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15 Best Small Business Website Examples to Inspire You in 2022

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on November 13th, 2023 10:01 am | 6-min read

Everyone needs a website for their business today. But how many know how to make a website?

Is that why some websites look professional and trustworthy while others simply fail to make a mark? Probably. It is normal for small business owners to be overwhelmed when they start creating a business website. Hence, it is a good idea to look at some of the best small business website examples before you make your own.

Once you are happy with the website ideas you shortlist, you can move ahead and start making your own website.


Whether you plan to make your own website or hire a web development company, it is important that you have a clear idea of what your business website should look like and what major elements you want to include in your website.

A good business website should indicate brand credibility and should eventually look like it is worth spending time on.

Before moving on and looking at all the small business website examples we have curated for you, let us first look at this infographic below.

Best small business website examples

To help you get started on your website development journey, we have curated a list of some of the most impressive small business website examples. Take a look at each of them and see what inspires you the most for your brand and what works the best for your niche.

  1. Surf Happy
  2. The brand is all about positivity, and their home page is an embodiment of the same. Their smiling happy models in the sun and their color palette is exactly what warmth feels like.

    The homepage design of this small business website is simple, minimalistic, and has a clear CTA. The site tells you exactly what to do once you land on their home page. Even their navigation bar is minimalistic.

    As you slowly scroll down the page, you will see more CTAs to direct you to the relevant product pages. This eCommerce website has consciously kept things simple and stayed away from any complexities, which resonates with their brand values.

  3. Entrance
  4. It is, without a doubt, one of the best and most impactful real estate websites I have seen in a long time, or ever! The first look gets you hooked. Your entire screen is taken over by a sliding deck of stunning photographs of interiors.

    The typography is in white and quite unobtrusive. Overall the website looks sleek, professional, and especially memorable as a real estate website with a difference. The CTAs are clear, the design is impactful, and the navigation is simple. What more do you want on your real estate website?

  5. Zenefits
  6. Zenefits is a professional software website that is truly unique in its responsiveness. The site gives you a product demo and overview even as you scroll down the page.
    This is one of the best website ideas for you if you are planning to hire a web development company to create your business website.

    However, you must remember not to overdo it by using too many colors or making the flow exceedingly complex.

  7. Seaworthy
  8. When you have a restaurant with beautiful decor, it is tough to do it justice by simply putting a photograph on your restaurant website. Seaworthy comes close to perfection, though.

    This restaurant website uses well-composed close-up shots of the restaurant, uses a custom font, and uses some really interesting illustrations to showcase the restaurant as the treasure that it is. It is an excellent single-page website example if you are looking for one.

  9. Forma
  10. Clearly, pasta is the hero here! The homepage opens up to a mouth-watering image of the Italian classic with separate buttons for its locations. Once you click on the location of your choice, you will see a beautiful full-screen video of food being prepared. Though the entire website is very thoughtfully designed with well-placed CTAs and clean navigation, it is food that stands out all through this restaurant website.

  11. Impression
  12. The digital marketing agency – Impression uses a clean, simple video to cast the spotlight on its team. If you are planning to make a small business website for client services, it is a good idea to add videos, reels, and a blog to showcase your achievements and potential.

    Keep in mind that while you are putting the spotlight on your team, services, and achievements, there should not be excessive chaos and fuss on the site.

  13. Urban Influence
  14. Urban Influence is a quintessential small business website example for creative agencies. They have a cool video and sleek text overlays to complete the effect.
    The website has managed to break a rule of aesthetics and still come up with a stellar business website. While we all know we must refrain from using multiple font styles, they have done it, and splendidly well, I must say.

    It entirely depends on your brand identity and personality, which rule you can break and still get away with it!

  15. Blast
  16. They have used the most prominent part of their website to showcase their latest achievements and made it even better by making it interactive. The website visitors can choose to see different images with their ‘Previous’ or ‘Next’ button.

    As you scroll below the fold, the site focuses on its featured pages and content by putting them on a clean white background.

  17. Vortic Watches
  18. The brand attempts to establish its attention to detail and quality through its unique website design. The video on the homepage and the parallax scroll add to the persona of precision in technology.

    If you are looking for an online store for your high-quality products, this is the kind of design you want to be looking at.

  19. HTMLBurger
  20. As a web design agency, HTMLBurger takes its job seriously but with a dash of quirk! The moment you look at their business website, you will be put under their spell. The web developers have used flat design and elements to create a fantastic website.

    Animations make the website interactive and interesting, while the layout is simple and intuitive. This web agency’s website design indicates the outstanding quality of work they are capable of and gives the prospective clients a peek at what they are getting into.

  21. Thai Pham
  22. One of the most creative photography portfolio websites, Thai Pham, uses a retro-style website layout that lends an editorial look to the entire website.

    This small business website example is perfect for you if you are into photography portfolios as it only uses photos to convey all that it has to say. No text, no description, just incredible photographs.

  23. La La Land
  24. This boutique website is created by a team of artists. The site uses pops of green and pink with a white background, making the website quirky yet elegant.
    The website focuses sharply on all those colorful products, which is the whole point of creating the website.

    The drop-down menu neatly displays the options in caps for better readability and is also in sync with the bold appeal of the entire brand image.

  25. Studio Neat
  26. Studio Neat is known for its minimalistic product designs. If you have seen their website, you know what I am talking about. The design overall is ‘neat’.

    The web developers have paid great attention to the UI and UX of the website. Hence the website is really user-friendly.

    Products take center stage on the website, and the founders are highlighted subtly right at the end of the home page. You can’t miss it!

  27. Brosa
  28. Sales and discounts need not be tacky! This elegant furniture online store proves it with its muted color palette and high-quality photographs.

    Quite like any other good eCommerce website, Brosa has an extensive menu to help the shoppers find precisely what they are looking for on the website. Additionally, the top bar contains all the important links, including ‘Contact & FAQ,’ ‘Call Us,’ and more.

  29. Silk and Willow
  30. A wedding boutique website, Silk and Willow, creates sustainable and environment-friendly products. The website borrows the rustic and natural colors from its brand identity to truly signify the brand’s values. The rustic feel of the website further syncs visually with the brand’s sustainability efforts.

How to make a small business website?

Now that you have seen these fantastic business website examples, I am sure you are as excited as we are about making a business website – the no-code way!

For a long time, creating websites was restricted to companies with big budgets. However, with the no-code website builder from Appy Pie, anyone can create a website in minutes without learning to code.

Here is how you can make a small business website in three simple steps:

  1. Enter the name of your business
  2. Once you have a name for your website, choose the category, color theme, and layout of your website.

  3. Choose the features for your business website
  4. Drag and drop the features best suited for your business niche. Tweak the design of your website to suit your brand and clientele.

  5. Launch your small business website
  6. Once you are happy with your website design, connect it with your domain, and you are ready to go live!

Did you like any of the business website examples I listed above! Well, I think they’re all rad. Would you like to share a startup website example you loved? The comments section is all yours!

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