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How to Automate Event Management to Streamline Event Planning Processes?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on March 28th, 2024 8:28 am | 5-min read

Even an expert event planner can find the whole event planning process hectic. Imagine how difficult it would be for a beginner to handle the entire process without that level of proficiency on hand. Expanding the operational efficiencies at the time of the event can help event planners smoothen the entire process.

During events, you need accurate data to manage various things like food and beverage planning, right staffing, clean up services, and much more. Automation can help event planners handle these issues effectively. However, to make your automation strategy work, you must learn where and what to automate. In this blog, we will discuss the tips that you can use to implement event management automation in your business in the best possible way. Before that, if you want to have a clear understanding of what event management automation is, you can go through our post - Event Automation: The new age of event planning.

Event Management Tips to Automate Your Event Processes

Here are a few major tips for better event management automation.

  1. Promote Your Events on Social Media Channels
  2. Promotions on social media channels can help you make your events more interactive and engaging while increasing your brand recognition. You can use social media automation software to automate the process of sharing content and posts on multiple social media channels. You can also use social media automation software to push social posts for your articles and blogs. Here is a post to help you learn how you can make your event stand out with the right use of your social media channels - 11 Social Media Tricks to Make Your Event the Next Big Thing. To automate your social media tasks, you can use our automation software – Appy Pie Connect. The software lets you integrate multiple software to help you automate your tasks in just a few clicks. For example, you can integrate your Facebook page with the Google Sheets spreadsheet. With this integration, as soon as anyone clicks on your event promotion link on Facebook, their name will be added to your Google Sheets spreadsheet and you can let them know about your next event proactively.Before we go ahead with other major tips let us take a look on some major event management automation statistics.Appy Pie - Automate Event Management

  3. Maximize Email Marketing
  4. You must send out emails for your event promotion. You can break down the whole email marketing process into three chunks to get the best out of it.

    • Pre-Event
    • Pre-event emails help you target certain segments at certain times using some specific call to actions or messages. You can send out different types of emails under this category, for example, emails with service information, emails with discount offers, emails with the event registration link, and much more. These types of emails help guests know more about your upcoming event and promote your brand loyalty.

    • During the Event
    • You can also send out emails when your event is going on. These emails can be automated using email automation software. During your event, you can send out emails for check-in details, specifying venue locations, etc.

    • Post-Event
    • You can ask for your attendees’ feedback when sending out post-event emails. These emails can also contain the check-out information for the users. Make sure you get the best out of the post-event emails by focusing on content, tone, and functionality.
    You can automate your emails by using any automation software available online. Appy Pie Connect also helps you automate your emails by integrating your Gmail account with over 1000 apps.

  5. Implement Chatbots
  6. Make sure you provide chatbots for the event planners and attendees to get in touch with you easily. Chatbots help you streamline the whole event planning process and deliver an excellent customer experience. With chatbots, you can automatically upsell at the time of ticket booking and user check-in. Chatbots also help you gather user details and save them in your database to be used as leads shortly. You can use Appy Pie’s Chatbot Builder to create your own chatbot in just a few minutes. These chatbots help you manage your events better and take your event planning process to the next level.

  7. Reduce Response Time
  8. You can automate the response process to streamline your communication with attendees and event planners. Event management automation helps you reduce the response time in each communication that takes place in the whole event planning process. This helps you build a good rapport for your business. You can integrate your Facebook Page with Slack to streamline this process. With this integration, you can get send automated notifications to all the users who have clicked on your post on Facebook.

  9. Offer Mobile and Self Check-in
  10. To deliver a smooth check-in experience, you can provide your users with automated options for self-check-in on their smartphones or Kiosks. With these options, you can help attendees find digital keys to their rooms and prompt the process to guide them better. These options help event planners ease the check-in process for the users reducing the cost by trimming down supply and staff requirements.

  11. Gather and Analyze Attendees’ Data
  12. Make sure you gather attendees’ data and analyze it to know them better. You can gather this data through event registration, booth visits, online badge scans, educational sessions, and much more. Analyzing this data helps you understand user behavior and know what kind of events they would like to attend in the future. For example, you are organizing a digital event on Zoom. To automate the data analysis process, you can integrate Zoom with Google Sheets spreadsheet. With this integration, as soon as users will fill up the registration form, all their information will be saved in the Google Sheets spreadsheet.

  13. Provide Online Registration Options
  14. Providing a streamlined registration process for the users helps event planners build better relations with them. Make sure you have such an efficient booking system that it not only lets users book event tickets but also help them register for the event. This saves their time and allows them to get done with both the activities in one go – registering for the event and booking tickets for the same.

  15. Connect Sponsors, Attendees, and Exhibitors
  16. Make sure you organize on-site meetings to establish a connection between all three parties. Implement an automation software that effectively supports your workflow activities and helps you increase the engagement of your event attendees.

  17. Generate Surveys
  18. Once your event is over, you must collect vendors’, guests’, and attendees’ feedback. You can automate this process with the check-out activity. Implement the automation the way that as soon as someone checks-out of the event, they get an automated email to share their feedback. This helps you get their responses at the time of their transit when their experience is fresh.

Common Event Management Software you can Automate with Appy Pie Connect: EventBrite

EventBrite is an event management app that allows users to create, browse, and promote their events. With the app, you can organize any kind of event, from the birthday party, family reunion, spiritual retreat, community art festival, or just any event that involves people getting together.

With Appy Pie Connect, you can integrate EventBrite with a wide range of apps including Stripe, Knack,, Notion, Google Groups, Keap, Google Sheets, and many more. You can set up both triggers and actions for these integrations to ensure proper functioning of your event management automation workflow.


That was all. Use the best event management software and implement these tips to streamline your event planning processes and get the best out of your event marketing strategy. You can use Appy Pie’s Event Website Builder to create your own event website to promote your events online and share post-event images and videos online. Not just that, we would also suggest you create your own event app using Appy Pie’s Event App Builder. This app helps you establish better relations with the event planners and event attendees.Try Appy Pie today! Do not forget to tell us in the comments about how this article helped you.



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