Send Free Push Notifications

Send Free Push Notifications

Communicate with your audience more efficiently with push notifications. Use this powerful marketing tool to establish a better connection with your app users.

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Employ Geo-Targeting

Employ Geo-Targeting

Analyze your users’ behavior and get in touch with them at the right time. Send out push notifications to your app users as per their location and time-zone.

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Improve Brand Consistency

Improve Brand Consistency

Send your users valuable information related to your brand and strengthen your brand recognition by using logos in these messages.

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Increase Conversion Rates

Increase Conversion Rates

Send push notifications to your customers and create a sense of urgency among them to trigger immediate purchases.

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Enhance User Engagement

Enhance User Engagement

Keep your app users active and engaged with push notifications. Send reminders and real-time product updates to help them stay connected to your brand.

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What are Push Notifications and How do they work?

Let us talk about what push notifications are and their various types, discuss multiple push notification examples, and learn how they work on iOS and Android.

In the most basic sense of the word, push notifications are small messages or alerts that are sent out to everyone who has the app installed on their device and have opted to receive such notifications.

Though businesses can send mobile push notifications to all their users whether they are using Android or iOS devices, there is a huge difference between the two.

What are Push Notifications on Android and iOS?

There are many different mobile application platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Fire OS, and Blackberry, and all of these platforms have their own suite of software tools used for designing, creating, and maintaining mobile applications. Most of these platforms allow push notifications to include text, images, app badges, and sounds. So, if you’ve got a mobile app for your business, then you need to understand- what push notifications are on Android and iOS.

Android push notification vs iOS push notification

When it comes to push notifications, not all devices are created equally. iOS push notifications follow the opt-in model, where brands or app owners can only send push notifications once the user deliberately agrees to receive them. However, on Android, push notifications are enabled automatically and the customers can manually choose to opt-out of them.

Push notifications in iPhone first appear on the lock screen. Once the users unlock their device, the push notification is immediately moved to the iOS notification center. The Apple Push Notification Service allows app developers and publishers to send push notification messages up to 5 KB to their app users. On the other hand, push notification in the android application is allowed only up to 4 KB.

Appy Pie AppMakr has made the push notification feature standard for all iOS and Android users. Create a unique mobile app for your business, add push notifications feature to it by using simple drag and drop action, and send more than 25000 push notifications per month to your app users.

Appy Pie AppMakr has made the push notification feature standard for all iOS and Android users. Create a unique mobile app for your business and send unlimited push notifications to your app users.

What are Web Push Notifications?

A web push notification is a small notification you receive in your mobile or desktop browser. Customers can opt-in to timely updates from their favorite sites and allow businesses to re-engage them with relevant information that is customized according to their preferences.

What does a push message mean?

Mobile web push notifications are less intrusive than other forms of customer engagement and can be used to effectively bring in more traffic and add value for the user by pushing out useful information. However, this information must be relevant and interesting. Otherwise push notifications can become intrusive and annoying, leading to a negative perception about your app.

Why You Should Use Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are an efficient way to communicate effectively with your audience. Let us check out how this powerful communication channel benefits your business.

  • Boost User Engagement
  • Push notifications help you keep your app users active and engaged. With push notifications, you can send out reminders and real-time product updates to your users and keep them connected to your brand.

  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Push notifications help you increase conversion rates as they can create a sense of urgency among the customers. Push messages help you send notifications and alerts to your customers and trigger immediate purchases.

  • Improve Brand Consistency
  • Push notifications are great marketing channels that can be used to send deals and offer information to the customers. With push messages, you can send valuable information related to your brand and gain strong brand recognition among your users by placing brand logos in them.

  • Target the Right Users
  • With your mobile app, you can access the users’ location. This way you can check their geographic region and send them notifications as per their time zone. Additionally, you can send them alerts for special discounts, deals, and offers when they are in a specific location.

  • Track Actionable Metrics
  • Push notifications help you analyze user behavior including click-through rates and interaction times. These analytics help you figure out which push messages are doing well and enjoy higher open rates.

  • Enhance Customer Care Strategy
  • Push notifications can help you improve your customer experience. Push messages provide users with useful information in a sentence or two at the most. They are less intrusive and can help boost user engagement. They help users to keep up with the latest promotions, offers, and updates from your brand.

