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How to Design a Flyer for Your Business in 2022 [A 7-Step Guide]

Abhinav Girdhar
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Flyers are commonplace. All of us have received a flyer on our doorstep or our email. Flyers are usually brightly colored, eye-grabbing, and have sharp designs that attract people’s attention towards them. To design your own flyer, you must begin with what attracts your attention. Many companies have a wrong approach to flyer design and flyers end up in the nearest bin/recycle bin without completing their intended motive. To ensure that your flyers actually make an impact, you must design them properly. In our guide below, you will find out a step-by-step approach to how to design a flyer for your business. The guide covers all aspects of flyer design from conceptualization to deployment. However, before we jump into it, here is a brief overview of why you should design flyers for your business. How to Design the Perfect Flyer for your Small Business - Appy PieNow that you know why you should design flyers for your business, it is time to move on to the process of designing a flyer for your business. To simplify, we’ve divided the flyer design process into 7 steps.

  1. Create a Strategy
  2. Jumping straight into flyer design seems like a good idea, but for your flyer to be effective, you need to have a defined strategy for its deployment. This process begins with knowing why you want to create this flyer. Is the flyer meant to be for a new product, a new marketing scheme, or is it an informational flyer? Once the ‘why’ is clear, you can move on to deciding ‘how’ the flyer will play its role. Flyers are usually a targeted, low-cost marketing tool. They are effective for small local businesses and work better if distributed locally to their target audiences. Flyers can succeed only when they provide something of value to the audience. Deciding the target audience comes next. Are you trying to acquire new customers? Are you trying to win back old ones? Each demographic has different preferences and different approaches to your business. These three factors (why, how, and to whom) will decide the eventual designs of your flyer. However, it is still too early to jump into design. The next important step is to create the key message that will go into your flyer. Your flyer is supposed to send a clear message to your audience and drive them to a desired ‘action’. For example, if your flyer declares discounts at your store, it is incentivizing readers to buy from your store.

  3. Create/Find Your Design Idea
  4. The second step in your flyer design journey is to conceptualize your design. Start by thinking about how you want your flyer to look. Note down every idea that comes to your mind on a sheet of paper. The current trends in digital design for 2021 might help you in finding the right flyer design ideas. Look at how your competitors create flyers and use their creations as a sample flyer template for yourself. Search across the internet for various flyer ideas for a business and various other flyer templates. Depending on which industry you are in, your flyer must follow a different design philosophy.Appy Pie’s Flyer Maker has a library of online flyer templates, which you can check out. An example has been given below.How to Design a Flyer for Your Business - Appy Pie

  5. Create a Library of Samples
  6. Once you have an idea of how your flyer will look, it's time to start creating sample flyers. Experiment with your designs with as many colors, orientations, and copy as you want. If you’re looking for colorful ideas, our blog on 20 unique color combinations for designing might help you out. Flyers don’t need to be limited to a size or shape either. Experiment as much as you can with your designs and create multiple samples of your flyer. Doing this will allow you to have a larger variety of options before you begin printing your flyers. It also gives you more freedom to choose the flyer you feel is the most effective for your business.

  7. Match the Design to Your Business
  8. Creating a sample flyer is one thing but choosing your final one is another. Ensure that the final flyer design you choose matches your business and meets your marketing requirements. Your flyer will reflect your brand once it is out among your audience. Your flyer must be a perfect representation of your brand. Evaluate each design properly. Here is a set of questions that your chosen design should answer:
    • Is the design easy-to-understand?
    • Does it contain all the information you want to convey?
    • Does it look attractive?
    • Does it look attractive?

  9. Choose a Flyer Making Software
  10. Simply having a good design isn’t enough. You must make a printable digital copy of your flyers. To do that, you must create a digital version of your flyer that looks exactly like the design you’ve chosen. What you need is a dedicated flyer making software. Tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc can also be used to design flyers. However, these tools require you to have actual design skills and compel you to create everything from scratch. A dedicated flyer making software, on the other hand, is simple to use. Appy Pie provides a dedicated flyer maker tool that you can use to create flyers for your business. What sets Appy Pie Flyer Maker tool apart is its unique template-based interface that makes designing a flyer easier than ever. Appy Pie provides a library of flyer templates that help you design beautiful flyers. It also allows you to customize your flyers as you see fit giving you complete control over your flyer designs.How to Design a Flyers for Your Business - Appy PieTo create a flyer with Appy Pie Flyer Maker, all you need to do is choose your template, add your copy, tweak your design and colors, and save your copy in a relevant format. Check it Out!

  11. Review Your Flyers
  12. Once a digital copy of your flyers is ready, the next step is to review them. Print a few copies for your flyers and review them thoroughly. Ensure that colors look crisp, the text is readable and the design ideas you implemented look good on paper. If they don’t look good on paper, do not hesitate to go back to the drawing board. This is where creating multiple design samples help out. Having more than a single final design helps you gauge which flyer looks the best in real life. Your brand reputation is more important than the deadline for your flyers. So take your time to finalize one.

  13. Distribute Your Flyers
  14. Depending on the number of people you want to reach, choose the number of flyer copies you wish to print. Don’t print more copies than you need since flyers are usually meant for a time-sensitive objective and need to be distributed as soon as possible. It is unlikely that you will be able to reuse your flyers. You can even distribute your flyers online to get the most possible mileage out of them. However, online distribution is a topic for another time. Stay tuned to Appy Pie and sign up for our newsletter!


That is how you can design a flyer for your business in 2021. The success of your flyer will depend on the strategy you have chosen for it. Ensure that you research your audience well. Good luck with your flyers!

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