Design your Instagram Story Online with Insta Story templates for Free

How to Design an Instagram Story in just a few steps?

Designing something is not just a cup of tea, it involves brainstorming, mind mapping, and a lot of creativity. Appy Pie Design will assist you effectively when you’re about to design an Instagram story and look at how to post on Instagram from a PC. To know how to make an Instagram post on a PC, do follow the steps mentioned below. But, before that, let’s understand that the right tool used to design is Appy Pie’s Instagram Story Maker.

Steps to develop an Instagram Story Design:

  1. Choose an Instagram Story Template

    Tap on the ‘Instagram Stories’ template and share the information.

  2. Customization of Template

    Certain elements will help to customize the template, like background images, cover photos, profile pictures, stickers and shapes, doodles, filters, and many more. With 30+ template designs, you can express your story in several ways.

  3. Publish the Story

    Save and download the designed template on any of your gadgets like Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, etc.

Benefits of choosing Appy Pie Design to Create your own Instagram Story

The professionals assist an individual, business or organization, teams, and whosoever wants to create a post with specified details. Experts know what you’re looking for and what suits your requirements, so they’ll assist you in creating something that will describe your words. So if you’re looking to find that you can post on Instagram on PC, the answer is a big YES. You can create your post using the Instagram Story Maker platform with ease and in a professional way.

Listed are some features that’ll describe the reasons why you should go with us:

  • Zero Code Requirements: To compete with your competitors, you need a catchy eye design which you can find at Appy pie. The designs are available without knowing a line of code as we have an in-house designers team for your assistance.

  • Fascinating filters and effects: The available templates come up with several in-built animations, pop-up effects, fade-in and out filters, and much more. These filters and products add a touch of extra elegance to your post.

  • Entirely customizable: The templates are designed in such a way that they can be easily customized according to your brand's identity. You can edit text, add filters, add videos, and make it more engaging. In addition, Appy Pie allows you to change the font colors easily, replace the background color or change the background color, and get the most downloaded in PDF, PNG, JPG, and many other formats.

  • Two-in-one feature: The most exciting part is that you can easily resize the images and videos before adding them to the template. You can add more than one image, video, or text in one template.

  • Landscape story mode: Another attractive feature you’ll get here is that you can create your design in landscape and portrait mode.

  • Responsive design: The Instagram story posts are fully responsive to all gadgets, for instance, iPhone, Android, desktop, Mac, etc. One can easily reshare the post to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

  • Customer Support: The dedicated customer support team members can always support you 24x7. They also ensure the customized design is fully functional before you deploy it.

Why is Instagram a Booming platform, and how does Appy Pie’s Instagram Story Maker assist in that?

More than 26 Million companies are using Instagram worldwide for business and marketing. Businesses focus more on Instagram than on other platforms, as the engagement percentage is four times higher than on others. Instagram is a booming platform because followers are loyal and genuine.

Although Instagram provides multiple features like reels, IGTV videos, posts, stories, and live streaming, the stories feature is the most attractive feature! With this feature, business owners can share day-to-day updates with their followers in a longer format than a standard picture size. The feature allows you to share more than one story at a time that disappears after 24 hours. In addition, you can design beautiful posts and add multiple stickers, texts, music, and all the items available there.

Moreover, the question here arises why so much effort put into creating an engaging post when the Instagram story maker platform is available is? Yes, it allows you to create your story post within a few minutes. In addition, new creative ideas will reflect your personality!

Get started with Appy Pie Design Instagram Post maker and enjoy the free online tool to design your customized designs.