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15 Best Gmail Add-ons and Extensions to Use in 2024

Neeraj Shukla
By Neeraj Shukla | February 12, 2024 8:55 am

Gmail's ecosystem is constantly evolving, offering a vast array of add-ons and extensions designed to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and ensure seamless integration with other tools and services. For professionals looking to optimize their email management and teams aiming to improve collaboration and project tracking, there are numerous options to fit a variety of needs. These tools range from project management integrations like Trello and Asana, which allow for efficient task organization directly from your inbox, to productivity boosters like Salesforce, ensuring your communications are clear and error-free. Whether it's through enhancing email functionality, integrating CRM tools, or providing encryption for secure communication, these Gmail integrations are pivotal in creating a more efficient and productive email experience. In this blog, we will discuss what is about Google add-ons and extensions and the 15 best options that are transforming the way users interact with their emails, making the platform more versatile and powerful than ever before.

What are Google Add-ons?

Gmail add-ons are third-party applications that seamlessly integrate with Gmail's interface to enhance its functionality. They offer additional features and tools that users can access directly within their Gmail account, without the need to switch between different platforms or applications. Add-ons expand the capabilities of Gmail beyond its native features, allowing users to customize their email experience according to their specific needs and preferences.

Characteristics of Gmail Add-ons:

Seamless Integration: Add-ons integrate seamlessly with Gmail's interface, appearing as additional features within the email platform.

Extended Functionality: They provide additional functionalities and tools, such as email tracking, task management, scheduling, and more, enhancing the overall utility of Gmail.

Customization Options: Users can often customize settings and preferences within the add-ons to tailor them to their unique workflow and requirements.

Accessibility: Add-ons are accessible directly within Gmail, making them easily available to users without the need for separate installations or setups.

Productivity Enhancement: By automating tasks, streamlining workflows, and providing additional tools, add-ons help users save time and increase efficiency in managing their emails.

Security Measures: Add-ons prioritize user security and data privacy, adhering to stringent security standards and protocols to ensure the safety of user information.

Compatibility: They are compatible with various devices and operating systems, allowing users to access and utilize them across different platforms seamlessly.

What are Gmail Extensions?

Gmail extensions are additional software components that extend the functionality of the Gmail web interface beyond its default capabilities. These extensions typically modify or enhance specific aspects of Gmail's user interface or functionality, providing users with additional tools, features, or customization options to improve their email experience.

Characteristics of Gmail Extensions:

Browser-based: Gmail extensions are typically browser-based and require installation as browser plugins or extensions, such as Chrome extensions or Firefox add-ons.

Interface Modification: They modify or enhance specific aspects of the Gmail user interface, such as adding new buttons, menus, or widgets, to provide additional functionality.

Task-specific: Extensions often focus on specific tasks or functionalities, such as email tracking, scheduling, or productivity enhancements, catering to different user needs and preferences.

User Configuration: Users can often configure and customize extension settings according to their preferences, enabling them to tailor the extension's behavior to suit their specific requirements.

Independent Functionality: Gmail extensions operate independently of Gmail's core functionalities, providing additional features and tools that complement and extend the capabilities of the email platform.

Accessibility: Extensions are accessible directly within the Gmail web interface, allowing users to access and utilize them seamlessly without switching between different applications or platforms.

Security Measures: Similar to add-ons, Gmail extensions prioritize user security and data privacy, adhering to strict security standards and protocols to ensure the safety of user information.

Top15 Best Gmail Add-ons and Extensions to Increase Productivity

  1. Slack for Gmail
  2. Zoom for Gmail
  3. Asana for Gmail
  4. Dropbox for Gmail
  5. HubSpot for Gmail
  6. Salesforce for Gmail
  7. Trello for Gmail
  8. Gmelius
  9. Hiver
  10. Todoist for Gmail
  11. Checker Plus for Gmail
  12. Streak CRM for Gmail
  13. Copper CRM for Gmail
  14. Sortd for Gmail
  15. Notifier for Gmail

Slack for Gmail

The Slack for Gmail add-on revolutionizes team communication by integrating Gmail directly with Slack, allowing for seamless email sharing to Slack channels or private messages. This integration significantly simplifies workflows, making it easier to disseminate important emails among team members without switching between apps. Additionally, leveraging Appy Pie Connect with this add-on enriches functionality, enabling automation like converting emails into Trello cards for efficient project management, or triggering Slack notifications based on specific email activities. This powerful combination enhances team collaboration, ensures critical information is promptly shared, and automates routine tasks, leading to a more connected and productive work environment.

Zoom for Gmail

The Zoom for Gmail add-on facilitates direct integration of Zoom's video conferencing capabilities within Gmail, enabling users to schedule, join, and manage meetings effortlessly from their inbox. This integration significantly boosts productivity by minimizing the need to alternate between applications for meeting arrangements. Additionally, integrating Zoom with Appy Pie Connect allows for the automation of various tasks, such as dispatching emails automatically when a new Zoom meeting is scheduled. This ensures efficient communication, keeping all participants informed and prepared, ultimately enhancing the overall meeting experience by streamlining preparation and follow-up processes.

