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Top 8 Best AI Meme Generator Software in 2023

By Saumya | Last Updated on April 19th, 2024 11:58 am

In the vast world of the internet, if there's one phenomenon that has remained consistently popular over the years, it's memes. Memes, those often humorous images, videos, and texts that get shared, modified, and spread rapidly online, have become a significant part of our digital culture. For those wondering what are memes or looking for the best meme generator, they are essentially pieces of content that capture a cultural or social idea, often with a comedic twist.

As memes have grown in popularity, so has the desire to make your own meme. However, the meme-making process isn’t always straightforward. This raises questions like how to make a meme, how to make memes that resonate with the audience, or how to create a meme that stands out in a sea of digital content. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, especially AI, meme creation has become a breeze. In 2023, the best meme generator software harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help users create impactful and hilarious content. Let's explore some of the top contenders in this space.

Top 8 AI Meme Generators

Navigating the expansive digital landscape, the best meme generator software for 2023 stands out. Highlighting the best free meme maker and best AI meme maker, the industry has seen a surge in AI-driven meme generators. Top meme makers with AI technology, such as AI meme creator software and AI meme maker comparison 2023, offer advanced meme creation tools using AI. These AI-based meme creation tools rank prominently among the myriad AI meme generator tools available.

Here is the list of the top meme creators of 2023:

  1. Appy Pie’s AI Meme Generator
  2. In the realm of meme creation, Appy Pie's AI-based online meme generator stands out as a versatile tool among the top AI meme makers. This free platform empowers users to insert their prompts and convert them into memes in a variety of formats, including GIF, PNG, and JPG. Appy Pie's Meme Generator has gained recognition as the best meme maker due to its robust features and user-friendly approach. Its intuitive design interface, featuring a drag-and-drop editor, ensures a seamless meme-making experience, allowing even novice users to transform their ideas into compelling visual content.

    Key Features:
    • Prompt to Meme Transformation: Turn your ideas into memes seamlessly by inserting prompts. Appy Pie's AI technology converts your concepts into creative visual content effortlessly.
    • User-Friendly AI-Powered Interface: Appy Pie's AI-driven visual editor simplifies meme creation. Users can quickly select a template and effortlessly transform their prompts into memes.
    • No Imposed Watermark: Unlike many other meme generators, Appy Pie doesn't add any watermarks to your creations, ensuring you have complete ownership of your content.
    • Highly Customizable Templates: Appy Pie offers a wide array of customization options. You can rotate images, add text, and customize your memes to achieve the desired effect.
    • Collaborative Creation: Perfect for teamwork, Appy Pie's collaborative feature allows multiple team members to join forces and create a variety of memes together.
    • Free Access: Appy Pie's AI-based meme generator is accessible to all users, making meme design easy and efficient. Whether you're creating a simple meme or a more intricate design, Appy Pie promises a smooth and satisfying meme creation journey. Insert your prompts and watch them transform into memes with Appy Pie.
  3. Memeto
  4. Memeto shines as one of the premier meme generator apps, excelling in both speed and efficiency. Users have a vast array of resources at their fingertips, including over 1000 stickers, high-quality meme templates, and high-definition images.

    Crafting a standout meme with Memeto is a swift process. The added perk of color-customizable catchy phrases in memes somewhat compensates for the advertisements present in its free version.

    When it comes to meme creation, Memeto is renowned for its speed, simplicity, and zero-cost nature. Its vast assortment of templates and stickers solidifies its position as a top meme generator app.

    Key Features:
    • Rich Resource Library: Boasting HD images, diverse meme templates, and an expansive collection of over 1000 stickers.
    • Personal Gallery Integration:Users have the flexibility to create memes using their gallery photos.
    • No Watermark Restrictions: Memes come out clean with no watermarks.
    • Premium Sticker Collection:The app offers a unique range of high-end stickers.
    • Customizable Text Color:Offers the freedom to modify text colors in memes for enhanced personalization.
  5. GATM Generator
  6. GATM stands out as a top-tier meme generator app, especially for Android users. Its consistent updates make it a reliable choice. You have the flexibility to use the app's collection for meme creation or import your own images. Despite some user feedback, the app is stable and doesn't often crash.

    While GATM Meme Generator undergoes frequent updates, rest assured, its core features remain intact. The software offers a free version with ads, but if you prefer an ad-free experience, you can opt for the pro version.

