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App Builder Appy Pie, Oct 3: You have now completed your first iOS application with Appy Pie, and you are ready to submit your masterpiece to Apple’s App Store. How do you do this? Is your application ready for submission? I am sure that some of these questions have entered your mind at one point or another.

Is submitting an application as simple as sending Apple your application’s binary? Not quite. With this post, I will provide you with a detailed map to get your application submitted to Apple’s App Store.

The first time you submit an application to the App Store is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Even for experienced iOS developers, submitting an application to the App Store is often a stressful undertaking because it is something that most developers don’t do on a daily basis.

To submit an iOS application to the App Store, you need to be a registered iOS developer. Red flag? Don’t worry. You can enroll in Apple’s iOS Developer Program by visiting the Apple Developer page and clicking the Enroll button, Lets dive down into the process now:

Step 1: Create an Apple ID

  1. Go to apple developer account Login
  2. Click on this Create Apple ID
  3.  Fill the All required information for Apple ID and click on Create apple ID
  4. Check your email id which you have used as Apple ID and verify your email address, by clicking verify now.
  5. Now Enter your Login credentials, and click verify Address.
  6. You will get email address verified message.

Step 2: Register a developer account with apple

  1. Go to apple developer account Login
  2. Enter your Apple ID and Password and click Sign In
  3. Review the agreement, Select the confirmation check box and click submit.

4. Select your Entity Type (ex. individual, company/organization, government) and click Continue.
Note: For small businesses, we recommend selecting an individual account (unless you would like to be registered as a company, and you already own a D-U-N-S number)

5. Fill out your contact information

6. After reviewing the Apple Developer Program License Agreement, check the box to agree and click Continue

7. Click Purchase to complete your purchase (an annual fee of $99)

8. Enter your payment information and click Continue

9. Download Certificate Signing Request (.CSR) by clicking on the download tab. Download (.CSR) file


Step 3. Download your .ipa file

Please Follow the steps below to download your .ipa file

  1. Login into your Appy Pie account.
  2. Go to into your My Apps Area
  3. Select your app and Click on the Golive Button
  4. Then click on iPhone tab
  5. Download (.CSR) file Download (.CSR) file
  6. Upload Distribution Certificate to Appy Pie (To learn how to create Apple’s Distribution Certificate, (refer to Part 3-A)
  7. Upload Provisioning Profile to Appy Pie (To learn how to Provisioning Profile, (refer to Part 3-C)
  8. Please provide App’s Current Version. more information

Part 3-A: Download your Distribution Certificate

  1. Click on Account

2.  Login in with apple email address and password

3. Click on certificates, identifiers & Profiles

4. Click on Certificates

5. Click on All

  1. Select App store & Ad Hoc from Production

2. Click on Continue

3. Click on Continue

4. Choose File and uploads .CSR certificates and click on generate

5.  Click on Download and download iOS distribution certificate

Part 3-B: Create App ID

  1. Click on Identifiers

2. Select APP IDs and then click on + button

3. Fill in the details

1. In the App ID Description field, enter a name of your application(No special character)
2. In the Bundle ID Enter Bundle Identifier (App ID Suffix), Example com.YourAppName.YourAppName

Part 3-C: To insert APNs Certificate

  1. Under App Ids, click on Edit

2. Attach CSR file in Development SSL Certificate and Production SSL Certificate and click on Done

Part 3-D: Create a distribution provisioning profile

  1. Click on Distribution Tab ant then click on + button

2. Select App Store/tvOS App Store option Under Distribution and click Continue

3. Select App Id that you created in Part 3-B and click Continue

4. Select the Latest Certificate and click Continue

5. Enter your App Name with Distribution. eg: YourAppName Distribution

6. Download the Certificate and click on Done

Part 3-E: Create an Apple App Store Paid Applications Contract

To set up the Paid Applications Contract:

  1. Sign in to your iTunes Connect account

2. Click Agreements, Tax, and Banking

3. Under Request Contracts, click Request for the iOS Paid Applications contract type

4. After you review the agreement, check I have read and agree to the agreement presented above and click Submit

5. The iOS Paid Applications contract is now displayed under Contracts In Process. You will need to set up the Contact Info, Bank Info and Tax Info

6. The iOS Paid Applications contract is now displayed under Contracts In Process. You will need to set up the Contact Info, Bank Info and Tax Info.

1. Click Set Up
2. Click Add New Contact, enter the contact info and click Save.
Note: Contacts don’t have to be iTunes Connect users. Choose appropriate people to address legal, financial or marketing issues that could come up related to the sale of your apps through Apple.

3. Repeat this process to add other contacts.
4. Assign roles to the contacts by selecting their names from the Contact drop down menus. Then click Done.

7. To set up Bank Info (so Apple can pay you for apps sold):

1. Click Set Up (or Edit if there is already banking info for your organization)
2. You can either select a bank account from the drop down menu or click Add Bank Account to add a new account

3. If you are adding a new bank account, enter or select the following info: bank country (for your physical Branch), bank code or transit number to specify your bank, and bank account info. Click Next after each step.
Note: For more information on setting up banking info, click here and scroll down to the Banking section.
4. From the Select a different Bank Account menu, select the new bank information and click Save.

8. To set up Tax Info:

1. Click Set Up.
2. Complete the tax forms that apply to you and click Done.
Note: For more information on tax forms, click here and scroll down to the Tax section.

Step 4. Create app into iTunes Connect

  1. Go to

2. Click on my Apps

3. Click on ‘+’ sign

4. Choose New App

5. Choose iOS. Copy App name,choose lang,Choose required Bundle ID (As on certificates),Write SKU (e.g., SKU1324APPNAME)

6. Choose Category under App information

7. Go to Pricing ->Choose suitable pricing Teir(As per iTUnes guidelines)

8. From Prepare for Submission-> Upload Screenshots

9. Prepare for Submission-> Copy paste App Description and Keywords

10. Upload logo, Fill Rating and all details like Name, email address. Contact number, etc

11. Fill Contact Information and choose to Automatically release app

Step 5. Upload your app from Application Loader

  1. On your Mac computer, open the Application Loader

2. Enter your Apple ID and password

3. Click Next

4. Click Deliver Your App

5. Select the app you would like to submit and click Open

6. Click Next

7. Wait for the application loader to upload your file, and for the green check mark to appear (this verifies that your app was received and submitted to Apple).
Note: You only need to click Send if you receive an error message and you want to try adding your application again

8. You have successfully added your application to the App Store. Click Done

Step 6. Send your app for review

1. After successfully added your application on the app store, Go back to your iTunes connect account
2. Click on My app and click on your app name
3. Now click on Activity Tab, in all Builds you will see your version under processing

(Note: It will take 10 to 15 minutes to show your app icon and processing)
4. Now click on App store tab, click on prepare for submission now click on Build (+) and the choose build form App build and click on Done.

5. Follow steps

Phew! the submission process is now complete, and if it went well then your application’s status will change to Waiting for Review. It takes 2-4 days for Apple to review your app, and the time it takes tends to fluctuate over time.

Good luck!

If you get stuck anywhere or require any further clarifications, then feel free to comment below and we will try our best to reply to each and every comment.

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