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Trello vs Asana: which is better? [Top Asana & Trello integrations]

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Project management as an activity is of critical importance for any organization to find any success. Trello and Asana are two of the most popular project management apps and most organizations choose one or the other. Have you made your choice yet?

If you are struggling to make a choice between Trello vs. Asana to decide the best project management software for your business, this is the right place for you to land upon. Of course there are clear differences between the two and we will be talking about it later in the post. However, it is possible to have the best of both worlds by creating automated workflows between the two through Asana Trello integrations on Appy Pie Connect.


As a bystander, it is easy to assume that both the project management applications Trello and Asana do the same thing in the same way. But a seasoned user would know that though they do the same thing, they do it in entirely different ways. Trello is a tool based on Kanban methodology whereas Asana is a traditional app and is better suited for team projects.

Asana is particularly designed to make team-based work more productive. The platform lets several or all teams from across the organization collaborate on projects. Asana is a cloud-based platform with a reliable solution for businesses that want to simplify their management processes.

Trello is yet another popular team collaboration or project management tool known especially for being easy to use. It is based on the Kanban method which is an arrangement of columns and cards where columns represent milestones and cards represent tasks. You can break the app down into three sections - boards, lists, and cards. Boards are projects made of a series of lists. Lists are the categories within your project. And cards are the tasks or things you need to do in your project.

Significance of Project Management Tools in Organizations

Project management tools play a crucial role in organizations by helping to plan, organize, execute, and track projects. Here are some of the key Benefits of Project Management Tools:

  • Better organization and collaboration: Project management tools help teams to organize tasks, assign responsibilities, and collaborate effectively. This leads to better coordination, less confusion, and faster project completion.
  • Improved communication: Project management tools allow team members to communicate and share information easily, which reduces the chances of miscommunication and helps to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Greater efficiency: Project management tools automate many routine tasks, such as scheduling and reporting, which reduces the amount of time and effort required to manage projects. This enables teams to work more efficiently and complete projects faster.
  • Enhanced transparency: Project management tools provide visibility into project progress, timelines, and budgets, which helps managers to identify issues early and take corrective action as needed.
  • Better decision-making: Project management tools provide real-time data and insights, which helps managers to make informed decisions and adjust project plans as needed.

Trello vs. Asana - A comparison

Above, we have discussed a little about both the apps and how similar they are in their intent. But, we have also mentioned how differently they work to achieve the project goals. Let’s discuss these points in detail now.

  1. Team management
  2. Like we discussed earlier, Asana is better equipped to meet the requirements of a team. All Asana users can assign tasks to individual members as per their needs. Another convenient feature is that all the tasks from different projects are automatically placed in one place.

    On Trello, however, it is impossible to assign tasks to individual people. On this platform, tasks have "Members" that are tagged and notified about progress making the entire process a lot more cumbersome.

  3. Templates
  4. On Asana, you can access a large template library. Each template on the app comes with a basic setup, pre-set automation workflows, and a list of recommended app integrations.

    Trello too has a large template library, but each of these templates offers the same basic setup with variation in headers.

  5. Free Features
  6. The free features on Asana are just about OK, but do not quite match up to Trello. It gives you a decent number of project views, but on the other hand, you'll have to upgrade for things like automated workflows and is limited to only 15 users.

    Trello, on the other hand, has only Kanban with 10 boards maximum, but it gives you access to automation and unlimited power-ups.

  7. Project views
  8. Asana free plan gives you Kanban, Calendar, and Table views. However, the timeline view or Gantt chart is only available in the paid plans.

    Trello only gives you Kanban view in the free and standard plans. The premium and enterprise plans offer multiple views including the Calendar, Timeline (Gantt chart), Table, Map, and Dashboard views.

Top Trello integrations

  • Integrate Trello with Shopify so that whenever you add a new comment to a Trello card, an existing order is automatically updated on Shopify.
  • Connect Trello with Deskpro so that whenever you move a Card to a Trello List within the same board, a new note is automatically added to an existing ticket.
  • Establish a workflow between Trello and ClickUp so that whenever you archive a Trello card, an existing task on ClickUp is automatically updated.
  • Build an integration between Trello and SharePoint so that whenever you create a new list on SharePoint, a new or existing checklist is created automatically on Trello.
  • Integrate Trello with Microsoft Teams so that whenever you add a new list on Trello, a new message is automatically posted on a Microsoft Teams channel of your choice.
  • Connect Trello with Zoho CRM so that whenever you add a new attachment on board, list or card in Trello, an attachment is added automatically to the selected Module entry on Zoho CRM.
  • Establish a workflow between Trello and Discord so that whenever you add a new board on Trello, a new channel is automatically added to a specific category of your choice on Discord.
  • Build an integration between Trello and Xero so that whenever a Card is moved to a Trello List within the same board, a new quote draft is created automatically on Xero.
  • Integrate Trello with Etsy so that whenever you update a Trello card, your Etsy shop details are automatically updated.
  • Connect Trello with Notion so that whenever you add a new board in your Trello account, a database item is automatically created in Notion.

Top Asana integrations

  • Integrate Asana with OneNote so that whenever you add a new Asana project, a new note is created automatically in the "Quick Notes" section of your default notebook.
  • Connect Asana with Azure DevOps so that whenever you add a new story in Asana, a new work is automatically created on Azure DevOps.
  • Establish a workflow between Tick Tick and Asana so that whenever you add a new subtask to Asana, a corresponding new task is automatically created in Tick Tick.
  • Build an integration between Asana and Microsoft To-Do so that whenever you create a new tag on Asana, a new list is automatically created on Microsoft To-Do.
  • Integrate Asana with Gmail so that whenever you add a new task to an Asana project, a new email message is drafted automatically on your Gmail account.
  • Connect Google Docs with Asana so that whenever you add a new document in any folder on Google Docs, a new project is created automatically on Asana.
  • Establish a workflow between Asana and QuickBooks Online so that whenever you create a new tag on Asana, a new invoice is created automatically on QuickBooks Online.
  • Build an integration between SharePoint with Asana so that whenever you add a new item line in a SharePoint list, a new task is added automatically on Asana.
  • Integrate Adobe Sign with Asana so that whenever you add a new project on Asana, an agreement is automatically created on Adobe Sign and sent out for signatures.
  • Connect DocuSign with Asana so that whenever you mark any task in Asana as completed, a signature request is created automatically on DocuSign.


In the post above we have discussed how Trello and Asana can help you organize your projects better and manage all tasks, big and small related to the project at hand. It is clear that both apps have their own distinct ways of working and helping you complete your project successfully.

This is why when you make the final choice between Asana vs. Trello, it will depend heavily on your preferences and unique requirements. However, one great thing is that you can go for relevant Trello integrations, Asana integrations, and integrations between Asana and Trello using Appy Pie Connect - the best no-code workflow automation platform.

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