Hello, I´m Juan Manosalva, Professional in International Business, from Colombia, with 3 years of experience in sales, translation and support in Spanish and English. Currently hold the position of Spanish sales/support Consultant and translator. I´m here to give you the best experience in Appy Pie.

Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Building A Small Business Mobile App

By Juan | October 29, 2018

App Builder Appy Pie: There is an app for everything and everything needs a mobile app. This is something that we often hear people saying, but how true is it actually? Does every small business really need an app, or is it really just a trend? As a small business owner, it is natural to be lured by the idea of building an app for your business. There are some clear advantages of adding a business app to your strategy, but how do you know that all these advantages will work for your business’[...]

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How to Build a Better and More Personalized App Experience with your Grocery Store App?

By Juan | October 12, 2018 | 5-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: The shopping habits of the modern consumer has changed considerably and that is independent of what it is that they are buying. Grocery Shopping has gone mobile and even independent grocery stores are coming up with their own apps to reach out to their customers and offering them convenience. Now, it is a common concern among the local grocery store owners that an app would take away the personal touch that many of their customers look for in their experience at the store.[...]

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Sean Rad The Man Behind Tinder [& Twice the CEO]

By Juan | October 5, 2018 | 4-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: The man behind Tinder, the wildly popular dating app, Sean Rad has been having quite a turbulent run for some time now! Tinder, when launched in 2012 was an instant hit and boasts to have made more than a million matches in less than two months. It gained the status of a phenomenon on the college campuses all across the nation and garnered attention & recognition among the tech bigwigs. Today, after six years, the company is valued at around $3 billion and has become [...]

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Why Religious Organization Need Their Own Mobile Apps?

By Juan | May 17, 2017

App Builder Appy Pie, May 17: Technology is greatly disrupting almost everything in our lives, including how we communicate, how we travel, and how we work. The rate of technological advancement has been accelerating in an exponential manner over the past few years. As a result, people are becoming addictive towards its usage. The growing demand of smartphones is one of the biggest technical phenomena in the recent times. This era of insane smartphone growth has induced the demand of mobile indu[...]

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Education Ap Builder

Create your own Education App with Appy Pie’s Education app builder

By Juan | July 28, 2015

With Public education universally available at the K-12 level, there are more than 14,000 school districts in the US, and more than $500 billion being spent each year on public primary and secondary education. Education is compulsory over an age range starting between five and eight and ending somewhere between ages sixteen and eighteen, depending on the state. In most schools, education is divided into three levels: elementary school, middle or junior high school and high school. Loaded wi[...]

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