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11 of the Most Useful Twitter Bots You Can Follow

Neeraj Shukla
By Neeraj Shukla | October 30, 2023 3:28 pm

Twitter is a micro-blogging social network that caters to a diverse user base, from regular folks to movie stars and even presidents. It consistently ranks among the top ten websites globally and handles a staggering volume of tweets, re-tweets, direct messages, and various interactions each day. These bots can be programmed to carry out actions such as posting pre-scheduled tweets, following random users, and engaging in other automated activities. While they may not be flesh-and-blood users, Twitter Bots are an integral part of the Twitter ecosystem, contributing to the platform’s dynamics in numerous ways.

Here are 15 of the best most useful Twitter Bots you can follow now:

  1. Thread Reader App (@threadreaderapp)
  2. Pikaso (@pikaso_me)
  3. DearAssistant (@DearAssistant)
  4. Remind Me Of This (@RemindMe_OfThis)
  5. Colorize_Bot (@colorize_bot)
  6. Emoji Mashup Bot+ (@emojimashupbot)
  7. DeepQuestionBot (@DeepQuestionBot)
  8. Quoted Replies (@quotedreplies)
  9. Translator Bot (@translatorbot)
  10. MetaculusAlert (@MetaculusAlert)
  11. Hashtagify Bot (@hashtagify)

Thread Reader App (@threadreaderapp)

In the fast-paced world of Twitter, where knowledge, stories, and insights flow ceaselessly, the Thread Reader App stands as a valuable companion, ready to enrich your Twitter experience. This dedicated Twitter bot is designed with a singular mission: to transform the way you consume and engage with Twitter threads.

The core function of Thread Reader App is elegant in its simplicity and powerful in its impact. It takes the often lengthy and fragmented Twitter threads and metamorphoses them into a format that is not only more readable but also incredibly convenient. When you encounter a Twitter thread that piques your interest, mention @threadreaderapp followed by the “unroll” keyword. In response, this bot weaves the individual tweets into a cohesive and easily digestible blog-style layout.

Thread Reader App is a must-follow for Twitter enthusiasts, offering an invaluable service for those who seek insightful analyses, informative guides, or riveting stories. It simplifies the often chaotic and fragmented nature of Twitter threads, making the platform an even more potent source of knowledge and entertainment.

Whether you’re a curious learner, a dedicated researcher, or a storytelling enthusiast, the Thread Reader App is your trusted companion in the Twitterverse. It takes the complexities of the platform and transforms them into an organized and accessible library of wisdom and tales. It’s the key to a more enriching and streamlined Twitter journey, where every thread is an opportunity to unravel the secrets and stories of the digital age

Pikaso (@pikaso_me)

In the world of Twitter, where ideas and expressions abound, Pikaso emerges as a remarkable artist in visual storytelling. This exceptional Twitter bot specializes in adding a touch of visual splendor to your tweets, transforming them into captivating images that stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

The magic of Pikaso lies in its ability to craft high-quality images that capture the essence of your tweets and their accompanying replies. It’s not just about text; it’s about creating an engaging and memorable visual experience. Your tweets become more than words; they become striking visual content.

What sets Pikaso apart is its commitment to customization. With this bot, you wield the power to tailor your tweet images to your liking. Want to add borders to frame your content elegantly? You can. Desire to overlay text that emphasizes your message or adds context? You have that ability. Looking to include watermarks for brand identity or artistic flair? Pikaso has you covered.

With Pikaso, your tweets become more than just words on a screen. They become pieces of digital art, ready to captivate your audience. Whether you’re striving to make your tweets stand out in the fast-scrolling Twitter feed, seeking to emphasize key messages, or simply aiming to create visually stunning content, Pikaso is the ideal tool in your creative arsenal. It elevates the presentation of tweets, making them more shareable, memorable, and visually striking.

With Pikaso, every tweet becomes a canvas, and your ideas transform into digital masterpieces. It’s the gateway to a more visually appealing and engaging Twitter experience, ensuring that your messages resonate not only through words but also through artistry.

DearAssistant (@DearAssistant)

In the bustling realm of Twitter, the quest for knowledge and quick answers finds a steadfast companion in DearAssistant. This virtual helper stands ready to provide swift and precise responses to your questions, making it a valuable addition to your Twitter experience.

Powered by the formidable capabilities of Google Search, DearAssistant excels in fetching information across a diverse spectrum of topics. Whether your quest is to decode a foreign phrase, grasp the meaning of a complex term, or simply satisfy your curiosity about a wide array of subjects, this bot simplifies the process of finding answers. The information you seek is just a tweet away.

The magic lies in the bot’s ability to provide you with timely and relevant responses, ensuring that your thirst for knowledge is consistently quenched. Whether you’re on a quest for information, looking to overcome language barriers, or simply need a quick answer, DearAssistant has you covered. It’s the epitome of efficiency, offering a seamless and rapid information retrieval experience.

With DearAssistant as your trusted companion on Twitter, you’re never far from the answers you seek. This virtual helper transforms your tweets into a gateway to the vast world of information, making your Twitter journey not just insightful but also incredibly efficient. When in doubt, turn to DearAssistant for fast and reliable knowledge at your fingertips.

