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9 best free courses available online to enhance your skills

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To stay ahead in your career, it is important that you keep learning something new and add to your skill set. It has become easier to do this now, because of the numerous interesting courses available online at the tip of your fingers. Online learning comes with the convenience of round the clock availability and of course the comfort of moving at your own pace, while making sure that you enjoy the experience. In fact, there are some great online courses that also offer certification that can improve your future prospects of higher education and your career. Regardless of your age, location, and educational background, online courses are open to everyone.9 Best Free Online Courses for Anything You Want to Learn - Appy PieBefore taking you through the list of useful courses, let me introduce you to one of the best online courses platforms that offers numerous interesting courses - ‘Appy Pie Academy’. The online learning platform, Appy Pie Academy offers various online courses on diverse topics including business, personal, and technology for free. Further in this post, we have listed the genres and suggested the best online courses in it, many of which are available on Appy Pie Academy for free. You can choose the ones that can help you brush your skills while adding value to your resume.
  1. Design
  2. Online and Social Media Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Programming
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. SEO
  8. Ecommerce
  9. Image Editing

#1. Design

If you want to become a designer or brush up on your design skills that are going rusty, there are many courses available online. Starting from web designing to photoshop to landscaping to graphic design there are multiple video courses available online. Course Name: Introduction To Graphic Design | Learn Graphic Design FreePlatform: Appy Pie Academy As the name suggests, this free online course on Graphic Design is a great introduction to graphic design. This course will teach you the basics of designing advertising materials like web graphics, business cards, brochures, leaflets, etc. You will also learn how to create motion graphics in the course.

#2. Online and Social Media Marketing

The entire world is creating and consuming content online. This is why online marketing and social media marketing has emerged as a lucrative field. The best online courses on online and social media marketing can help you learn the basic techniques and help you build on them to gain expertise.Course Name: Facebook Marketing Strategy: How to Increase FB Pages LikesPlatform: Appy Pie Academy This is one of the best free online courses that can help you learn how to increase Facebook pages likes and optimize your Facebook profile to get more followers. By enrolling for this free course, you will learn about Facebook marketing, increasing your Facebook reach and influence, setting up Facebook ad campaigns and so much more.

#3. Content Marketing

There are many content marketing courses available online. Most of these courses include SEO subjects. They not only provide information on content marketing but they also help you understand the concepts of copywriting and keyword research. With the help of these courses, you can learn how to plan a Long-Term Content Strategy.Course Name: Become Freelance Copywriters: How to Write a Book And Sell itPlatform: Appy Pie Academy This course explores techniques of copywriting for business. It helps you write a copy that sells or helps your product to sell. The course is free and helps you understand how to write better copies.Course Name: Start Learning Principles of Copywriting InsightsPlatform: Appy Pie Academy As the name suggest this course helps you understand how to write better copies and teaches you the secrets of writing beautiful pieces and produce an effective sales copy. After learning how to write you will be able to skillfully, write business journals, and stand out in your field and turn your ambition into success.

#4. Sales

Online Courses for Sales help you learn how to grow your sales, expand your business, become efficient in your sales goals, create a scalable sales process and align marketing and sales. A course in sales can help you sell more, understand how to stand out in the market, and attract reliable customers. You can find loads of online courses for Sales Force Management, Sales Pitch, and Strategic Sales Management.Course Name: Increase Sales: More Handmade, Affiliate & Digital ProductsPlatform: Appy Pie Academy This course will help you learn how to sell more products, and gain financial independence. It is free and helps you sell your product with ease and generate better revenue.

#5. Programming

Programmers are in demand today as most of the companies have some kind of dependency on technology. Programming courses train individuals in programming languages like Python, C#, JavaScript, and Perl. Programming professionals support industries like healthcare, business, sales, construction, and teaching. Course Name: HTML Basic Tutorials for Beginners: Create website using HTML codesPlatform: Appy Pie Academy AppyPie offers this HTML course for free which covers the basics of HTML in an easy-to-understand manner and helps you create a complete website with HTML.9 Best Free Online Courses for Anything You Want to Learn - Appy PieCourse Name: Learn Online How to Build Website Wireframe Design for FreePlatform: Appy Pie Academy The course is available for free and helps you build your website from scratch. The content of this course can be applied easily to real projects.

#6. Entrepreneurship

This course will teach you the basics of user growth, fundraising, operations, customer development process, and management. These courses will help you gain knowledge about building a successful startup. You will also get a basic understanding of legal issues that businesses face like business disputes and bankruptcy and learn how to face competition.Course Name: Learn Startup Principles of EntrepreneurshipPlatform: Appy Pie Academy Appy Pie offers this free course on Startup Principles of Entrepreneurship which trains you to start a profitable business. This course will help you identify and address the key risks of your product or service.

#7. SEO

SEO courses like digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing are available in large numbers for free online. SEO is perhaps the most challenging marketing discipline these days and the courses online make things easy for those who want to learn. SEO courses open avenues and help in understanding terms like data analytics, optimization, and effective digital marketing strategy. Appy Pie offers a wide range of courses in SEO. Course Name: What is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization For BeginnersPlatform: Appy Pie Academy This course as the name suggests will train you from basics to advanced techniques of SEO and will help you understand the importance of SEO marketing.It will further help you understand how to increase your site ranking in the search engine results.Course Name: Technical SEO Optimization: How to Increase Website Speed?Platform: Appy Pie Academy This course will help you increase your website speed significantly. It also introduces you to technical SEO and page speed test tools.

#8. Ecommerce

These courses offer ecommerce knowledge like marketing strategy, selling online, automation, optimization, and boosting business through email.Some courses give a general introduction while others offer detailed classes and in-depth tutorials on ecommerce. Course Name: How To Start An Ecommerce Business: Amazon, Ads & SEO for FreePlatform: Appy Pie Academy This is a great course if you are planning to start your own ecommerce business. The course is free of cost and can help you increase your traffic and sales, and also teaches you ways to promote your e-commerce business for free.

#9. Image Editing

You can become proficient in the field in days with the right course. Experts will teach you how to become an exceptional photo editor. These courses teach you the secrets of creating beautiful visuals. Course Name: Practical Photoshop: How To Make Your Photos Look GreatPlatform: Appy Pie AcademyAppy Pie offers this course for free and you can use it to try your hand at photo editing. This course will train you to use the Tool's Panel and Control Panel at ease to create masterpieces of visual art for free.


To help the community keep learning there is a complete range of online courses to choose from for free. To get started you need to identify what you are interested in and then chose the organization which offers that course. You need to check which suits you the best. Appy Pie offers a wide range of courses for free. To check in details you can use the link

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