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Best Poster Designs for Your Inspiration

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Suppose you are planning to organise a music event. You decided to donate the entire money collected from selling tickets to cancer patients. For this, you need to invite as many people as you can. How would you do that? The best and easy option is to create impressive posters for your event and target maximum people with your awesome graphic design

What are posters? How to design the best posters? Are they only used to raise funds or to invite people for an open event? To answer all your questions and help you design amazing posters, we are here to discuss a few of the basics related to various poster designs.

What are Posters?

A poster is simply a digital or printed sheet containing visuals and text meant for a specific purpose. The purpose could be anything from promoting a big budget movie to informing the mass of a blood donation camp. Posters are supposed to be eye-catchy, easy-to-understand, and visually appealing to the target audience. Its purpose is to hold and attract readers’ attention within a short span of time.

Why Create Posters?

Creating a poster for promoting a particular agenda is an affordable and accessible medium. After determining the purpose behind poster design and performing market research, anyone can design a poster on their own. But why create a poster when there are other mediums of promotion? There are several benefits to creating posters. Let us have a look at a few of them.
  • Posters are the most affordable means to reach out. You can create as many varieties and as many posters as you want without burning holes in your pocket.
  • Posters are the best way to call for action. It is easy to target and trigger people across different locations with attractive poster designs.
  • Active response can be encouraged towards your cause from posters. Once your poster grabs the attention of people around, it's easy to encourage them to respond with the help of posters.
  • Targeting an audience with the help of a poster is easy. You can add the elements to your posters to attract people immediately.
  • Designing a poster is as easy as pie. You just need to experiment with your creative instincts and your poster will be ready to promote a cause.
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Best Poster Designs for Inspiration

Let’s start looking at some of the best and creative poster designs that you can create.

  • Advertising Poster
  • You need to send an open invitation to mass to promote your brand. Sending a text message to your target audience or giving a newspaper ad might be expensive to advertise. However, you can design the advertising poster on your own. You just need to log in to the best graphic design software available online and start designing your poster.Advertising Poster -Appy PieThere are a few things you need to keep in mind while designing a poster to advertise new products, major discounts, stores launch, new updates, or anything related to business.
    • Add your brand logo to a poster to either on the right-up or right down corner.
    • A combination of text and image is preferred to catch maximum eyeballs.
    • Make sure the content mentioned in the poster is short, crisp, and clear.
    • Colors need to be chosen with utmost care. The background color must not decrease the visibility of either text or image over it rather supports them.
    • Adding an attractive tagline can definitely be the add-on to your poster.

  • Event Poster
  • Events have become part of our daily lives. They can be for various purposes-for spreading a particular message, raising funds for a cause, protesting against any social problem, etc. You want as many people as possible to join you at the event. To fulfill the purpose, you can make an event poster and spread the word both digitally and physically.Event Poster - Appy PieWhen creating an event poster designs, you must take care of the following points.
    • Make sure the visuals you add in posters are bigger, brighter, and contrasted, successfully conveying the purpose of the event.
    • Size and font of the text you use in your poster to give details of your event, make sure it is clearly visible in one go and from a distance.
    • Your poster must convey the emotions or expressions behind the event. If the event is meant for fun, add some elements in your poster that give the feeling of enjoyment.
    • Size of the poster must be taken care of. If you are sharing the poster on social media accounts, it should fit to screen and if you are putting it up on the walls, it should be big enough.
    • Each element of the poster must be inviting and encouraging the people to attend the event. Use the color combinations to trigger the same.

  • Educational Poster
  • At the starting of 2020, only a few people aware about COVID-19. However, there was a need to spread awareness among the mass. So, governments and various organizations released educational posters to educate the mass of symptoms and precautions related to COVID. Educational posters are an easily consumable and easy-to-understand medium that can reach mass within no time and can educate them.To create an educational poster, a few of the things must be kept in mind.
    • Text written in the poster must be supported by icons for better understanding.
    • You can avoid experimenting with colors, rather go for a combination that is as simple as black and white or try monochrome colors.
    • The poster must convey the message rather not confuse people. Before adding any image, you must make sure, it won’t hurt sentiments of any gender, caste, or religion.
    • Keep it as simple and as informative as you can. You can try increasing the white space or empty parts in your poster to make it crisp.
    • You can divide your poster evenly into a few parts and then divide your information accordingly. This would convey insights more clearly.

  • Health Poster
  • Health, both physical and mental, needs to be taken care of. Many hospitals, health-related NGOs, government organizations, etc. generally organize small camps and release information about health-related issues. Going door-to-door or entertaining every person at the camp might be difficult, so they design a poster and make sure it reaches the maximum number of people. Health-related posters plays an important role in spreading awareness about a new disease, asking people for donations, raising funds, and much more.Health Poster -Appy PieDesigning a health poster can be challenging. It should contain information that can easily be understood by the masses. To design a health poster, you can follow a few tips.
    • Choose a background related to the purpose of the health poster. If you are calling people for donating blood, you can choose a red color in the background.
    • Define your objective with bold and unique colors. Make sure your message got deliver by using only few words.
    • The density of visuals must be taken care of. Both congested or empty posters might discourage people to read them.
    • Minimal text with attractive images is recommended for health posters. If you want to talk about mental health, you can design the poster with some peppy text along with the image of a brain.

  • Movie Poster
  • We are all fond of movies. Before the release of movie or any teaser, film makers release the movie poster to inform people about the release date of movie. Sometimes poster contains movie characters, while other times it includes the mysterious element and much more. But almost all movie posters contain the name of a movie in high appealing format.Movie Poster - Appy PieCreating a movie poster is a difficult task. You might find templates for other kinds of posters, but it is rare to find a template for a movie poster. So, here are a few tips to help you with designing the movie poster with ease.  
    • Always keep in mind that the motive of a movie poster is to sell as many tickets as possible. It is not about characters or anything, it is about promoting the movie.
    • Your poster should convey genre and title without any hindrance. Either use an appealing font or bold text to make it clear.
    • Try to convey the central idea of your movie with the help of a poster either by adding the screenshot of a movie scene or by including the actors.
    • Your movie poster must look cinematic and appealing at the same time. You can highlight a few parts of a poster or add effect to the text.

Summing Up

To develop any kind of poster, you require an online poster maker that can cater to all your designing needs. For the best poster designs, we recommend you Appy Pie’s Poster Maker. It contains a number of poster design templates that can be tweaked a little to make the best of the poster. This software comes with simple and easy tools that can do wonders to your every poster designs.  

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