Capitalize the value of your potential clients with your own loyalty app. You require no coding skills, just a great idea, and a little bit of creativity to create loyalty app with DIY app builder, App Builder Appy Pie. With loyalty cards, coupons and deals, available on the phone, customers can easily manage all their reward programs at one place, without the worry to loose plastic or paper cards.

Appy Pie’s code-free app builder help you easily build loyalty app in a matter of minutes with following innovative features:

  1. Barcode, 3D, ID loyalty cards
  2. Scan the barcode to instantly load the loyalty card
  3. No need to carry plastic cards
  4. Protect loyalty cards with a passcode
  5. Reminder for card expiry
  6. Check-ins, and sharing on different social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  7. Push notifications, text messages, and emails
  8. Available on iOS and Android
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