Etsy sizes

Follow Appy Pie's Etsy size and dimension guide to furnish your online shop into global brand with the standard Etsy graphics size!

Thumbnail 1.9 × 1.52 in
Profile Photo 1.33 × 1.33 in
Cover Photo 11.2 × 2.8 in
Logo 0.57 × 0.33 in
Shop Banner 2.53 × 0.33 in
Item Listing 2.67 × 3.33 in
Shop Icon 1.67 × 1.67 in

Etsy is a global e-commerce website that uses a marketplace model for its sellers to sell their products to consumers. To become a global brand in the market, you should create your Etsy banners, shop icons, and images of the highest quality with the standard size and dimensions.

Try new shopping and selling theme for your shop with Appy Pie’s standard Etsy graphics size and dimension chart to sell your own work and products.

Etsy profile photo

It’s a good idea to have pictures of your work and your shop set up. Keep your profile photo simple and easy to read. It shows your style, your logo and some items from your shop. Your banner will appear on every listing in your shop, so make sure that it is consistent with your branding. Etsy profile photo size is 240px x 240px, which is the same size as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

Etsy cover photo

​​Etsy cover photo is the first thing that your customers will see when they visit your online Shop. It should be compelling and reflect your brand. It’s the first step to gaining exposure for your Shop. Your Etsy cover photo must be a JPG, JPEG, or PNG file (no PDFs) and be at least 800px wide and 1000px tall.

Video Player Banner

Etsy Video Player Banner is a WordPress plugin that helps you add a video player banner to your Etsy shop. The video player banner will show your video as a banner on your shop home page and also on your shop listing pages. This can bring a great deal of traffic to your shop. Etsy Video Player Banner is a great way to promote your products. We don’t have a specific size for Etsy Video Player Banner. However, the banner should be 620 pixels wide and 100 pixels high.

Video Thumbnail

Etsy Video Thumbnail is the new way to design the video thumbnail for the Etsy video listings. It is a free tool for sellers to create the video thumbnail and generate the code for the video. This is a great way for sellers to enhance the video listings and increase the click through rate for the video. The use of the Etsy Video Thumbnail can help sellers making the most out of the video listings on Etsy and help them grab the customers’ attention. The file format of the video should be either MP4 or MOV. The video must be at least 720p and no bigger than 2000 MB.

Etsy Info Panels

Etsy Info Panels is a free tool that makes it easy for you to display your shop policies, shop information, and other helpful information to your shoppers right in your shop. Etsy Info Panel is 1180px high, and 550px wide.

Design Sizes

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