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Top 10 Best Gender Swap Apps in 2024

By Saumya | January 29, 2024 7:17 am

In the ever-evolving world of technology, one of the most intriguing advancements has been in the realm of digital imagery and face transformation, particularly with the rise of Gender Swap apps. Among these, gender swap apps, including those with a specific boy to girl filter, have gained significant popularity. These apps, often referred to as gender swap filter online tools, allow users to alter their photos to see how they would look as a different gender. This fascinating concept not only provides entertainment but also offers a unique way to explore gender identity in a safe and private manner. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 Gender Swap apps of 2024, focusing on their features, usability, and overall user experience. We will delve into the specifics of each app, including the girl filter and Gender Swap Filter options, to give you a comprehensive understanding of these AI design tools.

  1. Appy Pie’s AI Photo Editor
  2. This tool stands out for its AI-driven capabilities, offering a range of photo editing features including gender swapping, known as gender face swap. Its intuitive design and advanced algorithms make it a strong contender in the realm of free gender swap apps. Particularly impressive is its 'what would I look like as the opposite gender' feature, which has garnered widespread attention. The app caters to both novices and experienced users, providing a balance between simplicity and advanced features. As a gender change app, it also includes options like female to male transition photos app, enhancing its appeal to a diverse user base seeking to explore different aspects of gender identity through digital means. Additionally, with Appy Pie's App Maker, users have the opportunity to create their own gender swap app, leveraging the same advanced technology.

    Key Features:
    • AI-Enhanced Editing: Advanced AI for realistic photo edits.
    • Versatile Editing Tools: Wide range of tools including gender swap, face retouch, etc.
    • User-Friendly Design: Suitable for beginners and advanced users.
    • High-Quality Output: Ensures high-resolution results.

  3. FaceApp
  4. Leading the pack is FaceApp, renowned for its AI-driven photo editing capabilities, including the advanced gender swap AI. Its gender swap feature, often referred to as genderswap ai or ai gender swap, stands out for its realistic transformations, considering various aspects like age and hair style. Additionally, this body swap app offers a unique gender switch option, enhancing the user experience with diverse possibilities. The app's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to a broad audience, ensuring a seamless experience even for those less familiar with tech, solidifying its position as a top choice in the realm of gender transformation apps.

    Key Features:
    • AI-Driven Transformations: Utilizes advanced neural networks for realistic gender swaps.
    • Age Adjustment: Can modify the image based on different age groups.
    • Hair Style Variations: Offers different hair styling options in line with the gender swap.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate for users of all tech levels.

  5. SnapChat
  6. Snapchat transcends its identity as a mere messaging app, offering a plethora of creative filters and lenses, including the best Snapchat filters like the popular gender swap filter known as the Snapchat gender swap. This feature, a highlight among gender swap app free options, provides real-time transformations that are both fun and impressively accurate. It serves as an app that changes gender, allowing users to 'turn me into a woman' or apply a male filter for a complete gender transformation experience. With constant updates, Snapchat keeps its filter game fresh and engaging, continuously attracting users who enjoy experimenting with their appearance in a playful and innovative way.

    Key Features:
    • Real-Time Filters: Provides live gender swap filters.
    • Regular Updates: Constantly adds new filters for fresh experiences.
    • Interactive Experience: Allows users to interact with the filters in real-time.
    • Social Sharing: Easy sharing options to social media platforms.

  7. Reface
  8. Reface goes beyond just swapping genders; it allows you to swap faces with celebrities, effectively acting as a gender bender app. The gender swap feature in Reface is quite robust, offering realistic transformations, including the ability to show how to turn a boy into a girl for real. The app uses deepfake technology, which can be a lot of fun, but it's important to use it responsibly. With its opposite gender filter, Reface stands out as a gender switch app, providing users with a unique body swap picture experience. This feature not only entertains but also allows for a fascinating exploration of gender identity through advanced digital means.

    Key Features:
    • Deepfake Technology: Uses deepfake for realistic face swaps.
    • Celebrity Face Swap: Allows swapping faces with celebrities.
    • Video and GIF Support: Users can create gender-swapped videos and GIFs.
    • Intuitive Interface: Simple and easy to use.

  9. Face Swap Live
  10. Face Swap Live allows real-time face swapping during video calls, including gender swaps with its genderswap filter. This interactive feature adds a layer of fun, making it more than just a photo editing tool. It's perfect for those curious about 'what would I look like as a woman' or wanting to 'turn your picture into the opposite gender'. As a girl filter app, it provides a unique experience, allowing users to easily 'turn me into a girl' during live interactions, enhancing the enjoyment and versatility of gender exploration in a dynamic, real-time setting.