Asana for Gmail

The Asana for Gmail add-on is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates your email with Asana's task management capabilities. By converting emails directly into tasks within Asana, it bridges the gap between communication and project tracking, streamlining your workflow and ensuring no critical action item is missed. Further enhancing its utility, integration with Appy Pie Connect automates this process, allowing for the creation of tasks in Asana directly from incoming emails. This workflow automation ensures a smooth transition of work items from your inbox to your project management tool, optimizing productivity and task oversight. Integrate Asana with Gmail with Appy Pie Connect, and get a comprehensive solution for managing projects and tasks efficiently, directly from your Gmail interface.

Dropbox for Gmail

The Dropbox for Gmail add-on revolutionizes how files are shared and managed within emails by integrating Dropbox's robust file storage capabilities directly with Gmail. This streamlined integration allows users to attach Dropbox files to their emails effortlessly and save incoming email attachments back to Dropbox, ensuring that important documents and media are easily accessible and well-organized. Leveraging Appy Pie Connect, this process can be automated, enhancing productivity by automatically saving email attachments to designated folders in Dropbox. Additionally, the integration of Dropbox with Gmail, further enhanced by automation through Appy Pie Connect, simplifies file management, making it more efficient and ensuring that your files are always where you need them when you need them. Explore the convenience of integrating Dropbox with Gmail using the Appy Pie Connect platform.

HubSpot for Gmail

The HubSpot for Gmail add-on integrates HubSpot CRM with Gmail, allowing users to manage contacts, deals, and tasks directly within their inbox. This tool enhances productivity by providing insights into email recipients' CRM records and enabling email tracking for opens and clicks. Sales and marketing professionals benefit from streamlined workflows, as communications are automatically logged and tracked in HubSpot's CRM, ensuring up-to-date contact information and interaction history are accessible. This integration fosters a cohesive approach to customer relationship management, minimizing the need to switch between applications and improving team efficiency in managing customer interactions directly from Gmail.

Salesforce for Gmail

The Salesforce for Gmail integration brings Salesforce's robust CRM capabilities right into your Gmail interface, making it easier for sales and marketing professionals to manage their customer relationships directly from their email. This integration allows for seamless access to Salesforce functionalities such as viewing customer profiles, tracking email opens and engagement, and easily logging email communications as Salesforce activities without leaving Gmail. It's designed to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and ensure that vital customer information and interactions are captured and accessible within Salesforce CRM. This powerful combination means users can effectively manage their sales pipelines, monitor customer interactions, and maintain up-to-date records on leads and opportunities, all from within their Gmail account. This integration between Salesforce and Gmail creates a more efficient platform for sales teams to operate, ensuring they have the insights and tools they need at their fingertips.

Trello for Gmail

The Trello for Gmail add-on is a pivotal tool that merges email management with project tracking by allowing users to convert emails into Trello cards directly from their Gmail inbox. This integration effectively bridges the gap between email communication and project management, ensuring that actionable items from emails are efficiently captured and organized within Trello boards. Further enhancing its utility, the integration with Appy Pie Connect automates the conversion process, streamlining the workflow by enabling the automatic creation of Trello cards from designated emails. This not only saves time but also ensures a more organized and actionable approach to managing tasks and projects, directly linking email communication with project planning and execution.


Gmelius transforms Gmail into a comprehensive collaboration platform, integrating features like shared inboxes, email tracking, and project management tools directly within Gmail's interface. This integration is designed to enhance teamwork by enabling users to manage projects, track emails, and collaborate efficiently without needing to leave their inbox. By streamlining communication and project oversight, Gmelius makes it easier for teams to stay organized and aligned on their tasks and objectives. Furthermore, Gmelius's compatibility with Appy Pie Connect amplifies its functionality, offering automation capabilities that bridge email activities with Best CRM systems or project management tools.


Hiver transforms Gmail into a dynamic help desk, integrating shared inboxes, email delegation, and analytics directly within Gmail. Ideal for teams managing customer support or sales inquiries, Hiver ensures streamlined email management and collaboration. By assigning emails and analyzing team performance, it optimizes customer service workflows. When integrated with Appy Pie Connect, Hiver enables the automation of task assignments and CRM tracking of email queries, enhancing efficiency. This combination ensures a seamless workflow, where customer interactions are effectively managed and tracked, fostering a responsive and organized support system directly from Gmail, thus elevating the overall efficiency and effectiveness of customer service teams.

Todoist for Gmail

Integrate Todoist with Gmail and revolutionize task management by allowing users to convert emails directly into tasks within Todoist, ensuring that critical action items are efficiently captured and tracked. This seamless integration between Todoist and Gmail means that important tasks won't slip through the cracks, as users can immediately create tasks from their inboxes. Further enhancing productivity, Appy Pie Connect enables the automation of this process. With Appy Pie Connect, tasks in Todoist can be automatically created from emails based on specific criteria or triggers, streamlining the workflow and saving valuable time. This combination of Todoist for Gmail and Appy Pie Connect creates a powerful productivity loop, ensuring tasks are organized and actionable, directly enhancing workflow efficiency.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail enhances the email management experience by providing users with the ability to receive notifications, read, and reply to emails directly from their browser, without the need to open Gmail. This extension is particularly useful for managing multiple Gmail accounts, offering a streamlined way to stay on top of email communications with real-time notifications. The integration of Checker Plus with Appy Pie Connect amplifies its utility by automating interactions with other applications. For instance, users can set up automated notifications in other apps or create tasks in project management tools based on specific emails received. This integration not only boosts productivity but also ensures that important emails can trigger corresponding actions in other connected apps, making email management more efficient and integrated into broader work processes.

