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  • Authentic Human-like AI Neural Voices
  • Supporting both male and female voice with multilingual languages
  • Sync with videos, music, images
  • Customize pitch, speed, and tempo
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From Written Words to Spoken Words in Seconds

It empowers you to shift from the written word to dynamic audio effortlessly. Save time, enhance engagement, and bring your text to life in an instant.

Take Your Productivity to New Heights

Streamline your content creation process. Witness a dramatic increase in your productivity.

Customization Options

Enhance your audio narratives with our diverse customization options. Control the tone, pacing, and pronunciation of the voice-over to convey your desired message.

Create Professional Voice-Overs in Just Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Write or Paste Your Text

Begin your voice-over journey by simply writing your script or uploading your pre-written text into Appy Pie’s AI Voice Over Generator.

Step 2: Customize or Add Your Own Voice-Over

Pick from our diverse selection of male or female AI voices available in different languages. For a more personalized touch, you even have the option to record and use your own voice, allowing you to create a truly unique and engaging audio experience for your audience.

Step 3: Generate and Download

With a simple click, watch how this AI tool transforms your text into a high-quality voice-over. Preview, make any necessary adjustments, and then download it, ready for use in your projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An AI Voice-over Generator is a tool that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to convert written text into spoken words, creating realistic and engaging voice-overs.
Using the AI Video Generator is simple. You just need to input your text, select the desired voice style and settings, then click on the 'Add Voiceover' button. You can listen to and review the final voice-over directly within the platform, ensuring it meets your exact specifications before integrating it into your project.
Absolutely. Our AI Voice-over Generator supports a multitude of languages. You can select your preferred language from the options available.
Yes, the AI technology used in our tool is designed to create natural and lifelike voice-overs that mirror human inflection and emotion.
Yes, all voice-overs generated with our tool are royalty-free. You can use them in your projects without worrying about any extra charges or licensing fees.
The number of voice-overs you can generate depends on the plan you have subscribed to. We offer several options to accommodate different usage needs.
Yes, you can use the voice-overs generated by our tool for any purpose, including commercial projects.
We're here to help! You can contact our customer support team for any issues or queries related to the use of our AI Voice-over Generator.
Yes, you can! Our platform allows you to record and use your own voice for a more personalized touch to your voice-overs.
Absolutely. You can preview the generated voice-over directly within our platform to ensure it aligns with your project requirements before you proceed with using it.