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How Does a Small Business Benefit From Mobile Marketing Automation?

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Mobile App Marketing has its challenges that every marketer needs to face. In this blog, we’re not going to discuss the various challenges of mobile app marketing or what mobile app marketing is. If you wish to learn more about mobile app marketing, we have a free course on our Academy.

Our focus today is on mobile marketing automation. Many businesses have already automated their mobile marketing strategies. However, that’s for later. Before we can explain the benefits of a mobile marketing automation solution, we must understand what mobile marketing automation is. Let us jump right into it.

What is Mobile Marketing Automation?

If you've tried your hand at promoting apps, you know that marketing is more complicated than it seems. How can you, after working hard to build a great app, make it visible to the people who matter? Where do you go to pay for ads and grow your audience?

In today's growing app marketplace, developers aren't always sure how and where to spend money on advertising, but a new category of service has emerged to provide just this kind of direction: Automated App Marketing is a full-service mobile marketing solution; developers pay providers to market their app from start to finish, no input required.

Why You Need a Mobile Marketing Automation Solution

Marketing automation usually means deploying your marketing strategies, through software. It involves collecting your user/client’s information, classifying them, marketing to them, and then analyzing how it worked. There are various ways to automate your marketing strategies. Tools like Appy Pie Connect are perfect for automating various marketing workflows and dispatching efficient marketing strategies.

Even our versatile tool can fall short when dealing with automated marketing for mobiles. Mobile channels for marketing are constantly evolving and changing. The bad part is that they are changing way faster than ever. A mobile marketing automation platform will do the following:

  • Managing the constantly expanding set of mobile channels
  • There are a lot of constantly evolving marketing channels on mobile such as push notifications, in-app messages, wearable devices, etc

  • Segmentation and personalization built for 1:1 communication
  • Mobile marketing works better if each user has a completely personalized and specialized experience.

  • Real-time messaging
  • Users expect brands to communicate with them in real time. The very success of mobile app marketing strategies can be dumbed down to how well you can communicate with your users in real-time.

  • Analytics and A/B testing
  • Analytics with mobile marketing automation tools is much easier and faster. It’s also a great way to test the success of your strategies and improve with time.

  • Deeper integration with installed apps and other relevant data sources
  • Organizations getting the most out of mobile don’t have a separate mobile strategy — they just have a strategy, period. They’re making their user experience consistent between mobile and all other channels, and using what they learn about mobile users everywhere else in their businesses.

Before mobile marketing automation platforms were a thing, developers had to decide whether to host ads on their apps and they could also choose to use mobile ad networks to spread the word about their own products. Plenty of devs pay to put their app in front of all the eyeballs on AdMob’s network.

However, how are you supposed to tell which network to use? Which is most effective? Which one returns the best results?

You could keep track of this information yourself or hire teams for it. You could run ads over different networks, track install rates over that time, and estimate a return on investment based on what you know. That’s a perfectly valid, time-consuming option. But a small business has many constraints. Budget being a major one of them. Using a simple marketing automation platform for mobiles can greatly cut down on your marketing costs in the long run.

Still don’t believe us? Here are statistics proving the effectiveness of automated mobile app marketing.

Automated App Marketing - Appy Pie

Is Investing in Automated Marketing Worth It?

Automated app marketing is worth a try if the developer meets a few requirements:

First, your app should already have a basic audience. If you're at absolute zero, start out by getting some results from basic ads over AdMob, etc.

Second, you need cash on hand along with the ability to monetize your new user base. In other words, first you will need to pay the service provider 20 percent over the top of your marketing budget. In the event you generate enough installs through “efficient advertising” to recoup this amount, you're going to have many new users and need to be sure your app is ready to monetize this larger audience.

Third, if you do sign up for automated app marketing, you should consider when to quit. If these services don't have the impact you hope, you can always return to your own strategy. If you meet with success, at a certain plateau, you can trade AppInTop for in-house analytics or a better deal with another company.

Can Appy Pie Help?

Yes, there is a way to completely automate your mobile app marketing strategy. Once you’ve made your no-code mobile app with Appy Pie AppMakr, you can use our workflow automation software Appy Pie Connect to integrate all your marketing channels and your app under one interface.


Automated app analytics are best for small development outfits who don’t have room for a dedicated marketing team. However, these outfits must have the start-up capital required to make the investment and be ready to monetize the rewards.

Automated app marketing is a good decision for a certain subset of developers: people with a little extra cash looking for that boost to grow their app even more. If services like AppInTop are as effective as they claim, they offer real value to an expanding developer.

If you fit those characteristics, give automated app marketing a shot. See if it’s as effective as it claims. You reserve the right to shift gears at any time and there’s always Facebook ads if it doesn’t work out.

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