Streak CRM for Gmail

Streak CRM for Gmail remarkably transforms your Gmail into a comprehensive CRM, allowing for efficient management of sales, support, and more directly from the inbox. This innovative integration enhances Gmail's functionality, facilitating seamless pipeline management and interaction tracking within the familiar email interface. Coupled with Appy Pie Connect, Streak's capabilities extend to automate critical workflows, such as adding new email contacts into CRM pipelines automatically. This synergy not only streamlines data entry and lead management but also optimizes productivity by ensuring that all customer interactions and potential leads are meticulously organized and accessible within Gmail, making Streak an indispensable tool for businesses looking to leverage their email for CRM purposes.

Copper CRM for Gmail

Copper CRM, designed specifically for Google Workspace, integrates seamlessly into Gmail, transforming your inbox into a robust CRM platform. This integration allows for the efficient management of leads, communication tracking, and contact updates without needing to switch tools. Copper streamlines the transition from email to actionable CRM tasks, enhancing productivity. Furthermore, automating Copper CRM activities via Appy Pie Connect, such as lead generation from emails or contact synchronization, keeps your CRM updated effortlessly. This synergy optimizes CRM workflows within Gmail, facilitating effective lead and customer management. Copper CRM and Appy Pie Connect together ensure a seamless, efficient approach to customer relationship management directly from your inbox.

Sortd for Gmail

Sortd transforms Gmail into an interactive task manager, offering a Trello-like board experience directly within your email interface. It enables users to organize their emails into customizable lists, significantly improving task prioritization and management. This integration allows for a more visual and structured approach to handling emails, where users can drag and drop emails into different lists or stages, turning the inbox into a dynamic workspace. By integrating Sortd with Appy Pie Connect, users can further enhance their productivity through automation. This combination allows for the automatic creation of tasks from incoming emails, seamlessly converting communications into actionable items.

Notifier for Gmail

Notifier for Gmail is a practical tool designed to enhance productivity by providing desktop notifications for new Gmail messages. This feature allows users to stay informed about important emails without the need to continuously check their inbox, enabling a more efficient workflow. By keeping users alerted to new messages, Notifier for Gmail ensures timely responses and helps in prioritizing tasks. Integrating Notifier with Gmail using Appy Pie Connect opens up possibilities for automating notifications and related actions, connecting email alerts to activities in other applications. This automation can streamline processes such as updating task lists, triggering reminders or initiating workflows in response to specific types of emails.

The importance of Google add-ons and extensions

Google add-ons and extensions significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of Google services and the Chrome browser. They serve various purposes, from improving productivity to customizing the user experience, and are essential tools for personal and professional use. Here are several key reasons why Google add-ons and extensions are important:

Productivity Enhancement: Add-ons and extensions like Todoist for Gmail or Evernote Web Clipper help users manage tasks and information more effectively, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Customization: Users can tailor their browsing experience to their preferences, using themes and extensions that modify the look and functionality of Chrome and Google services.

Improved Functionality: With extensions such as Grammarly, users can enjoy enhanced functionality like grammar checking and vocabulary enhancement directly in their browsers, improving the quality of their writing across the web.

Seamless Integration: Many extensions offer seamless integration with popular services, such as Dropbox for Gmail or Trello for Gmail, bridging the gap between email communication and project management tools. Additionally, integrating Trello with Gmail enhances the collaboration experience, allowing for a smooth transition between email communication and task management within the Trello platform..

Enhanced Security: Security-focused extensions like LastPass or HTTPS Everywhere provide additional layers of security, helping to protect users' data and privacy while browsing the internet.

Accessibility: Extensions can also improve accessibility, offering tools that make the web more navigable for people with disabilities. Examples include screen readers or text-to-speech extensions.

Information Management: For researchers and students, add-ons like Zotero Connector or extensions that manage tabs and bookmarks help in organizing information and sources more effectively, enhancing research processes.


Google add-ons and extensions significantly enhance the digital workspace by enabling productivity improvements, customization, and seamless workflow automation through app integrations. Tools like Appy Pie Connect amplify this by offering a bridge for integrating Gmail with various applications, thus facilitating a streamlined process of managing tasks, communications, and customer relationships directly from the inbox. These integrations are crucial for automating repetitive tasks, ensuring data consistency across platforms, and optimizing operational efficiency. As we navigate an increasingly complex digital landscape, the strategic use of Google add-ons, extensions, and app integration platforms becomes indispensable for individuals and organizations aiming to maintain competitive edge and productivity.

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