How to Integrate Microsoft Teams With GSuite Software?

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Appy Pie - An Integration of Google Calendar & Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a part of the Office 365 suite of applications and is an excellent software. It is very popular and its adoption has increased tenfold throughout 2020 with more organizations opting for Microsoft Teams every day.

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Teams is used as a communication and collaboration platform that allows team members of an organization to communicate, plan, chat, conduct video meetings, file storage, and integrate multiple applications and software. Collaboration software like Microsoft Teams have become more popular in recent years. The reason for this explosion in their popularity is the ability they provide users to integrate other software in the form of widgets. With the help of the widget format, you can add and integrate various software that your team uses and then use them from within Teams for various business processes through a single interface. Despite its usability, Teams has a bunch of drawbacks -

  • Limited Integrations
  • Unlike Slack, Microsoft Teams has a limited number of integrations. Slack allows users near-limitless integration and introduces new software every day. Since Teams is a part of the Office 365 suite, Microsoft promotes its own software more.

  • A Difficult Interface
  • A collaboration software is bound to have a difficult interface but Teams is a massive culprit of an overwhelming UI design that has a significant learning curve.

  • Lack of Support for Google Suite
  • Almost every organization currently uses GSuite for many of its online needs. It is important for a collaboration software to take this into consideration. But since Office 365 directly competes with GSuite, Teams does not provide a direct way to integrate Google products with it. There are workarounds but they are rudimentary at best.
However, what if we told you that you could use both the GSuite and Teams together? What if we told you we could help you make Teams more flexible? And on top of that, what if we told you that you could do it through a visual workflow?It is not far fetched at all. You can do it through a workflow automation software. A workflow automation tool provides you with the ability to create a simple visual workflow that you can use to integrate any software. To understand more about workflow automation, you can read our blog explaining the working of automation software. Appy Pie provides its own workflow automation software in the form of Appy Pie Connect. To explain how you can integrate and automate Teams and the GSuite, we’ve taken the example of a single workflow first. One of the most wanted integrations for Microsoft Teams is the Google Calendar.

How to Integrate Microsoft Teams+Google Calendar

Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar integration is sought after by a lot of professionals. To integrate Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar, you must first sign up to Appy Pie Connect. You can then follow the step-by-step guide given in the infographic below to integrate the two.An Integration of Google Calendar & Microsoft Teams - Appy PieOnce you connect Google Calendar, it will automatically be shared with all your team members over on Teams. Any change you make to the calendar through your Google Account will be reflected on Teams enhancing work efficiency and streamlining processes. Your team members can check your calendar without needing to log in to their Google Accounts directly through Teams.Connect Microsoft Teams+Google Calendar

Other GSuite Software

The integration workflow given above can be created for more products of the Google Suite. Here is a list of all the Google products that can be integrated with Microsoft Teams using Appy Pie Connect:

  • Microsoft Teams + Google Groups
  • If you work through both Google Groups and Microsoft Teams or are moving from one platform to the other, this integration can help ease the transfer of data between both the platforms.

  • Microsoft Teams + Google Drive
  • Integrating Google Drive with Microsoft Teams allows sharing important documents, folders, files, etc through Google’s Cloud. This simple integration can make data transfer secure and easier.

  • Microsoft Teams + Google Sheets
  • Load your sheets directly onto Microsoft Teams and have your team members access sheets without needing Google permissions.

  • Microsoft Teams + Google Forms
  • Create, edit, and share forms using Google Forms’ simplistic interface and load it onto your Teams through triggers to have your team members work on it.

  • Microsoft Teams + Google Docs
  • Share documents to your team members by simply creating a visual workflow. Let your teams have direct access to docs that help their processes.

  • Microsoft Teams + Google Tasks
  • If you’re already using Google Tasks for your task management, you don’t need to buy another task management software. Simply connect and boom! Your team tasks now load onto your Microsoft Teams directly.

  • Microsoft Teams + Google CloudPrint
  • Cloudprint can also be integrated with Microsoft Teams to provide a seamless printing experience for you and your team members.


Integration with Microsoft Teams will only make your experience with Teams better. There are non-Google software too that can be added to Microsoft Teams. We’ll make a separate blog for them in the near future. Apart from the ones mentioned above, we’re going to add more integrations for the GSuite Teams. Suggest us the integration that you want and if enough people do, we will add it to Connect. Do remember, Teams isn’t the only collaboration platform out there. We provide similar integration abilities with Slack too. Check out our blog on the best Slack integrations you can add with Appy Pie Connect. Leave us a comment if you’d like to see more Microsoft Teams integrations from Appy Pie Connect.

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