Remind Me Of This (@RemindMe_OfThis)

In the whirlwind of tweets and trending topics, RemindMe_OfThis emerges as your personal Twitter assistant, equipped with the power of time. With a busy Twitter feed, important tweets and upcoming events can easily slip through the cracks. This is where your trusty reminder assistant steps in, ensuring you never miss a beat in the fast-paced world of Twitter.

The premise is simple yet incredibly practical: RemindMe_OfThis allows you to set reminders for tweets, marking them for future revisits at a specific time and date. Whether it’s a breaking news update, an event announcement, or simply a tweet you want to explore further, this bot has your back. The days of forgetting important Twitter content are over.

Customization is the key, as this bot lets you set time zones and choose notification methods that align with your preferences. It’s all about making your Twitter experience not just informative but also organized and stress-free. So, when you stumble upon a tweet that deserves a second look or a tweet that’s a sneak peek into an event you can’t miss, RemindMe_OfThis ensures you’re on top of it all.

With this reminder assistant as your Twitter ally, you’re in control of time, ensuring that what’s important to you on Twitter remains precisely where it should be – front and center. Stay organized, stay informed, and never forget a tweet with RemindMe_OfThis by your side.

Colorize_Bot (@colorize_bot)

In the ever-evolving world of Twitter, where visuals speak volumes, Colorize_Bot emerges as a transformative artist, breathing life into the past. If you have a penchant for history, an appreciation for the classics, or a fascination with the bygone era, this Twitter bot is your artistic time machine.

Colorize_Bot’s specialty lies in the meticulous art of adding vibrant colors to black and white or monochromatic photos, ushering in a vivid and contemporary perspective to historical images. Employing advanced techniques, this bot painstakingly applies hues to photos, resulting in awe-inspiring transformations that reignite memories and make history infinitely more relatable.

For history enthusiasts and those who want to experience the past through a modern lens, Colorize_Bot is nothing short of spectacular. Its creations are not mere photos but portals to a bygone world that now shines in color. Whether you’re a history buff, an art aficionado, or simply someone who revels in the magic of the past, this bot will delight your senses and transport you through time with its breathtaking renderings. Witness history spring to life in vibrant hues, one tweet at a time, as Colorize_Bot paints the canvas of the past with the palette of the present.

Emoji Mashup Bot+ (@emojimashupbot)

In the realm of Twitter, where brevity meets creativity, Emoji Mashup Bot+ steps onto the stage, offering a delightful twist to your tweets. If you’re in search of a way to infuse your Twitter feed with humor, expressiveness, and a touch of the unexpected, this bot is your perfect companion.

Emoji Mashup Bot+ specializes in the art of emoji fusion, effortlessly combining two or more existing emojis to craft entirely new, unique, and often whimsical emoji creations. With a vast library of emojis at its disposal, this bot’s possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

The results are nothing short of entertaining, ensuring your tweets stand out from the crowd. These emoji concoctions are capable of bringing a smile to your followers’ faces, fostering engagement, and adding that touch of lightheartedness Twitter sometimes craves. Whether you’re sharing a joke, expressing your unique perspective, or simply looking to brighten someone’s day, Emoji Mashup Bot+ is your ticket to an exciting, emoji-infused Twitter adventure. So, add a dash of creativity to your tweets and watch the emojis come alive with this delightful bot by your side.

Emoji Mashup Bot+ (@emojimashupbot)

In the ever-scrolling landscape of Twitter, where brevity reigns supreme, DeepQuestionBot emerges as a beacon of intellectual inquiry and introspective dialogue. This thought-provoking bot is on a mission to spark profound conversations and stimulate your mind with a series of deep, often philosophical questions.

As you peruse your Twitter feed, DeepQuestionBot’s inquiries serve as poignant conversation starters, inviting you to ponder life’s mysteries and explore the depths of human existence. Whether you’re in search of a moment of introspection, a topic to engage your followers, or a spark to ignite meaningful discussions, DeepQuestionBot offers a treasure trove of thought-provoking queries.

With its contemplative questions, this bot enriches your Twitter experience, encouraging reflection and discourse on the profound ideas that shape our world. So, follow DeepQuestionBot and infuse your feed with the wisdom of age-old inquiries, for Twitter, too, can be a platform for profound reflection and meaningful engagement.

Quoted Replies (@quotedreplies)

In the dynamic realm of Twitter conversations, Quoted Replies stands out as an essential Twitter bot, simplifying the art of quoting and referencing tweets. This invaluable tool streamlines the process of quoting tweets, making it effortless to share and engage with content from fellow users on the platform.

To harness the quoting power of Quoted Replies, reply to the tweet you wish to quote, and include @QuotedReplies along with a specific keyword. In response, this bot weaves your quoted tweet seamlessly into a thread, complete with your added commentary. This cleverly structured thread ensures that discussions remain organized, contexts are provided, and tweets are referenced coherently.