    Key Features:
    • Personal Image Usage:Create memes using your photos.
    • Vast Template Library:Offers a wide array of editable meme templates.
    • SD Card Storage:Save your memes directly to an SD card.
    • User-Centric Design:The app is designed with the user's convenience in mind.
    • Quick Sharing Tool:Easily share your memes with others.
  7. 9GATG
  8. 9GAG offers a unique platform where meme enthusiasts can connect, share, and engage with a vibrant community. Its user-friendly design and fast performance rank it among the top meme generator apps. Nonetheless, users might experience some delay when uploading GIFs and videos, and downloading high-resolution images can be a challenge.

    9GAG is renowned not just for its speed, but also for the sense of community it fosters. Users can create memes, share them, engage in group discussions, and even rate content from others. One distinct advantage is the increased visibility; memes created on the app can also be featured on the 9GAG website.

    Key Features:
    • Social Media Integration:Memes can be easily shared across various platforms.
    • User-Friendly Interface:Designed for seamless navigation.
    • Engaging Community Chat:Users can interact with fellow meme enthusiasts.
    • Rating System:Users can provide feedback on memes created by others.
    • High-Speed Performance:Efficient and quick operations.
    • Lightweight Design:The app is optimized for rapid loading.
    • Ease of Sharing:Convenient distribution across social media channels.
    • Large Meme Community:Connect with a broad audience of meme lovers.
    • Intuitive Usage:Straightforward and easy to navigate.
  9. Mematic
  10. Mematic is a versatile application available across platforms, designed to create two distinct meme styles. Users can craft memes featuring an image with text set against a black backdrop, commonly seen in demotivational posters. Alternatively, one can utilize the app's templates to produce more conventional memes by adding text.

    Mematic holds its ground when compared to other meme generator apps. It offers a customizable template library, catering especially to iPhone users, marking it as one of the top meme generator apps for that platform.

    Key Features:
    • Diverse Template Collection:Users have access to a range of templates.
    • Mastery in Simplicity:The app specializes in creating straightforward designs.
    • Integration with Personal Gallery:Users can incorporate their own photos into memes.
    • Multi-platform Sharing:Memes can be shared across Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.
    • Intuitive User Interface:Designed for ease of navigation and use.
    • Efficient Search and Sharing Options:Streamlined search and sharing capabilities.
    • Extensive Template Repository:A broad range of templates to choose from.
    • Emphasis on Simple Designs:Focuses on creating uncomplicated meme patterns.
    • Free Version Limitations:The complimentary version might experience occasional lags and limitations.
    • Pro Version Exclusivity:Access to the complete suite of features is reserved for Pro account holders.
  11. Meme Creator
  12. Android users will find the Meme Creator app to be a comprehensive tool for their meme-making needs. The app offers a plethora of fonts and templates to design and customize memes. Moreover, personal images from one's gallery can be seamlessly incorporated into meme creation. Users can also craft engaging comics by amalgamating multiple memes within the application.

    For those who have a penchant for creating comics and GIFs, this app ranks as one of the top meme tools for Android. It not only facilitates the effortless crafting of striking memes, GIFs, and comics but also ensures smooth sharing on various social media platforms.

    Key Features:
    • Extensive Font and Template Collection:The app boasts 20 unique fonts and over 600 meme templates.
    • Gallery Integration:Memes can be crafted using personal gallery images.
    • Customizable Text Options:Users can adjust text font, color, and border thickness.
    • Comic Creation Feature:The app allows for the merging of memes to curate comic stories.
    • Efficient Social Media Sharing:Designs can be rapidly shared across multiple social platforms.
  13. GIF Maker
  14. GIF Maker stands out as a premier meme generator app tailored for iOS devices. The app provides users with a multitude of modification options for memes. Additionally, users can effortlessly transform their photos and videos into GIFs and memes. An added attraction is the feature that allows creation of boomerangs for Instagram, adding an exciting dimension to the app.

    One should note, however, that after an initial three-day trial, the app requires a subscription. On the upside, once subscribed, users can enjoy an ad-free experience. Given the array of features it provides, the pricing is justifiable. It's especially commendable for crafting video memes.

