Design your own Card in a few Minutes

Create cards with Appy Pie’s Free Card Maker

Appy Pie Card Maker is completely free. Showing your love for your friends and family shouldn’t empty your pockets. You don’t need to spend money on store bought cards when you can make your own card, without spending even a penny!

Don’t have much time to create the perfect card? Appy Pie online card maker gives you breathtaking results with a super-fast design process. The drag-and-drop editor helps generate custom designs in just a few minutes. Just drag what you need and drop it where you want to see it. No tech skills required. No hassles.

We’ve all received some cards in our life, but it is only the truly unique ones that we remember. To help you be as creative and crafty as you want, Appy Pie Card Maker offers hundreds of professionally designed templates and customization options. You can also text messages to your custom cards and make the cards even more outstanding.

Why should you choose Appy Pie’s Free Card Maker?

  • Simple drag and drop interface:
  • Appy Pie Online Card Maker provides 100+ templates to meet your requirements. You can create any type of custom card design that you want. The interface features a simple drag and drop mechanism that is easy to use and intuitive.
  • Completely free:
  • You just need to log in to Appy Pie, and you can start creating right away. Create your beautiful card design online for free! Appy Pie’s free online card maker helps you create cards that will blow away your receiver’s expectations. Use the free personalized card creator to make custom cards for various occasions.
  • No Watermarks:
  • Nobody likes ugly watermarks! Once you make a card with Appy Pie’s Online card creator, there are no ugly watermarks in your beautiful personalized cards.
  • Safety & privacy:
  • We keep no records of your card designs or the edits you make. So feel free to design cards without any fears of being tracked.
  • Work with friends:
  • If you want help designing your card, add your friends to your card making projects and create personalized custom cards together with Appy Pie’s Card Creator

How to create a custom card in 3 easy steps?

  1. Choose a design template:
  2. Select the template you want from over 100 Appy Pie’s customizable templates. Each template can be used to create personalized card designs for your loved ones. All templates have been designed by our team of professional designers.

  3. Customize your card:
  4. Appy Pie Free card maker allows you to customize your cards exactly how you want them. Change colors, images, fonts, and much more according to your specific needs.

  5. Export, print, and share your card:
  6. Once you’ve created your personalized custom cards, simply export them in the file format of your choice, print and give them to your loved ones!