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How to Create a Music App like Soundcloud?

By Snigdha | Last Updated on April 16th, 2023 3:28 am | 4-min read

The ways we use the Internet and our smartphones have evolved. Along with it, the trends in the mobile app industry have evolved too. As these trends change, some apps gain unprecedented popularity while others disappear as quickly as they emerge. However, the music streaming app industry is the one never to lose its sheen.

The music and audio streaming industry will always have an audience, an enthusiastic and passionate audience. Global music streaming revenues have increased more than 28 times in the last decade.

There is tremendous scope for the music streaming app industry to grow in the near future, and it presents a great opportunity for business enthusiasts and those of an entrepreneurial mind. However, app development has mostly been associated with the big players in any industry. Primarily this is because of the money, time, and skill requirements for traditional mobile app development.

Appy Pie, with its no-code platform, has managed to democratize technology and made app development accessible and affordable for anyone that wants to build an app.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a unique social media platform that is primarily focused on the distribution of audio tracks. So, if Instagram and YouTube are all about sharing a little bit of this massive world through pictures and videos, SoundCloud is all about sharing the world through sounds.

The app was initially created as a platform for musicians to share their music and bounce ideas off each other. Today, SoundCloud has evolved into one of the largest online distribution platforms in the world for original music and audio recordings, with more than 200 million tracks.

SoundCloud has 175 million monthly listeners, and its app officially has 76 million monthly users.

How does SoundCloud work?

Generally, SoundCloud has two types of users – artists who want to promote their music and enthusiasts who want to listen to it.

The artists can post their compositions on the platform for other app users to listen to. They can even track the demographics of people who listen to their music. They can also share links to their audio tracks on social media for others to listen to or download.

Music enthusiasts or listeners can listen to songs, comment on them, and even share them through their social media profiles. Within the platform, the listeners can repost music they like, mark some tracks as their favorite, or post the songs they like to specific groups. Additionally, they can even create custom playlists and download songs others have posted.

Features you must add to make apps similar to SoundCloud

SoundCloud has been around since 2007 when it was launched in Sweden. The app gained popularity in the entire music community, from creators to listeners. The platform offers a great opportunity for artists and performers to share their work conveniently with the entire audience on SoundCloud.

The features on the app keep the users engaged and keep coming back for more. The platform found great popularity among users because of its amazing features. If you plan to build a music app like SoundCloud, add all the features listed below, and you will see it gain quick and lasting popularity.

  1. Registration and Login

    Add this feature to ensure app users register before accessing content on your music streaming app. Users will be able to create an account and get personalized content. The registration process should be simple and friction-free. Enable registration through email addresses and social media accounts.

  2. Basic music-related Features

    The music player is the primary feature of the SoundCloud app. Hence, when you build a music streaming app, the basic music player features like play, pause, skip, rewind, fast forward, and other such features are quite important.

  3. Online/Offline Listening

    Streaming and caching technologies let the app users listen to music both online and offline without any changes in the performance of the app. This functionality is of particular importance to the listeners who are always on the move and have to deal with low or no connectivity.

  4. Search and Filters

    Let your app users search for the music they want to listen to by typing in the artist’s name, song lyrics, genre, album name, etc. When you build a music streaming app, make the search function even more effective by adding filters. Filters help users narrow down their search to get more relevant results.

  5. Playlist

    When you create a music streaming app, allow the app users to create a playlist of their favorite tracks to listen to whenever they want. This feature helps the listener keep their music organized.

How to create a music app like SoundCloud?

As you reach this part of the blog, we have already discussed the SoundCloud app, how it works, and the features you must add to create apps similar to SoundCloud. So, let’s take a shot at the prime question – how to create a music app like SoundCloud.

Most businesses abandon their app ideas because traditional app development requires money, time, and highly developed skills. Appy Pie helps its customers overcome these challenges with the help of its no-code platform. Let’s see how you can make an app like SoundCloud in just a few minutes.

  1. Name your app

    After naming your app, choose the right app category, design theme, and app layout. You can change any of these details whenever you want.

  2. Add features you want

    Consult the list above and add all these features to your app using our easy drag-and-drop interface.

  3. Test the app and launch!

    Edit your app to perfection and test it on real devices. Get rid of all the bugs and kinks, and your app is ready to go live on all the app stores.

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