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Top 15 YouTube Banner Ideas to Make your Channel Look Super-Awesome

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YouTube is one of the most significant worldwide social media websites. It is a video-sharing website with content from family and friends, news outlets, movies, and much more. You can view YouTube videos by searching for what you are interested in or even subscribing to channels for more specific information.

As a result, advertisers spend vast amounts of money on YouTube banner advertisements. If you have an online business that needs advertising on YouTube, these banners might be ideal for your company/brand to promote their product or build traffic to your website.

Ever wondered why your favorite Youtube channels have a banner? What is the role of a youtube banner? How does it help them in increasing the number of subscribers? If you are looking for such answers, you have come across the right blog as it answers all your curious questions.

Everything about YouTube Banner and Best 15 Ideas with Branding Tips

YouTube banner ads are very similar to the other ads you will find on the internet. Banner ads are a form of internet advertising generally rectangular and have an image or animation that links to a specific website. The purpose of banner ads is for web users to click on the advertisement to be directed to another web page. The more clicks you receive, the higher your ad ranking is on Google and other search engines. As a result, YouTube uses these types of banner advertisements to promote their website with companies that pay every time they get clicked upon.

YouTube banner advertisements are made for specific YouTube channels. When you start an account on YouTube, you will be given a separate channel from your email. Your channel will look similar to a blog page and have information about your business or personal life. You can upload videos directly on your YouTube channel and build an audience around yourself/your company. As a result, if you want to promote your product or brand through video, you can start an account on YouTube for free. Regular users who watch videos on the website can subscribe to a channel and hear about new videos as they are uploaded.

When creating YouTube banner advertisements, you can choose the amount of money you would like to spend on your ad. The general rule of thumb is that the higher the quality and duration of your video, the more people will click on it and thus, watch your entire video. You can choose from various sizes between 25 and 300 pixels wide. The size is essential to use if your video is too broad; only a few people will be able to view it or play it because banners are not full screen. As a result, you want to ensure that your video will be viewable. You should also find a banner ad size that only takes up a little vertical space on the screen for company websites or blog posts.

YouTube Banner Branding Tips for 2022

It's essential to have a strong brand when you are a youtube content creator. There are many ways to go about this, but the following is a guide to some of the most effective ways to maximize your content and your reach.

How can I make my channel brand stronger:

  • Channel Art: Your branding should flow through every aspect of your youtube page. The first impression people get when they land on one of your videos is an image or logo in the top left corner, otherwise known as Channel Art. You might want to consider using backgrounds and patterns that match other parts of your branding in front to stand out from what you’re trying to portray.

  • Video Titles: Using simple and catchy titles is arguably one of the most effective ways to make strong your branding there are a few tips and tricks you can use to increase your chances of success.

  • Keep it Short: You don't want to lose viewers because they're scrolling past your video title. On the other hand, you want people to pay attention to what you're saying and immediately want to turn on their screen, so try a maximum of one or two words, but no more than that.

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in the World

With YouTube being the second most visited website on the Internet, it’s no surprise that a lot of the most popular channels on YouTube are music, education, live chat shows, Art, and Tourism, and the number is uncountable. Have a look at the YouTube Channels which are popular among the people with the Utmost Number of likes, subscribes and Comments:

The Ellen Show

The Ellen Show is an American Daytime Television variety comedy talk show with a YouTube Channel that runs under the same name. With 38 Million subscribers on its channel, it has become quite popular.

The Ellen Show Youtube Channel

If you notice their YouTube Channel Banner, you will notice that the banner has been kept simple, and the banner also reflects the mood of the channel. It is essential to display the type of content your channel has with the help of the banner. For example, as a comedy show, the vibes of the show are portrayed in a fun way by using vibrant colors and adding an animated picture of the host. Channels of a similar genre can take inspiration from the banner and design cool youtube banners.


Versace is the most popular name when we discuss luxury fashion brands. With a platform of 4.5 Million subscribers, it has managed to get a good following in a community that is dominated by fashion vloggers on youtube. The channel uploads videos related to fashion, upcoming shows, and collections.

Versace Youtube Channel

Their YouTube Banner carries the brand logo and brand name which helps in the marketing of their brand even with the help of YouTube. Mentioning the dates of the upcoming show or event can make the audience aware. Including some minor details can help in the marketing and branding of the company which also runs a youtube channel.

NYX Professional Makeup

NYX professional makeup is a brand that sells beauty and makeup products. Their youtube channel has about 1.5 lac subscribers and counting. The channel invites over makeup artists and uploads videos of them experimenting with makeup.

