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How to Make An App Like Trivago?

By Snigdha | August 25, 2022 4:37 pm  | 5-min read

We depend on the Internet for everything from buying essentials to booking doctor’s appointments. The travel industry, too, has evolved and has started leveraging the internet in a great way. Modern travelers typically use the internet to plan their work trips or vacations. This is where online hotel booking apps or room booking apps like the Trivago app gain importance.

About 1 of 3 travelers use a specific mobile app to research for an upcoming trip. Around 45% of travelers use mobile apps to book accommodations and tours. Nearly 85% of travelers book activities using their mobile devices.

These numbers are indicative of the scope of hotel booking apps and the potential for earning from these apps. There was a time when only the big players would find it possible to create an app due to the money, time, and skill constraints. However, today, with Appy Pie, you can save money and time by using the no-code app builder to make a hotel booking app in minutes.

What is Trivago?

Trivago is one of the best hotel booking apps known for its fun interface and useful features like hotel price comparison. The app has more than 5 million hotels from more than 190 countries. The app is essentially a meta-search engine that scans the content of hundreds of websites on the Internet and displays the best-suited results for any query by the app user. The app is connected to numerous online travel agencies or OTAs like, MakeMyTrip, Flyin, Expedia, etc.

Top features your hotel booking app must have

Trivago has emerged as the best room booking app because of its features. Hence if you plan to make a room booking app like Trivago, consider the features listed below and add as many as possible.

  1. Registration

    By adding the registration feature, you can ensure that the app users can access the app content only after registering with you. This ensures user authenticity and improves the user experience. However, make sure that the registration process is simple and quick by enabling email and social media logins.

  2. User account & profile

    Let your app users create accounts on your room reservation app so that they can save their preferences, location, etc. The user profiles would also display the listings they liked, the reviews they have written, and more.

  3. Hotel listings

    Hotel owners or app owners can create hotel listings with all the required details, including the photographs, location, star rating, reviews, check-in, check-out timings, room types, room availability, and more.

  4. Navigation

    Add map and navigation feature so the app users can find their way quickly to their destination without getting lost on the road or asking passersby for directions.

  5. Payment

    Add trusted and easy-to-use payment gateways to assure the app users that their data and transactions are secure. The more payment gateways you can include in your app, the more people will be comfortable using your platform.

  6. Cancellation

    No matter how well one plans the trip, there can always be people dropping out of the trip or the dates changing, or the trip getting canceled altogether. Make sure that your app users have the option to cancel the trip or make changes to their booking without much of a hassle.

  7. Ratings & reviews

    Let users rate and review their experience with the hotels or organizers. This increases user engagement while letting you increase user-generated content on the app. As users rate and review the hotels, they help other users understand what kind of experience they can expect from the hotel.

  8. Search

    Add the search feature so the app users can find the hotels they are looking for by simply typing in a few keywords. Make your search feature even more effective by adding filters to make the search results more relevant to the app users.

  9. Notifications

    Good communication gets you good results. Through push notifications, you can send out transaction alerts, reminders about upcoming bookings or trips, and even send out deals, seasonal discounts, and offers. Bring back all the inactive app users with lucrative and targeted notifications.

  10. Recommendations

    Study the user behavior, understand their preferences, and let your app become the best hotel finder by making accurate recommendations. The better your recommendations, the greater your chances of keeping the app users engaged and converting into paying customers.

  11. Admin dashboard

    Add an admin dashboard so the app admin or the app owner can have an overview of the app, manage listings, manage all the data, make changes to the app, and improve the overall app experience.

  12. Transaction history

    On your online hotel booking app, all app users and hotel owners must have access to their entire transaction history. This helps the app users track their spending, and the hotels keep track of their earnings.

How to make a hotel booking app like Trivago?

At this stage in the blog, we have already discussed at length about the Trivago app, how it works, and must-have features for a hotel booking app like Trivago. The next question we need to address now is – how to make an app like Trivago.

Creating an app from scratch requires deep coding knowledge and a generous time and financial investment. However, with Appy Pie, the entire process is codeless, affordable, and quick.

  1. Enter a name for your app

    Once you have given your app a name, choose an appropriate app category, design theme, and app layout. Personalize your app with brand colors and logo, and make any design changes you want.

  2. Add the required features

    Go through the list of must-have features above and add as many as possible to your hotel booking app. Make edits to your app until you are happy with how it works.

  3. Test your app and go live!

    Once you are happy with the app, test it for bugs or other issues on real devices. You can now launch the app on any app store of your choice, and the Appy Pie team will help you through it.


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