Free AI Instagram Story Maker

How to Design your own Instagram Story in 3 easy steps?

When you are designing your own Instagram story, you need to make sure that your story is well designed. In order to do so, you need to make sure that you use the right tool i.e; Appy Pie Design's Instagram Story Maker. The following are the steps that can help you create your own Instagram story in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose an Instagram Story template

    Click “Instagram Stories” template and provide your information.

  2. Customize your Template to fit your specific needs

    Elements that you can customize here are the background image, cover photo, profile picture, stickers and shapes, filters, doodles, and much more. You can add your own logo if you have one. There are over 30+ options available in this design so that you can express yourself in different ways.

  3. Publish your Instagram Story

    Save and download the designed Instagram Story on your Android smartphone, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc!

Create your own Instagram story with Appy Pie’s Instagram Story Maker

Instagram is the world’s go-to social media platform for sharing pictures throughout the day. The most popular part of Instagram is the stories feature. With stories, you can share your day-to-day life with your followers in a longer format than a standard picture or video post. It allows you to post a series of photos and videos with your followers that disappear after 24 hours. You can add text, stickers, filters, and drawings to your story. To add stickers to your Instagram story, tap the sticker icon at the top of your screen. Then, you can choose a sticker from the sticker library or take a photo or record a video from your camera roll. After that, you can move and resize the sticker on your screen.

But what’s the need of putting so much effort while creating an Instagram Story when Appy Pie Design’s Instagram Story Maker is there that allows you to create your custom Instagram stories using free Instagram Story templates within Minutes.

Appy Pie Design's Instagram Story Maker is a free online tool that allows you to create your own Instagram stories. You can add text, images, stickers, filters, and more to your story. You can also add your own logo or watermark to your story. You can also use the tool to create a video story. It's a great tool for creating Instagram stories for your business, personal use, commercial use, and more. Make your Instagram story unique with our free Instagram story templates and wow your followers. You can choose from a variety of Instagram Story Templates and customize them according to your requirements.

Why choose Appy Pie Design to create your Instagram Stories?

All of our design experts are dedicated to their profession and have a keen eye for detail. They know how to create exactly what you want, even if you don't know how to describe it. Appy Pie's Instagram Story Templates come with a lot of features that allow you to create your own Instagram Stories with ease and professionalism for Free. Know why should you go with Appy Pie Design to create a custom Instagram Story:

  • No-code Requirement:

    It’s the fastest way to create Instagram Stories without knowing a line of code. We have an in-house team of highly-skilled developers and UX experts who will have your design up.

  • Highly Customizable:

    The templates have been designed in such a way that you can easily customize them to fit your brand identity. You can add text, images, video, and other media to the templates. Our free Instagram Story templates are highly configurable and allow you to easily change colors, images, and fonts.

  • Amazing Filters & Effects:

    The templates come with a lot of built-in animations like fade-in, fade-out, pop-up effects, filters, etc. These animations further enhance the look of your stories and make them more engaging.

  • Two-in-One Feature:

    You can also resize images and videos before adding them to the template. Appy Pie's Instagram Story Templates allow you to add multiple types of media (images, video, text) in one template.

  • Landscape Mode Story:

    Our online Instagram Story Maker allows you to create stories in landscape mode as well. For example, in this template, there is a text box under which there are two pictures. You can rotate the template while adding photos and videos so that they fit nicely under the text box in landscape mode.

  • Responsive Design:

    Instagram Story Templates are fully responsive and look great on all types of screens - iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. They are also responsive on desktop browsers allowing you to share them with friends and followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Customer Support:

    Our dedicated customer support team is always on hand to help you out with any issues, and we make sure that your customized Instagram Story Design is fully functional before deploying it.