    Key Features:
    • Versatile Creation:Allows the making of GIFs and memes from videos and photographs.
    • Boomerang Feature: Users can craft boomerangs suitable for Instagram.
    • Looping Videos:The app facilitates the creation of repetitive looping video snippets.
    • Live Camera GIF Creation:Users can make GIFs directly using the app's live camera function.
    • Enhanced Customization:Apart from adjusting the frame rate of GIFs, users can embellish them with text, filters, emojis, stickers, and artistic elements.
  15. Imgur
  16. Imgur stands prominently as a top meme generator app, compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and web browsers. Users can effortlessly create and share memes leveraging its extensive library. Additionally, there's the provision to vote, comment on, and like memes displayed on its platform.

    While Imgur can be accessed for free, it also offers a premium subscription that unveils exclusive features, such as unique avatars and an ad-free experience. However, users might find ads in the free version a bit distracting. Nonetheless, the platform excels in meme and GIF creation and exploration.

    Key Features:
    • Multi-platform Compatibility:Available for iOS, Android, and desktop use.
    • Dynamic Meme Library:The collection is regularly updated with fresh memes.
    • Personal Image Integration:Memes can be crafted using personal gallery images.
    • Video-to-GIF Conversion:Users can transform videos into GIFs.
    • Picsart Customization:Enhance your content using the Picsart customization feature.

Comparison of Top 8 Meme Generator Tools

Here's a comparison table for the 8 Meme Generators based on Name, Best for, Top Features, and Differences:

Meme Generator Best For Top Features Differences
Appy Pie’s AI Meme Generator Versatile meme creation, AI-Powered Prompt to Meme Transformation, User-Friendly AI-Powered Interface, No Imposed Watermark, Highly Customizable Templates, Collaborative Creation, Free Access AI-driven, AI Meme Generation, No Watermark, Collaboration
Memeto Speed, Efficiency Rich Resource Library, Personal Gallery Integration, No Watermark Restrictions, Premium Sticker Collection, Customizable Text Color Resource-Rich, Personal Gallery, Color Customization
GATM Generator Android Users, Stability Personal Image Usage, Vast Template Library, SD Card Storage, User-Centric Design, Quick Sharing Tool Android-Focused, Stability, SD Card Storage
9GATG Social Engagement Social Media Integration, User-Friendly Interface, Engaging Community Chat, Rating System, High-Speed Performance Community-Centric, Social Sharing, Ratings
Mematic Multi-platform, Versatility Diverse Template Collection, Mastery in Simplicity, Integration with Personal Gallery, Multi-platform Sharing, Intuitive User Interface Versatile Meme Styles, Multi-platform Sharing
Meme Creator Android Users Extensive Font and Template Collection, Gallery Integration, Customizable Text Options, Comic Creation Feature, Efficient Social Media Sharing Comprehensive Android Tool, Comic Creation
GIF Maker iOS Devices, Video Memes Versatile Creation, Boomerang Feature, Looping Videos, Live Camera GIF Creation, Enhanced Customization iOS Focused, Video Meme Crafting
Imgur Multi-platform, GIFs & Memes Multi-platform Compatibility, Dynamic Meme Library, Personal Image Integration, Video-to-GIF Conversion, Picsart Customization Multi-Platform, Dynamic Library, Video-to-GIF Conversion


To those unfamiliar with the meme world, it might seem like a trivial thing. But if you dive deeper into understanding what are memes, you’ll realize they’re more than just funny pictures. They are a reflection of society, culture, and the times we live in. From political satires to light-hearted jokes, memes have a broad range. And as the desire to create a meme continues to grow, we’re fortunate to have tools that make the process easier and more refined.

As we reflect on the fascinating evolution of memes, it's intriguing to see how far we've come. From basic image edits and textual humor to the present-day sophistication of AI-generated content, the transformation is remarkable. A decade ago, if someone was asked about creating a meme, their response would be starkly different from what it is today, thanks to the advanced tools at our disposal. This evolution is not limited to memes alone; it also extends to the way we share them with the world. Social media platforms like Facebook Story and Instagram Post have played a pivotal role in shaping meme culture. These platforms have provided a stage for memes to reach wider audiences, fueling their evolution. As technology continues to push the boundaries of creativity and expression, the future of meme generation on platforms like Facebook Post and Instagram Story promises even more exciting developments.

In conclusion, as meme culture continues to thrive and grow, the tools to create them are also evolving. Whether you’re a casual internet user looking to make a meme for fun or a professional content creator aiming to craft the best meme possible, the AI-powered tools of 2023, including AI Animation Generator, have got you covered. With technology at our fingertips, the question is no longer about how to make memes, but about how innovative and impactful you can make them. So dive in, explore these platforms, and happy meme-making!

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