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11R 11 × 14 in
10R 9 × 16 in
9R 8.5 × 11 in
8R 8 × 10 in
5R 5 × 7 in
4R 4 × 6 in
3R 3 × 5 in

Photo clicking is the act of capturing the perfect moment, the moment that earns it a place in history. An event cannot be captured unless we have a perfect picture. If it is not captured in a perfect manner, it will be ruined forever. Hence, the first thing that a professional photographer does is to click a perfect picture and it should be stored with the correct photo size and dimensions.

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Standard & popular photo print sizes

  • ​​4 x 6: Ideal for small photo frames
  • 4×6 is the most common print size for photos. It is a good size for fitting photos into frames and scrapbooks. It is also a good size for handing out to friends and family.

  • ​​5 x 7: This is the most popular print format
  • 5×7 is the next most common print size. It is the same size as a photo album. It is slightly larger than a 4×6 photo and often looks better in frames.

  • ​​8 x 10: Used for desktops, and small frames
  • 8×10 is the next most common print size. It is often used as a high-quality photo print for display. It also fits nicely in photo albums and is a good size for scrapbooks.

  • ​​11 x 14: This is the standard size for professional photographers
  • 11×14 is the next most common print size. It is a good size for display and is also a good size to fit into 8×10 frames.

  • ​​16 x 20: Used in professional galleries
  • ​​20 x 30: Used in commercial print shops and galleries
  • ​​Full Frame (FF):
  • This is a 4×6 print size, which is the full frame of the 35mm camera, which is 35×24mm. This is the print size most people want.

  • ​​Half Frame (HFF):
  • This print size is 2.25×3.25, which is half the frame. This is a frame that used to be very popular before digital, but not many people use it today.

  • ​​Square:
  • This print size is 1.25×1.25, which is the same as the Leica M9 camera. It is a square print from the small sensor. It is very modern and in style now.

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