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How Chatbot Analytics Tools Can Help Improve Your Marketing Funnel?

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ELIZA was the first-ever chatbot developed in the 1960s. At that time, not even the developer of ELIZA, Joseph Weizenbaum had imagined that over $5 billion will get invested in chatbots by 2021. Presently, chatbots have become an essential part of every domain of industry. If you want to increase your market outreach or wish to engage with your users interactively, you just need to create a chatbot for your business website or mobile app.

Deploying the chatbot to your business and not analyzing its effectiveness is like shooting an arrow without the target. Of course, you need to collect the data and keep track of the performance of chatbots after integrating them. Analyzing the performance of chatbot can help your business in numerous domains like customer support, marketing, sales and much more. In this blog, we are going to discuss how chatbot analytics can provide insights for improving the marketing funnel. Before understanding the importance of chatbot analytics in the marketing funnel, let us look at an infographic explaining chatbot analysis.Appy Pie - Chatbot Analytics Tool

Chatbot Analytics: An Overview

Chatbot analytics refers to the process of analyzing chat history to gain insights into chatbot performance. This analytics is based on a few quantitative KPIs like bounce rate, conversion rate, retention rate, etc., and qualitative KPIs like level of comprehension, human-to-bot conversation, user feedback, and much more. These chatbot indicators not only help in analyzing how chatbot is performing but also in improving marketing strategies and customers’ journey with your brand. Also, it helps in collecting insights for improving the marketing funnel.Chatbot Analytics - Appy PieFor tracking the right metrics and properly analyzing the data, you can either deploy an in-built chatbot analytics feature or you can take the help of a chatbot analytics platform available online. Both methods are considered efficient for analyzing chatbots, but the experts recommend taking the help of online available platforms like Appy Pie, Dashbot, Botanalytics, Google Analytics, and many more. These platforms along with measuring chatbot efficiency help you in analyzing various other domains related to marketing.

Marketing Funnel: An Overview

In simple words, a marketing funnel describes your customers’ journey with your brand. As per the standard model of Elias St. Elmo Lewis, the customer journey divides into four stages.Marketing funnel - Appy Pie

  • Awareness
  • The first stage is about spreading word of your brand. This stage essentially involves the promotion of your products and services in various ways.

  • Interest
  • The second stage is all about developing the interest of people towards your brand. In this stage, you basically highlight the features, benefits, and strengths of your products.

  • Desire
  • The third stage is associated with the desire of people to get connected with your brand. They start a conversation with you, show interest in your brand, and an urge is developed in them to associate with you.

  • Action
  • Fourth and final stage deal with action. In this stage, finally, the user becomes your customer. You might consider this stage as the conversion stage.
All through the four stages, chatbot analytical tools can improve the productivity and efficiency of your business. They can help you in providing insights into various parameters that can be easily used to strategizing for each stage for better results. There are various analytical tools available online which can be utilized for the betterment of the marketing funnel.

How Chatbot Analytics Tools Improve Marketing Funnel?

Chatbot analytical tools can help businesses to get their marketing funnel better in numerous ways. A few major of them are mentioned below.
  • Provide valuable data on how customers, prospects, and leads are engaging with your business website and mobile app
  • Analyze key metrics and measure key performance indicators related to your customer journey
  • Help to improve the engagement rate at all stages of the marketing funnel by providing data related to user-bot interaction and chat history
  • Allow tracking C2B conversations in real-time which could be used to discover pain points of the customers
  • Provide insights of users interacting and retaining with your products and services
  • Help to maintain the progress report of businesses in a carefully managed way
Chatbot analytics tools can be used to analyze the data based on different paraments where each parameter can contribute to improving one or the other stage of the customer journey. There are many tools or rather we say platforms/software available online for chatbot analysis.

List of the Best Chatbot Analytical Tools

We have listed some of the top chatbot analytics tools-

  • Appy Pie Chatbot
  • You might recognize Appy Pie Chatbot as the best chatbot builder in the industry. However, by using Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder you can create a chatbot with a bot analytics feature. You can keep an eye on user behavior and improve engagement using chatbot analytics.

  • Dashbot
  • Dashbot is one of the highly recommended chatbot analytics platforms which helps businesses improve customer engagement. Its bot-specific metrics provide insights to businesses to understand the conversation of consumers and how it can be used to improve their experience.

  • Botanalytics
  • Botanalytics is considered the best chatbot analytics tool for tracking individual users. It provides businesses with transcripts of every conversation to have a deeper understanding of users’ behavior and improve wherever needed.

  • BotMetrics
  • BotMetrics is an open source chatbot analytics tool that gives businesses the freedom to analyze the data in the way they want. You can start collecting data from the moment you install BotMetrics to your chatbot and create dashboards as per your business needs.
These chatbot analytics tools are known in the industry and can help you make users experience seamless at every stage.

Summing Up

Chatbots and conversational AI platforms have become increasingly important across various industries. They offer numerous benefits, including improved customer service, enhanced user experiences, and valuable data insights. Let's dive a bit deeper into how chatbots and conversational AI platforms can play a crucial role in marketing and user behavior analysis. Create, Integrate, and Analyze Now!

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