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By Snigdha | July 5, 2018 3:09 pm

App Builder Appy Pie: Geofencing is one of the most revolutionary technologies that has changed the face of modern day marketing. Geofencing makes use of global positioning system or radio frequency identification to outline a geographic boundary. After establishing this “virtual barrier” a trigger can be set up to shoot out a text message, email alert, or a push notification in the app, whenever a mobile device enters or leaves this ‘outlined’ geographic area.

Geofencing has proven to be a great technique to engage or interact with the customers on the basis of their hyper-local positioning. This can not only be great for bringing in a quick and immediate boost in the sales and even help you understand the mindset of the shoppers.

Companies have been making use of geofencing for some time now and this has proven to be quite an effective way to send to the customers offers or targeted promotions the moment they trigger a search in a certain geographical location, enter certain premises like a mall, a store, or a particular block area. It is after all the consumers or the customers who are at the center of your business. It is therefore important to deliver high-quality service to them through geofencing.

Recent studies indicate that even a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25% to 95% increase in the profit. Now isn’t that something you need to sit up and take note of? However, keeping your customer engaged and retaining them for a longer time is not that easy a feat. It is important that you develop a strong understanding of ways to interact with potential leads while making sure that you do so in a personalized manner is a step in the right direction.

Integrating geofencing into your marketing campaign can yield amazingly consistent results and transform almost every facet of your business. Like every other technology on the block, there is a list of things, devices, tools, and other such things that you are going to need for flawless functioning or operation. Appy Pie has brought to you a list of geofencing tools that will help you ease the process and get things done efficiently and in time.


What originally started out as TechnoCom Location Platform, is known today as LocationSmart – location-as-a-service company based in California. After it acquired Locaid in 2015, LocationSmart has further expanded their mobility platform with tools for cloud-based location services. This tool empowers the marketers with an ability to determine the location of the mobile users, engage and establish interaction with users or devices that are the most relevant, and enable the data for timely and meaningful analytics. This particular tool has a feature of proximity based marketing promotions that includes quite a few things including geofencing, event triggers, and messaging. This proximity based marketing promotions feature can be used to trigger and boost in-store purchases and motivate the customers to take other actions locally.

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LocationSmart procures all the location data from carrier networks and devices. Now, every business has some peak hours and other non-peak hours. LocationSmart is known to send just the right kind of offers to the consumers, at the right time, in the right locations, which means that the people who use this tool gain the ability to increase traffic or walk-ins in these non-peak buying hours.

LocationSmart has managed to devise a combination of big data from devices and carrier networks to match the right kind of offers with the right kind of targeted customers or users and then send these marketing messages within the pre-determined or geofenced area. They have managed the art of saying the right thing to the right person at the right time.

Koupon Media

Koupon Media was founded with the mission to help the marketers deliver exceptional value to their customers. Koupon Media is known to deliver offers based on the location of the shoppers. They use a unique combination of location targeting with audience segmentation, and thus have the ability to deliver highly targeted offers to their shoppers. The mobile coupon network established by Koupon Media delivers promotions, deals, and offers to the mobile users when they are in the store. The retailers who sign up with Koupon Media to create geofences or defined virtual areas around their store locations, make use of geotargeting in order to learn the behavioral and shopping patterns of the customers and then send out personalized offers based on audience routines. Additionally, the retailers can also install beacons so that you can deliver real-time offers while consumers are shopping in-store. They also can help you devise some conditional offers that are dependent on the shopper viewing the offer or on the basis of their redemption history and especially come in handy when you are attempting to initiate an interaction exclusively with just the first-time shoppers or visitors.

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In addition to delivering location-specific ads and messages on the basis of the geofenced area, Koupon Media also offers in-depth targeting that lets the retailers or store owners efficiently narrow the demographics down. This takes targeted marketing to a whole new level, letting you reach out to the people who are interested in buying exactly what you are selling!


NextBee is one of the leading marketing promotions platforms for businesses that have an audience who are dialed in with the social media and they have been known to work for their clients with an admirably single minded focus on bringing in higher returns with use of geofencing. It is no secret that when targeted rewards are offered to the mobile users on the basis of their device location, it has the potential to attract people visiting the stores or any other places in the vicinity. It is this process that NewxtBee has managed to automate quite flawlessly by putting to use tools that would send targeted messages and rewards to the consumers based on their location.

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NextBee leverages its very own, unique PACE methodology, and then automatically registers all those consumers who are following the company’s social media pages, have subscribed to them, and/or are their existing customers. Now, whenever these registered consumers step into the geofenced location, they immediately receive rewards in the form of shareable mobile coupons among various other types of targeted notifications. It is through this methodology that the companies or the businesses who choose to work with NextBee can put to test a great number of ideas at multiple store locations and send out messages to their user base that have been personalized specifically to lure the right kind of consumers.

NextBee has mastered the concept of offering apt location based rewards to paying consumers. This means that whenever any of your followers on the social media or your subscribers are in the area that you have meticulously geofenced, they would automatically receive a message that would offer them a limited time deal or a special offer on one of your products or services. Not only do they get a brilliant deal, but they are conveniently right around the corner from you! What’s going to stop them from stepping in to your place of business?


One of the leading global local technology company GroundTruth is more of a conventional tool used in geofencing which lays a strong emphasis on location based technology and have established themselves as the pioneers in the field. They view geofencing as the perfect antidote to presumptive marketing. Marketers or organizations who are making use of this platform can identify and inspire the consumers based on their real time geographical location.

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It all begins with GroundTruth receiving location data through mobile apps and then ranking data signals for location-verified mobile inventory. Next, it goes on to auto-generate some geo-boundaries around some of the key places or the most suitable points of interest including places like a parking garage, a store, or a particular block in the city. It all then comes together to forge a proximity targeting solutions that a marketer can leverage in order to remind consumers about any purchases that they would need to make. This would not only remind the consumers about buying coffee before leaving the store parking lot or encourage more of impulse purchases while they are waiting at the till. The proximity targeting platforms are pretty versatile and can be leveraged in more ways than one to augment the other methods of advertising adopted by the marketer.

The idea behind it is that if the people are already in or around your store, you can steer them gently towards making purchases that they don’t even know yet that they want to make.


An omni-channel marketing platform, NinthDecimal is credited with powering real-world conversions for reputable organizations. It is by using location intelligence that the company identifies the best customers and prospects for the brand and then activates apt marketing strategies to boost visits to the store and increase the revenue. At the end of this they would quantify the impact of advertising across all the media they have adopted.

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NinthDecimal is an extremely accurate intelligence platform that lets the marketers get an evolved understanding of the virtual (digital) and physical lives of the consumers. They have an SMB or franchise platform that also offers a mobile website that can be customized along with a geofenced that lets the marketers send out the ads to their consumers. One of their solutions named Compass Location actually offers to various marketers a means for the brands to target the consumers who are near their stores or are at the location of their competitor with rich media ads.

NinthDecimal themselves claim that their platform can be used to push local leads using phone calls, appointment requests, and couponing. It even has a walking and driving directions feature that would let the brand or the retailers give the mobile users directions to their nearest outlet in real time.

With NinthDecimal you can actually target prospective customers by sending them some great offers even though they are at your competitor’s store! Talk about stealing them from right under their noses or from within their own cash tills.

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