie’s Pinterest size guide will let you know about the standard Pinterest sizes and dimensions as well.

Pinterest Profile Photo

Your profile photo will be the first image a Pin-saved from your site will see. It is a great opportunity to grab the visitor’s attention and convince them you are the one they are looking for. And the recommended size for the Pinterest Profile photo should be 165 x 165 pixels which are cropped and displayed in a circle form.

Board Cover size

Pinterest Board Cover is a way for you to show what your Pinterest Board is about. You can make your Pinterest Board cover be anything you want it to be. The main purpose of your Pinterest Board cover is to increase your followers and help people find your content more easily. The Pinterest board cover is basically framed in square size with the recommended dimension of 222 × 150 pixels.

Pinterest pins

Pinterest Pin is the new way of sharing and saving web content with your Pinterest followers. The feature allows you to capture interesting web content and add it to a Pinterest board. And, the recommended size for the Pinterest pin is 735 × 1,102 pixels.

Pinterest Video pins

Pinterest video pin is a video version of a Pinterest pin. A Pinterest pin can be a link on a webpage, a photo, a video, a recipe, or a product. Pinterest video pin size is 600 x 315 pixels. This is the same size as a regular Pinterest image. However, if you are embedding it, Pinterest video pin size is 465 x 730 pixels.

Pinterest Ads Size

Pinterest Ads are a new way to advertise on Pinterest. They’re a part of the new Promoted Pins format that is rolling out over the past few months. The Promoted Pins format takes advantage of the way people use Pinterest. People use Pinterest to plan trips, find recipes & decide what to watch on TV. They’re looking for new things to do, and new ideas to try. Promoted Pins are designed to help businesses to find their targeted audiences. Hence it’s mandatory to opt for the right size and dimension that is a 2:3 aspect ratio or 1000×1500 pixels.

Design Sizes

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