    Key Features:
    • Live Swapping: Offers real-time face and gender swapping during video calls.
    • Interactive Filters: Users can interact with the swapped faces.
    • Multi-Platform Support: Available for various operating systems.
    • High-Quality Output: Ensures good quality in live swaps.

  11. Cupace
  12. Cupace is a straightforward app that excels in manual face editing, including gender swaps, making it a strong contender for the best gender swap app. It's ideal for users who prefer having more control over their photo edits, such as creating a transgender male to female photo. Unlike the automated FaceApp gender swap online, Cupace offers a more hands-on approach, appealing to those who enjoy the intricacies of editing. As a gender changing app, it provides detailed control, distinguishing itself in the crowded field of gender apps.

    Key Features:
    • Manual Face Editing: Provides tools for manual editing and customization.
    • Cut and Paste Faces: Simple cut and paste feature for face swapping.
    • Magnifying Glass Feature: For precise editing.
    • Simple User Interface: Easy for beginners.

  13. Face Changer Photo Gender Editor
  14. This app is dedicated to gender swapping, offering a range of features to achieve realistic transformations, including a gender swap photo online free service. Its ease of use makes it accessible to a wide audience, appealing to those interested in male to female transition photos online. Utilizing ai gender swap online technology, it ensures high-quality results in every gender swap picture. As a gender swap filter app, it stands out for its user-friendly interface and the ability to cater to various needs, from casual fun to more serious explorations of gender identity.

    Key Features:
    • Dedicated Gender Swap: Specializes in gender swapping features.
    • Wide Range of Editing Tools: Offers various tools for detailed editing.
    • User-Friendly: Suitable for users with no prior editing experience.
    • Instant Sharing: Quick sharing options to social networks.

  15. MSQRD
  16. MSQRD, while not as advanced as some other apps like FaceApp gender swap, provides a fun and user-friendly platform for trying out different looks, including gender swaps. It's a great choice for those wondering 'what would you look like as the opposite gender'. As an app to change genders, MSQRD offers a straightforward and enjoyable experience, similar to other change gender apps. It stands out among apps to change gender for its simplicity and ease of use, making gender transformation accessible and entertaining for everyone.

    Key Features:
    • Variety of Filters: Includes gender swap among other entertaining filters.
    • Live Camera Effects: Filters can be applied in real-time.
    • Social Media Integration: Easy sharing to platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive design.

  17. Gender Swap Photo Booth
  18. Taking a humorous approach, this app may not offer highly realistic transformations but is perfect for a quick laugh, especially for those using the 'what would I look like as a man' app feature. Its simplicity ensures ease of use, appealing to users of the male to female app. As a genderswap app, it provides a lighthearted way to explore different gender presentations. Additionally, it includes a feminize app feature, ideal for those who want to 'turn me into a woman' for fun and playful photo transformations.

    Key Features:
    • Humorous Approach: Focuses on fun and amusing transformations.
    • Easy to Use: Straightforward functionality for quick edits.
    • Instant Sharing: Allows users to share their creations easily.
    • Basic Editing Tools: Includes essential tools for gender swapping.

  19. MixBooth
  20. MixBooth doesn't specifically focus on gender swapping, but it allows you to mix your face with others, which can include different genders, acting as a sort of feminizing app. It's more of a face blending app, which can lead to some interesting results, such as showing 'what you would look like as a woman' or exploring 'what would I look like as a girl filter'. While not a dedicated girl filter online free, MixBooth offers a unique take on this concept, allowing users to experiment with appearances, including seeing 'me as a boy'. This versatility makes it an engaging tool for those looking to play with gender presentation in a fun and creative way.

    Key Features:
    • Face Blending: Mixes two faces together, including different genders.
    • Photo and Gallery Import: Users can import photos from the gallery or take new ones.
    • Automatic Face Detection: Simplifies the blending process.haring Capabilities: Easy sharing to social media.


Gender swap apps offer a unique and entertaining way to explore different aspects of our identity and appearance, including using a man to woman filter or a feature to make me into a woman. While these apps are primarily for fun, they also open up conversations about gender identity and expression in a digital age, often incorporating features like gender morph or face swap sex. As with any app that involves personal data, it's important to use these apps responsibly and be mindful of privacy concerns.

In 2024, these top 10 gender swap apps have proven to be the best in terms of technology, user experience, and entertainment value. Whether you're looking for a realistic transformation, a change gender photo feature, or just a bit of fun, there's an app on this list for everyone. Remember, the purpose of these apps is to explore and enjoy the fluidity of identity in a safe and respectful manner.

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