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How to Make an App Like Google Maps?

By Snigdha | Last Updated on November 7th, 2023 12:58 pm | 4-min read

The one common thing about everyone on the road today is that they are rushing and short on time. No one has the time, patience, or trust in strangers when getting directions. Whether you are planning to drop your kids off at school, reach work in time, or make it to a hot date in time. Hence, people are always looking for the shortest possible route that avoids roadblocks and bypasses traffic to reach their destination in the quickest time possible. Currently, more than 80% of smartphones have a navigation application installed!

The popularity of this app type is further established by the fact that between September 2019 and August 2020, navigation apps generated about 1.17 billion downloads globally.

Navigation app development is an interesting space for app developers, entrepreneurs, or business users. Of course, as an entrepreneur, you may have thought about creating an alternative app for Google Maps or apps better than Google Maps.

Most commonly, the cost, technical knowledge, and time needed for app development discourage people from creating their own apps. Appy Pie, with its no-code app development platform, has given everyone a platform and a space to explore their creative app ideas and create an app in minutes, without coding or burning through their savings.

What is Google Maps, and how does it work?

Google Maps is an internet-based mapping platform and public application from Google. Whether traveling by private conveyance, walking to your destination, or taking the public conveyance, the platform offers valuable satellite images, aerial photos, street maps, street views, real-time traffic conditions, and the most convenient route plan.

Google Maps is the best navigation application because Google is the best when it comes to data collection. The underlying principle of the app is to collect an exhaustive amount of data before processing and presenting it to the world.

Google Maps collects information from base map partner programs, location data from users, satellites, data processing, crowdsourcing, and street view.

Top features you must add to make apps similar to Google Maps

Google Maps was the most downloaded map and navigation app in the United States in 2021. What makes Google Maps the most popular navigation app? First, it comes from Google, the tech giant. And the second reason is the list of features that go into the Google Maps app.

If you plan to make a Google Maps like app, pay serious attention to the list of features below and consider them to add to your app.

  1. Navigation and geolocation

    The core of a GPS app like Google Maps is the map. These applications use GPS to locate an address and come up with the best possible route based on the data at hand. A good navigation app like Google Maps will give you all the possible routes you can take to get from A to B while indicating the fastest route among them. Additionally, it will also show the approximate time you will take for the journey based on the mode of transportation.

  2. Rerouting

    Rerouting is a critical feature for any map application. It is especially useful when an app user takes a wrong turn or there is a sudden roadblock. A quick reroute will give the app user an option to find a quick resolution without having to wait for several minutes.

  3. Voice directions

    Add this feature so the app users can listen to the directions while driving to a destination instead of checking their screens periodically. This feature reduces the risk of accidents due to distraction and also the chances of you missing a turn.

  4. Notifications

    Notifications are a great way to communicate to all your app users with a tap of the button. You can create meaningful segments and send out targeted notifications. Push notifications are also a great way to bring back inactive users.

  5. Real-time traffic updates

    The traffic is only getting worse, and while everyone wants to go out, no one wants to get stuck in traffic. With real-time traffic updates from Google Maps, you can be apprised of the routes that might work the best for you.

How to make an app like Google Maps?

Now that you have reached this section, you are already familiar with Google Maps, how it works, and the top features you must add to your navigation app to make apps better than Google Maps. Now comes the fun little question – how to make an app like Google Maps?

Creating an app from scratch requires a sizeable investment in terms of money, time, and skilled resources. Not everyone has the scope and potential for the same, especially small businesses or start-ups. Hence, Appy Pie brought forth a solution to cater to these segments with its no-code app builder.

  1. Enter app name

    Name your app and choose the app category, design theme, and layout for your app. Personalize your app and make it professional by adding your brand logo and colors.

  2. Add features

    Consult the feature list above and add them to your app using the convenient drag-and-drop interface on the platform.

  3. Test and launch!

    Edit the app to your satisfaction before testing it on real devices. Once your app is free of bugs, it’s time to go live on your preferred app stores!


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