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How In-App Purchases Can Help You Boost Revenue?

Originally Posted By Mike Hector  | July 22, 2015  | 4-min read
Ruchi Gohri on August 10, 2020  
How In-App purchases can help you boost revenue - Appy Pie

In-app purchases offer countless benefits. There are multiple approaches to increase your sales and drive revenue using mobile services. As per a recent study, 24% of people shopping using their mobile devices are more likely to pay for in-app purchases than they do for paid apps.

However, in case of in-app purchases too, you can’t just ask users to pay as soon as they have downloaded your app. You need to have them trust your brand first. They will not pay if they don’t know you even if you are offering the best list of in-app purchase selection. Offering a free trial with a few in-app purchases could be a decent start.

In-app purchases is one of the major app monetization strategies that you can use to make money with your mobile app.

In this post, we have listed a great variety of effective approaches that you can use to boost your revenue with in-app purchases.
How can In App Purchase Ads Increase Your Profits - Appy Pie

How to Boost App Revenue with In-App Purchases

Here are a few major ways that you can use to make your in-app purchases work.

  1. Make Your App Users Curious
  2. In-app purchases can be very profitable if used right. To make your app users curious about your in-app purchases and get them hooked with your app services, let them play around with the basic details for free. Do not just ask them to pay as soon as they open their app. This will help them see value in making in-app purchases and they will go for them.

    Here is a video to help you learn the most popular ways to make money from your app.

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  3. Use Push Notifications
  4. Many online shoppers with abandoned carts and inactive apps end up getting distracted or giving up on in-app purchases. They usually forget that they were going to buy something in the first place. You can use push notifications to remind these users about your app and the offers they are missing out on. Push notifications help you get these users to finalize their sales. With push notification, you can send these app users the details about what they were going to buy, this helps you bring them back in.

    Go through this post to learn more about push notifications – Push Notifications And How They Can Help Your App.

    You can try creating your app using Appy Pie’s AppMakr, to get in-built push notifications to feature in your app.

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  5. Promote Your In-App Purchases
  6. Promotion is necessary when you are trying to sell something. This offers people an opportunity to make a purchase. For example, when you create an iOS app, you get to promote up to 20 in-app purchases on your App Store product page. It helps you let people see how they can use your app at a reasonable price for a better experience.

    Watch this video to have a better understanding of how you can monetize your app experience from outside of the app stores.

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  7. Deliver What You Promise
  8. Make sure you stay honest with your users. Don’t be like online ads that promise something and then deliver something different. Try your best to keep your customers’ faith in you. This will help you convert their clicks into active sales. People with good app experiences will trust your brand, promote it further, and will be more likely to make a purchase.

    Here is a video to help you learn 10 great ideas of making your app popular.

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  9. Irrational Pricing Strategies
  10. Sometimes you get a surprising increase in sales with the prices that sound like a great deal. For example, you own an online bookstore. You offer your readers a web subscription for $50 and a printed subscription for $100. And, when you will offer both in $100, it would sound a little irrational but will drive up your sales. People purchasing the books on this price will tap their back thinking how they are smarter than everyone else that they have noticed this price point.

  11. Follow Color Philosophy
  12. Make sure the in-app purchase content in your app is engaging and appealing. Along with the other important things, colors also influence customers’ purchasing behavior.

    Check out how colors impact users’ habits.

    • Red creates a sense of urgency which is perfect for time-restricted offers
    • Yellow help you gain buyers’ attention
    • Green relaxes audience
    • Orange encourages users to act
    • Blue carries security and respect
    • Black goes with luxury goods and helps you indicate the valuable products in your in-app purchases offer

    You can use Appy Pie’s Color Wheel to get the better color palettes combined for your in-app purchases design.

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  13. Keep Analyzing Your IAP Strategies
  14. With multiple rivals and increasing competition in the market, you should continuously optimize your service. Make sure you improve your IAP strategy and come up with more effective and appealing in-app purchase content every time you make an update.

  15. Offer Loyalty Programs
  16. Loyalty programs can motivate users to make more purchases. These programs help you improve users’ app experience, establish your brand loyalty, and get a huge base of loyal customers. With loyalty programs, users earn reward points with every purchase and when these points reach a certain limit, they convert into some attractive gifts or a monetary gain. This process encourages users to make a purchase using your app while stopping them to go to other brands.

    You can gamify your loyalty programs to make them more interesting for the users. Read this post to understand it better- How to Use Gamification to Boost Your Customer Loyalty Program?

    You can also use Appy Pie’s Loyalty App Builder to create a Loyalty App that helps you manage your loyalty program and increase customer engagement levels.

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  17. Offer Quality Experience
  18. Users will be more attracted to your in-app purchases if there would be something different and exciting about them. For example, if you offer an ad-free paid version of your app, users will be more likely to purchase it. When users subscribe to your premium services, they will certainly expect improved functionality and better performance.


In-app purchases is a great way of making money by using your mobile apps. In-app purchases help you monetize your online business and can take it to the new heights if done right. To make it work, you first need to market your app effectively and then optimize it using App Store Optimization tactics. App Store Optimization helps your app rank higher in your preferred app store so that more people could find and download it.

So that was all about how you can boost revenue with in-app purchases. To learn how you can increase your in-app purchases, go through this post – How To Increase In-App Purchases?

Create an app with Appy Pie’s AppMakr to get the best of your in-app purchases. We offer various effective features with multiple attractive templates that can help your app users get an outstanding experience and they will be more likely to subscribe for your paid in-app services.

Visit our Appy Pie Academy and go through this excellent course on Mobile App Marketing Strategy and App Monetization for Free, to find everything that you need to know about app marketing and monetization.

Start taking the advantages of app monetization strategies to the fullest and gain real profits in your business. Tell us in the comments if we have missed out on something or if this article helps you! Good Luck!

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