How to Send Push Notifications to iOS & Android App Users

For sending push notifications to iOS and Android app users, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Login to Appy Pie and go to My Apps.
  • Click on View More and go to Push Notifications.
  • Select the user group and enter your notification message.
  • Schedule the notification and set an alert tone.
  • Choose the platforms and send the notification.

How to connect better with your app users through push notifications?

Users must feel connected to your brand to opt-in for your push notifications. When a user downloads your app, wait for them to first feel connected to your brand before sending them the request to opt-in for push notifications. Here are a few tips that you can use to get your app users interested in receiving push notifications from you.

  • Convey the Value and Benefits
  • While asking for opt-in, convey the benefits of subscribing for push notifications and help your users understand that they are of a great value for your business and their opinion matters.

  • Allow Users to Control
  • Be extra polite to your users and help them understand that they have complete control over receiving push notifications, that they can opt-in to receive and opt-out anytime to stop receiving the notifications.

  • Remind Users to Complete an Action
  • Once the user has opted-in, study their behavior and send messages accordingly. Send them relevant notifications and remind them what they know well and love.

  • Create a Sense of Urgency
  • Send information for limited time offers to create a sense of urgency and encourage users to tap and check what the ‘see more’ includes.

  • Present an Exciting Update
  • You can increase your users’ interest in your push message by offering something that they already have in their heads. Make your push message sound like a personal text.

  • Ask for a Rating or Review
  • Ask for users’ feedback once the service has been delivered. This helps users understand that you were not there just for the business and that you care for them.

Push Notifications vs. Text Messages: Which Is More Effective?

Modern online businesses use both push notifications and SMS to communicate with their customers. And a few among them know exactly when to use SMS and push notifications. There are certain situations where one is better than the other. Push notifications and text messages might look similar to the end-user, but they are different from each other.

  • Push Notification is a powerful marketing tool offering real-time and tailor-made messaging that catches users’ attention while focusing on a specific action. When implemented effectively, push notifications can
    • increase user engagement, and
    • double your sales within months.
  • Push technology boasts several features that make them a valuable marketing channel.
    • With push messages, apps can add gifs, buttons, audio, and more to their messages, regardless of the underlying carrier.
    • Push notifications are completely free for the users to receive.
  • Push message marketing allows businesses to capture attention, loyalty, and action.
  • With impressive open/response rates and favorability, push notifications are best among all customer communication channels.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using SMS campaigns:

  • Designing SMS campaigns can be daunting since pricing varies from country to country, and
  • SMS marketing campaigns have a relatively low CTR than push notifications. That’s why they’re mostly used by banking and travel businesses across the world.
  • SMS is capped at 160 characters, including spaces, so businesses have to squeeze in their important messages in multiple parts that cost them double to deliver the same message.

This is why push notifications have a competitive edge over text messages.

Push notification is an important ingredient of a successful mobile application. Hence it is imperative that your mobile app has the push notification feature to let you communicate effectively with your customers.

Appy Pie AppMakr, a cloud-based DIY mobile app builder, lets you create next-gen mobile apps for iOS, and Android making it easy for you to send push notifications to your users, easily and instantly. All you need to do is create an app using Appy Pie AppMakr and you will have a reserve of push notifications that you can send with just a click or tap. Appy Pie offers 25000 push messages free per month. Use them to stay connected to your customers and send out messages that matter!

Push notification Text messages
1 App users can opt-in or opt-out, so you know for a fact that they want to receive the message Receivers cannot choose whether they get texts or not
2 Push notifications pop up on your screen Text messages are stored in the device
3 If the users don’t check the push message immediately, it may get buried in the multiple others that appear on the lock screen If the receiver does not read it immediately, the text remains in the default messaging app, waiting for them to read
4 Meant to be crisp and short and used as a marketing tool to get the users to engage with the app Text messages can be of any length and may contain promotional or informational content for the receiver
5 Push notifications are free for the app users Receiving certain text messages can incur charges
6 Only for smartphone users Works for both smartphone and non-smartphone users
7 High CTR and open rates (10.7% on Android) Low CTR (7%)
8 Takes one click to reach the website or app Takes minimum 2 clicks for the same (or more)
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