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How to Make Party Invitations? (Things to Remember)

Abhinav Girdhar
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I called my friend the other day. She told me that she is going to get married soon. As soon as she told me, I jumped with joy and asked her to let me plan the wedding. Voila! She agreed to it. task was to design the invitation cards for various functions. I searched a lot to know about the basic requirements, trending graphic design, stylized fonts, animated cards, and much more prior to crafting beautiful invitation cards. Finally, I summarized a few major points to create stylised invitation cards. That summary helped me in creating amazing and heart-filling invitation cards for her wedding. A few months later, when I was designing an invitation card for my Graduation party, I realized that those points can again help me. And card after card, I started feeling that if anyone know about the points I summarised, can create their beautiful party invitation cards on own. Thus, I thought of sharing my notes with the help of this blog.

Hope after reading and experimenting with a few invitation cards making software, you’ll become professionals at crafting the party invitation cards. Let’s start!

Why You Should Create Party Invitations?

Let us suppose that you bought a new house and wish to invite your close acquaintances to a house-warming party. The best and heart-warming way to invite them is to send elegant party invitation cards. Party invitation cards are the perfect medium to request your loved ones to attend events organized by you! These cards used to be printed sheets of paper. They used to contain well-crafted text (to invite people) along and every mandatory detail like venue, date, theme of party, and much more. In this digital era, most of the cards are created in the form of PNG or JPG images having similar content as a printed sheet. No matter if the card is a printed sheet or digital image, what matters is its importance. Party invitation cards help in building and maintaining long-term relationships. Further, they set the tone of the event and help guests to prepare themselves accordingly. Invitations are more than just a piece of information; they confirm the sense of belongingness between host and their loved ones.

How to Make Party Invitations Online?

You can be as creative as you want while designing your invitation cards. You can choose any combination of colors, stylised fonts, attractive images, and much more to create your party invitations. Your invitation must look pleasing and be able to encourage your loved ones to come to the party. There are a few major things that you need to take care of while making party invitations. Let’s start exploring them!
  1. Card Dimensions- Neither too short nor too Long
  2. Dimensions of a card may vary depending on the type of occasion for which you are creating it. However, choosing the size of the card completely depends on you. You choose pre-defined dimensions for your ease! There are some standard sizes and popular dimensions for invitation cards like:
    • 3.5 x 5 inches (RSVP card)
    • 5.25 x 5.25 inches (square invitation)
    • 5 x 7 inches (standard invitation)
    • 5.5 x 7.5 inches (large invitation)
    • 6.5 x 8.75 inches (large invitation)
    You can first try some standard dimensions for your invitation card. However, it is completely your creative freedom to finalize the size of a card.
  3. Thematic Invitation- Design Should Speaks the Occasion
  4. Let us suppose you are going to organize a Halloween party at your place. You created the party invitation and made it all red with some Christmas bells in it. Woah!! Won’t it be a bit offbeat? You should have picked up the mustard-colored theme with images of a pumpkin and other for your card. Your card should speak the purpose or occasion of the invitation. You must take little effort to research relatable colors, fonts, images (or you can design yours), text, and every other thing you wanted to add to your party invitation. To create a theme-based party invitation, you can opt for a thematic background that can perfectly convey the event. It could be relatable colors or some special graphics that can illustrate the reason behind your party invitation. You need to take care that with light-colored background, you need to use the dark-colored font and vice-versa. It is completely on your choice if you want your party invitation to look elegant and traditional or vibrant and modern. You just need to take care of the theme it is going to represent.
  5. Color Palette- Combine Beautiful Colors
  6. Every color is unique in itself and signifies the exclusive symbolism. Many a time, it happens that a certain color does not complement the other color and the whole design of the invitation card becomes futile. Make sure you carefully decide the color palette for your invitation card. Try experimenting with a few combinations before ultimately selecting the color palette that is suitable for your card. The color scheme must be consistent to thread every design element together and set the tone of your invitation card. You can conveniently use Color Wheel offered by Appy Pie to experiment with every color and choose the perfect color combination for making your invitation card.
  7. Legible Details: Pen Down Every Relevant Information
  8. A perfect party invitation is not only about relevant color combinations and the thematic background. It must also include the relevant information related to the occasion. Make sure you add the information and event details in a format that is easily readable by everyone and solves one of the main purposes of your party invitation. The mandatory details that you should include in your invitation are-
    • Date, time, and venue of the event
    • Type of the party
    • Activities planned for a party
    • Theme of the party
    • Details of RSVP
    • Every other detail you think your guests should know before coming to the party
    Every detail must be written in clearly visible and easy-to-read font. Try avoiding the loopy scripts or heavy typefaces.
  9. Font Styles: Combine Different Crisp Fonts Together
  10. There are thousands of different fonts available on the internet. You can choose any font to mention the details on your invitation card. If you wish to make your party invitation a bit preppy and classy, you can try mixing the different fonts together. You can try different fonts at different positions. For instance, decorative font for the main header, less decorative yet crisp font on sub-header, and a simple-plain font for the body text. Typography plays a crucial role in making the invitation cards attractive and impressive. Just like color evokes different expressions, fonts also signify different meanings. For instance, script font portrays elegance, sans serif font exudes a casual vibe. You can toggle different fonts and choose the one that pleases your eyes and gives you relatable vibes.
  11. Incorporate Photography: Images Speak Louder than Words!
  12. To make your own party invitations, you can incorporate attractive images in them. You can either choose the random stock images or can include your personalized photos. Try placing images at headers, sides, backgrounds, and wherever you think it can catch the immediate attention of your guest. For instance, you are making a birthday invitation card, you can either add images of birthday cake, balloons, gifts and much more or you can place the beautiful photograph of the birthday boy/girl. Images can help to add the all-new edge to your party invitation cards. Adding the old candid photographs can give your card a vintage and elegant look. If you have some photographs that are pretty but miss the edgy character, then you can try Appy Pie’s Photo Editor to give an all-new look to your photo.
  13. Think Outside The Box
  14. Designing a card with specific dimensions, fonts, and relatable graphics is an age-old trick to create attractive invitations. However, as technology is developing and people are getting exposed to new creative ideas, they are going out of the league to make party invitations. People are experimenting with everything from animated slideshows to eye-catchy videos to design their cards. You just need to brainstorm a little to create your mind-boggling and exclusive invitation. An out-of-box card is not at all necessary, but it helps in leaving the long last impression in guests’ minds. You can try the Slideshow Maker offered by Appy Pie to create your unique party invitations. It offers different theme-based templates that can be tweaked in the way you want.

Summing Up

There are practically infinite ways to make party invitations. You only need to have a creative knack and intent to create an attractive invitation card. If you have limited professional knowledge but a dire wish to make online party invitations on your own, then Appy Pie’s Invitation Card Maker is the perfect tool for you. Try Appy Pie Design Today!

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