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11 must-have features to make your mobile app a success

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on July 28th, 2023 10:09 am | 6-min read
app features to meet your mobile goals - Appy Pie

Everyone uses multiple mobile apps, and almost every business has at least one app they want their customers to install. However, not all apps find success. What is it that separates a good mobile app from a successful mobile app? Short answer – features.

In this blog, we will talk about the different features that you must add to your app to make it successful and how to create an app without any coding with the help of the DIY app builder platform from Appy Pie.


Multiple factors, strategies, and tricks can initially help you get an impressive number of downloads. However, the customers are more discerning today. If they are unhappy with the experience, they are simply going to uninstall your app.

Even worse, they may even leave a scathing review to damage your app’s rating further. This negative rating eventually will discourage other prospects from downloading your app: the outcome – failure.

The idea is to pay due attention to the basics like design, layout, performance of the app and then listen to what your customers are looking for in an app like yours!

The infographic below will help you better understand why mobile apps have gained great importance for businesses and the most important features for a successful mobile application.

Top Mobile Features to add to your App - Appy Pie

Mobile app for your business

Mobile applications have turned out to be more than frivolity and vanity for businesses. More and more companies are looking at mobile applications as effective tools to reach customers. An average smartphone user spends many hours a day on their favorite mobile applications. As mentioned in the infographic above, an average user spends about 97% of this time with mobile apps. Here are some of the benefits businesses get from making a business mobile app of their own.

  • Increases brand loyalty and engagement
  • Builds a stronger brand image
  • Stronger communication with the audience
  • Increases profits with additional revenue channel

Best mobile app features for a successful mobile app

Moving on to the main subject that we will address with the blog – the best features you can add to your mobile app. Of course, there can be several interesting features that you would love to see in your mobile app. Still, it is important that you separate the must-have features from the nice-to-have features.

Here is a list of the must-have features for your mobile app:

  1. Simplicity & intuitiveness
  2. The navigation, design, and flow of the entire mobile app should be simple. At no point should an app user struggle to find the information or content they are looking for. This means that while adding new elements or functionalities to your mobile app, make sure that it does not interfere with the simplicity of your mobile app.

    The mobile app should address the central pain point of the app user upfront. The second most important thing to remember while designing your mobile app is that the user should spend minimum to no cognitive effort.

  3. Good quality visuals
  4. No matter how good your mobile app may be in its functionality, most people would uninstall it immediately if they see bad quality, low-resolution images. We eat first with our eyes.

    Make sure that all your visuals are designed professionally and that you are using the best resolution for your images.

    Low-resolution images cast an aspersion on your authenticity. Once people start doubting your mobile app, they will feel the same way about your brand.

  5. Speed
  6. An app that takes many seconds to load ruins the experience for app users. The modern consumer – particularly the millennials are not patient and are looking for instant gratification. At Appy Pie AppMakr, we make sure that all the apps we make are lightning-fast. In fact, speed is one of the most appreciated features of the apps built on our platform.

    Imagine a scenario where you have an in-store customer looking for your attention, and you take several minutes to come to them. The frustration that these in-store customers feel is way less than those that are using your mobile app!

    Bottom line – speed is of the essence when it comes to mobile app performance and success.

  7. Flexibility
  8. There are two major device platforms – iOS and Android. Make sure that your mobile applications can be used by customers on both platforms. Otherwise, you are going to lose a big chunk of the market.

    Android app submission process is pretty straightforward, and you can do it easily yourself. The iOS app submission process is a little long-winded, and you may face some challenges in the process. Don’t worry! Appy Pie AppMakr has round the clock support for you to make an iOS app and then submit it to the App Store as well. We have tutorials and guided assistance to teach you how to get the App Store to approve your app.

  9. Attractive color schemes
  10. What is attractive to one may not be so to the other. It is subjective. However, some color combinations seem to work for everyone, while others make most people cringe.

    You can use tools like a color wheel to learn about the color combinations that work for most designs. This effort is important simply because colors play a significant part in shaping up a brand.

  11. Push notifications
  12. Communication with customers is vital for any business. Mobile applications that use the push notifications feature can instantly send marketing information about discounts and offers or give the customers all the transactional updates.

    Targeted push notifications are known for their efficacy in establishing instant communication with customers and are known to enjoy high click-through rates. Location-based push notifications can have the desired outcome of reaching out to customers in the desired vicinity, thus having a greater chance of responding and converting.

  13. Light-weightedness
  14. No one wants an app that takes several MB worth of space on their devices. The weight of mobile applications is yet another focus area for our no-code app development platform. We make sure that all the apps built on the AppMakr platform are lightweight so that the app users do not face any storage issues on their devices.

  15. Search options
  16. This is such a basic feature that many people inadvertently miss adding it to their app. The feature assumes much importance, particularly when it comes to business apps and social apps instead of common game apps. The convenience of being able to look for exactly what you want cannot be stressed enough. As you keep adding more products or more content to your mobile application, users may find it cumbersome, maybe even impossible, to locate a person, product, or piece of content without an efficient search option on your app.

  17. Social integration
  18. Everyone loves social media. Well, not everyone, but everyone uses it. When you integrate social media features into your app, you allow users to share what they like on your app through social media platforms. This gives you a free medium of promotion.

    As your app users endorse your brand, you stand to gain more loyal customers and attract a wider audience who trust peer reviews more than your expensive marketing campaigns.

  19. Security
  20. Data security and privacy is an emerging concern among internet users. As a mobile app owner, you must make sure that your app is GDPR compliant and follows the top-level security guidelines set forth by the local law.

    Failing to ensure appropriate security measures within your app exposes you and your app users to malicious hackers or other unscrupulous entities who may launch a cyber attack.

  21. Analytics
  22. You may have a great app, but you will eventually run into trouble unless you keep working on improvements and tweaks. The analytics feature in your app makes sure that you are always aware of the pertinent details of your app’s performance. It gives you a clear picture of user behavior, friction points, and elements that seem to work perfectly well for your business.

    Once you get these valuable insights, you have the opportunity to work on improving the aspects of your app that are working against you while understanding the things that are working in your favor.


When you are building an app for your business, remember that you have to exercise the same amount of care as you would in case of any other action you take on your business journey.

While this is not an exhaustive list, this list of must-have features is a great start to your mobile app development journey.

Take the first step and start building your app the no-code way!

Do you think we missed out on an important feature for a business app? Let us know in the comments section. I’d love to know!

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