Whether you’re an active participant in Twitter dialogues, a content curator, or simply wish to maintain well-organized conversations, Quoted Replies is your trusted companion. Elevate your Twitter interactions, share insights, and contribute meaningfully to the platform’s engaging discourse with the efficiency and clarity offered by Quoted Replies.

Translator Bot (@translatorbot)

In a globally connected world where language can be a barrier, Translator Bot comes to the rescue. This Twitter bot is your linguistic ally, dedicated to breaking down language barriers and making communication across borders seamless.

Follow @translatorbot and discover a versatile tool for translation on Twitter. Simply mention the bot along with the text you want to translate and the target language. Translator Bot will swiftly respond with the translated text, helping you understand and be understood by a broader audience.

Whether you’re a traveler looking to navigate foreign lands, a language enthusiast expanding your skills, or a global citizen connecting with people from diverse backgrounds, Translator Bot is an essential addition to your Twitter toolkit. Say goodbye to language hurdles and embrace effective cross-cultural communication with Translator Bot by your side.

MetaculusAlert (@MetaculusAlert)

MetaculusAlert is a dedicated Twitter bot tailored for forecasting enthusiasts. It specializes in keeping you informed about the latest and most compelling forecasting questions on the Metaculus platform. Metaculus itself is a dynamic forecasting platform where users can engage in predicting future events and trends. MetaculusAlert’s mission is to highlight the most intriguing and significant questions, ensuring that you stay updated on the pulse of forecasting.

By following this bot, you gain access to a curated selection of questions that pique curiosity and prompt informed predictions. Whether you’re interested in technology trends, geopolitical events, scientific breakthroughs, or societal shifts, MetaculusAlert offers a window into the world of forecasting. Join the forecasting community, follow the questions that captivate your interest, and sharpen your prediction skills with the insights provided by MetaculusAlert. It’s an indispensable addition to your Twitter feed if you’re a forecasting aficionado or a curious mind eager to explore the art of prediction.

Hashtagify Bot (@hashtagify)

In the Twitterverse where hashtags reign supreme, Hashtagify Bot emerges as your trusty guide to navigating the vast world of hashtags. This Twitter bot is your go-to resource for uncovering the most pertinent and trending hashtags for your content.

To harness its hashtag-discovering prowess, simply mention @hashtagify in your tweet followed by a keyword. In a flash, this bot will provide you with a curated list of popular and closely related hashtags, tailored to amplify your tweet’s visibility, engagement, and outreach.

Whether you’re aiming to promote your content, join trending conversations, or enhance the discoverability of your tweets, Hashtagify Bot is your ultimate ally. Boost your Twitter presence, extend your reach, and stay ahead of the hashtag game with the valuable hashtag recommendations from Hashtagify Bot. Follow this bot, and watch your tweets take flight in the ever-evolving landscape of Twitter trends.

Create Your Own Telegram Bot with Appy Pie Chatbot

Creating a Telegram bot with Appy Pie Chatbot is a straightforward process. However, we are providing more detailed guidance by breaking down the process into more comprehensive steps:

Step 1: Sign Up for an Appy Pie Chatbot Account

  • Visit the Appy Pie Chatbot website (
  • Sign up for an account by providing your details.

Step 2: Choose Your Bot’s Purpose

  • After logging in, select the purpose for your bot.
  • Choose “Telegram Bot” as your platform.

Step 3: Configure Your Bot

  • Bot Name: Give your bot a unique and memorable name.
  • Select Template: You can either choose a pre-designed template or start from scratch, depending on your bot’s purpose.
  • Chatbot Settings: Configure language, timezone, and create a friendly greeting message.
  • Customize Appearance: Personalize your bot’s appearance by selecting colors, an avatar, and other visual elements.

Step 4: Build Conversations

  • Use Appy Pie Chatbot’s visual builder to design the conversations you want your bot to have with users.
  • Create dialogues, responses, and actions using the user-friendly interface.

Step 5: Integrate with Telegram

  • Obtain your API token for the Telegram bot you’ve created on the Telegram BotFather (
  • In your Appy Pie Chatbot account, go to the “Settings” section and select “Integrations.”
  • Choose “Telegram” and enter the Telegram bot’s API token you obtained earlier.

Step 6: Test Your Bot

  • Before deploying your bot, thoroughly test it to ensure it functions as intended.
  • Use the built-in testing tools provided by Appy Pie Chatbot to simulate user interactions.

Step 7: Deploy Your Bot

  • Once you’re satisfied with your bot’s performance, deploy it by following the deployment instructions provided by Appy Pie Chatbot.
  • Make your bot available to users on Telegram.


The above mentioned Twitter bots offer valuable tools to enhance your Twitter experience. They simplify thread reading, add visual appeal to your tweets, provide quick answers, enable tweet reminders, offer historical context, and infuse humor into your content. Whether you’re a knowledge seeker, content creator, or history enthusiast, these bots streamline various aspects of Twitter interactions, making the platform more efficient and engaging. By following and utilizing these bots, you can unlock new dimensions of engagement and productivity on one of the world’s most popular social networks.

Neeraj Shukla

Content Manager at Appy Pie

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