Best Free Online Username and Password Generators in 2022

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The virtual world is full of vulnerabilities, and it has become our second nature to protect everything online with passwords and encryptions. However, with numerous online bank accounts, email addresses, social media accounts, etc., it can be challenging to memorize them all. And, if the passwords are easy to memorize, they may not be as safe to use as you think.

In this post, we are going to discuss the concept of Username and Password generators. Also, we have compiled a list of the best random password generators and the best username generators.

What is a random password generator?

An online password creator is a software that takes input from a random number generator and automatically generates a password using the parameters you set, including upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols, length, strength, and more.

Online password generators are completely safe and easy to use in coming up with strong password combinations and lengths. However, practice caution when you set out to find the right password generator for you.

Best strong random password generators

Let us list the best online password generators along with all the important details so that you can choose a strong random password generator to keep your data and virtual assets safe from malicious attacks or hacking attempts.

  1. 1Password

    Though this one does not have a free plan, 1Password is a feature-rich online password creator with great attention to the security of the entire family. Known for its highly intuitive dashboard, the platform is surprisingly affordable for individuals and families alike. The watchtower feature, in particular, is of special significance as it analyzes the entire vault and alerts you of any weak or repeated passwords.

  2. LastPass

    The free plan for this popular password creator is unique in offering unlimited logins and unlimited devices for free. The only caveat is that you will have to choose between syncing the passwords on computers or mobile devices. Only when you upgrade to a paid plan will you be able to sync passwords across all desktop computers and mobile devices. However, the platform does have multiple valuable features like intuitive auto-filling capabilities, a built-in authenticator, and 2FA compatibility.

  3. Dashlane

    A platform compatible with multiple platforms, operating systems, browsers, and devices, Dashlane has a free plan with almost all the features of the premium plans. The one limitation of the free plan on Dashlane is that you can only save 50 passwords on one device. The extras on the platform include auto-save and auto-fill, password sharing and auditing, breach notifications, emergency access, and time-based one-time (TOTP) passwords. The premium plan gives you unlimited password storage, multi-device syncing, dark web monitoring, and even a virtual private network (VPN).

  4. Keeper

    Keeper is a secure password creator with a free plan that offers unlimited passwords on one device. The platform lets you manage all the login info across different operating systems and devices. Though the free plan offers unlimited password storage on one device, you can upgrade one step up to sync your passwords across multiple devices and platforms. And as you go another step up, you get 10GB of secure storage plus dark web monitoring.

  5. NordPass

    Coming from the organization that gave us NordVPN, NordPass has a free plan on offer. The platform offers benefits like next-gen encryption, unlimited password storage, multi-factor authentication, easy vault transfers, and live chat customer support. It also supports sharing permissions and folder-sharing, multi-factor authentication via the app, security key, data breach scanner, and actionable password health report.

What is a username generator?

An online username generator is an online tool or software that enables you to create a unique login name for every account. While most platforms let you create an account and join the platform using your email address, some platforms still require you to choose a username to create an account.

A username generator does exactly what it says. It generates a secure, random username for you instantly.

Best username generators

Now that you know how amazingly useful a good username generator is, it is time to choose the perfect one for you. To help you with the process, we have compiled a list of the top five of the best username generators.

  1. Best Username Generator

    They claim to be the best in the industry and have a name to match the claim. Best Username Generator is a great random username generator, but it also offers numerous other significant tools for social media platforms, such as Instagram name generators, Snapchat usernames, etc. Though the platform interface is often deemed confusing by the users, it is still wildly popular in the gaming community.

  2. Speedy password

    This username generation platform is a little different from the others as it not only generates a username per your interests but also creates and suggests a secure password to go with this particular username. Of course, it offers a certain amount of security, but it also provides the flexibility to customize the username with characters, numeric values, symbols, etc.

  3. Rum & Monkey

    The platform is quite popular in gaming as a username generator that helps gamers come up with unique, quirky, and ‘kickass’ usernames. Even if you are a picky user, Rum & Monkey will definitely comes up as a great solution as it offers over 5,000 name options to choose from.

  4. Fantasy Name Generator

    The platform has an intriguing name. Though it may seem quirky, it has a very organized interface where you can search for and choose different usernames based on the purpose, for example, gaming or any other activity on different social media channels or the internet.

  5. Screen Name Generator

    Screen Name Generator is one of the best username generators. It pays close attention to the adjectives you choose before generating reliable usernames that suit your interest. From the options provided by the platform, you have the ability to choose a username, modify it by adding the adjectives you want, and make your social media handle or username a lot cooler.


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