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How to Get Verified on Twitter ? [An Easy Guide]

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Getting verified on social media feels good. It makes you feel like an accomplished celebrity. However, the simple blue verification tick is not just something that marks you as a celebrity. More than that, the blue tick makes your social media channels look authentic. The blue tick makes your social media channels receive more attention than normal and can often make your opinion the voice of reason. This can be especially useful if Twitter is one of your more important social channels. This blog will tell you exactly what you need to do to get verified on Twitter.How to Get Verified on Twitter - Appy PieThe first step to get verified on Twitter is to find out your eligibility for Twitter verification.

Eligibility for Verification

Eligibility for Twitter is unorthodox. There are no set conditions for what makes an account eligible for verification. There’s no minimum limit on followers or posts. There is no prerequisite number of posts or shares required to get a verification. To be eligible for Twitter verification you need to simply update your phone number, email address in your Twitter account, and add a profile picture. Following that, there is a specialized verification form that you must fill. Twitter executives then determine if your profile is legit enough for verification. Do not be dismayed if they reject your application as you can apply for it again after 30 days. Here is a step by step breakdown of the process through which you can apply for the verification of your Twitter account.

Step-by-Step Breakdown of the Verification Process

Step 1: Update your Mobile Number:

On linking your phone number to your twitter account, you will receive a confirmation code that you must enter. Upon entering the code, the number becomes permanently linked. If you’re linking a business account, the phone number to be used can be the founder’s phone number. The number is hidden from the eyes of the public.

Step 2: Confirm your Email address:

Your email address is likely to be confirmed when you’re making a Twitter account. If it isn't, connect and link your email address to your Twitter account.

Step 3: Add your Profile Picture:

A person needs to add a portrait of themselves to their Twitter profile. Businesses can simply add their logo as a profile picture.How to Get Verified on Twitter - Appy Pie

Step 4: Add a Cover Photo:

A cover photo can be anything. It can either be a simple photo of you doing something or a photo that shows you doing something important. For a brand or a company, adding an appropriately sized image with your slogan or byline can be a good idea. You can see Appy Pie’s cover image in the image above.

Step 5: Adding Birthday and Linking your Website:

Adding a birthday isn’t really necessary but linking your website is crucial. Linking your website to your Twitter account increases your legitimacy and makes your account authentic. In addition, it's good for your SEO.

Step 6: Make your Tweets ‘Public’:

Tweets can either be set to Private or Public. Ensure that your Tweets are available to be viewed by the public. Private accounts rarely get verified which is why a public twitter account is crucial.

Step 7: Fill in the Verification form:

There is a verification form that you can fill. Click here to get the verification form. You must be logged into your Twitter account to fill the form. If you are trying to verify a brand account, you can click a checkbox for the same. There is a description text box in the verification form where you have to write why you feel you deserve the verification tick. Be nice in this section. Get your best writers to write this section and make it simple yet heartfelt. Remember that actual people at Twitter’s HQ will read this. Once you’ve filled in the form on your Twitter account, submit the verification form, and wait until they respond.

Maximizing Your Chances to Get Verified

Twitter verification is a process that you can apply for multiple times if your application is rejected. However, it is in your best interests to ensure that your verification is done as soon as possible. Therefore, given below are various tips that will help you maximize your chances of getting verified.
  • Post Regularly
Twitter loves active accounts. Make sure that your account is active before you apply for verification. This habit of posting regularly should continue even after your account has been verified. Twitter has the ability to take away your verification if it deems it so. Read their terms befor applying for a verification.How to Get Verified on Twitter - Appy PieThe following quote sums up how you can easily get verified and make sure that it is not taken away.

A tweet a day makes the verification stay.

Click to Tweet

    • Don’t apply for verification immediatelyA mistake many people make is that they apply for verification immediately after creating their account. Don’t do that. Begin by generating a following and let your account become at least 6 months old. Be active during that 6 month period and you will get verified easily.
  • Link other verified accounts
Leverage your best contacts to make verification easier. If you work for/with someone who has a verified bio, mention them in your bio. This helps make your case for verification stronger.

    • The Numbers gameIf you are an organization trying to get verified on Twitter, prompts about the founding, success, etc of your business can help make your case. For example, ‘With over 5 million satisfied customers’, ‘Founded in 1957’ or ‘Helping 13 million people worldwide‘. Such prompts help Twitter realise that your business is legit and functions well.
  • Perfect your verification pitch
Reiterating this point, your verification pitch needs to be liked by the people at Twitter. Make it flattering and heartfelt. The more Twitter likes it, the faster you get verified.


Your Twitter will be verified within a few weeks. In the scenario of it not being verified you can apply again or open a conversation with their customer support team. Good Luck with your verification process. Before you go, check out Appy Pie’s Academy. Appy Pie Academy has blown up since the start of the pandemic. With focused courses on social media marketing, you could learn various courses for free. Check Them out!



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