NYX Professional Makeup: Youtube Channel

They have utilized the entire YouTube Banner Size to describe their brand. The images attached are of high quality clicked by professionals. A sectioned layout is used and put in the youtube banner by dividing the banner into sections. Changing their youtube banners and creating new banners as per the makeup trend and keeping their audience aware has helped them in surviving another dominated industry.


Lego is a line of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by the Lego Group. Their youtube channel goes by the name Lego and has earned around 1.51 cr subscribers so far. This channel uploads regular videos introducing their new toy in the form of animation.Lego: Youtube ChannelThe banner of Lego matches the kid-friendly nature of their content as this channel is mostly preferred by kids. They have used an asymmetrical layout which makes the banner look more playful and attractive. Placing the title on one side of the banner and putting their toy characters in random positions. Mentioning an important event (anniversary) in the banner also creates awareness about the brand and its business over the years.

Big Think

Big Think is a leading source of expert-driven educational content. The channel has a huge number of subscribers which counts to 4.2 Million. The channel uploads regular informative videos on different topics.

Big Think YouTube Channel

YouTube Banner Template of Big Think is customized by the Youtuber. The use of Einstein's image with powerful text is the format of their banner. The quality of the banner gets better every time. They created a banner that can be repurposed again and again. Powerful words with an equally powerful image can also make a good banner. Their banner is an example of how we can keep things simple and still make a decent banner out of it.


This channel is for people who love to eat. This channel uploads recipes, food science education, and easy-to-cook recipes. With a number of 4.4 Million subscribers, this channel is a hit.

Epicurious Youtube Channel

When it comes to the banner, it offers a window to the viewers into what they can expect from their channel as it is a food channel and uses the picture of food in its banner to make it easy for its viewers to understand. They have also used a big and readable font that says the name of the channel as it makes the name retainable as well.


It is the world's largest travel platform, providing assistance to millions of people every month to take their dream trips. Their youtube channel has about 20k subscribers.

Trip Advisor Youtube Channel

The youtube banner of this channel is very creative and out of the box.No, one would have thought that a simple red bag can be used in such a unique way. Make sure your banners get the attention of your viewer and make them appreciate them.

Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris's YouTube is a reflection of its brand. The industry always follows simple and creative banner ideas to engage the audience smartly. She tries to include only two pieces of information in her banner: name and date of post.

Jillian Harris Youtube Channel

And, information like this makes her banner stand out in the crowd. Jillian is also quite popular on other social network platforms, the majority of her audience knows everything about her style and taste in the content.

Alphonso Dunn

Alphonso Dunn is an individual who runs the channel. He is an artist and an art teacher who uploads videos related to art and teaches the viewers art at the ease of their home. His channel has about 806k subscribers.

Alphonso Dunn YouTube Channel

His banner includes some designs that he created, his name, logo, and links to his books. He has also mentioned his socials in the banner which makes it easy for the subscriber to find them on various other media platforms. He tried to create an aesthetic youtube banner and did a great job.

Learn with Shopify

Shopify YouTube Channel

Shopify knows that building a brand's online credibility is not a cup of tea. Therefore, a platform offers a diversion of branding content ideas to business owners like you to market the brand value. Shopify’s banner creation idea is straightforward and draws the attention of the audience to reach the channel’s goal.


Target is a retail brand that also owns a youtube channel under the same name. It has about 594k Subscribers on its channel. They keep the audience engaged by uploading regular videos on diverse topics.

Target Youtube Channel

The youtube banner of Target has to be a simple yet catchy one. Target has used its logo differently in the banner. The banner is in coordination with the logo. Matching the size of the logo in the profile picture with the youtube channel banner size shows the creative approach of the creator.

Justin Brown-Primal Video

This channel helps businesses in growing their business with the help of video content. This channel has about 1 Million subscribers.

Justin Brown-Primal Video

The Youtube Banner of this channel can teach you how to make a well-arranged and descriptive banner. The banner describes the channel to the viewers by writing down the purpose of the channel. This again helps the audience in getting insights into the channel first. Using a background image that describes the theme of your channel also adds up to make a good banner.

Winding Up

YouTube Banner is more than just an image sitting on the top of a youtube channel. It provides the audience with a sneak peek preview of the channel. YouTube Banners have a significant role in the marketing of a channel. Visual Branding is a new trend that is significant for catching the eye of the visiting audience and turning them into subscribers. We believe that we have covered every possible step for your reference.

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