How to Design a Wedding Invitation Card in 9 Easy Steps?

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Your wedding day is a very special day of your life. You need a wedding card to invite your loved ones to this special occasion. All it takes is a little creativity and effort to come up with a wedding invitation that can help your friends and family feel special.

You need not get in touch with any professional designer to design an invitation for the wedding. You can do it all by yourself. There are multiple graphic design platforms available online, with thousands of wedding invitation card templates on offer Just find the one that best fits your preferences and design a well-customized wedding invitation card to invite your loved ones on your special day.

In this blog today, we have listed a few effective key steps that you can take to design your own wedding invitation card.

Design Your Own Wedding Card in 9 Simple Steps

Here are a few simple steps to help you create a wedding card in minutes.

  1. Choose Your Shape and Dimensions
  2. You can start by choosing your preferred layout and dimensions for your wedding card. The standard size for the wedding invitation card is 4.5 inches by 6.25 inches. However, if you want to give your wedding card a classy look, you can search for samples of wedding invitation cards online. You can find hundreds of great wedding invitation ideas and unique wedding card designs online. Just browse through them and find the one that is already running on your mind.

    Choose Your Shape & Dimensions - Appy Pie

    You can also use a wedding card maker to create your own wedding card. This helps you find the best wedding card design template in no time. The best part is you can also customize these templates as per your needs.

  3. Consider Your Venue and Location
  4. You must keep your venue in mind when designing your wedding invitation card. This helps you come up with a unique design and theme for your wedding card invites. For example, if you are getting married in a lawn, you can add some rustic and natural look to your wedding invitation card, and if you are taking your vows in a church, you can go for some traditional style design.

    Consider Your Venue and Location - Appy Pie

  5. Add Images to Your Card
  6. Images speak a thousand words, and it makes more sense when it comes to relationships! Most couples prefer using images on their wedding invitation card while others choose to go with a theme based on their destination of the wedding. Start collecting the images you want to use in your wedding card to give it a personal feel. You can also go with the theme-based images available online. Make sure you use high-quality wedding card images that can help you bring your wedding card to life and make it even more expressive.

    Add images to Your Card - Appy Pie

    You can also use Appy Pie’s Graphic Design Software to design your own images. The software also comes with a huge gallery of images where you can find the ones that best fit your needs.

  7. Select Romantic Fonts
  8. Fonts can certainly make or break the overall personality of your wedding card design. Out of all font designs, cursive style fonts are the best considered for wedding invitations. It helps set up the wording for a wedding invitation nicely – especially when used for writing the names. They look romantic, soft, and elegant. The best part is they can be paired with other fonts to enhance them.

    Select Romantic Fonts - Appy Pie

    Before we go ahead and learn more about how you can create a wedding invitation card, let us check out some major statistics related to the use of wedding invites.

    Appy Pie - Wedding Invitation Card

  9. Choose Your Colors Carefully
  10. Colors play a critical role in making your designs more meaningful. In the same way, they have a huge impact on the overall look of your wedding invites. It is not a great deal creating an attractive color palette for your wedding invite. However, agreeing on the same color combinations could be a challenge. For example, if one of you likes purple and the other one has a penchant for brown, combining these two colors could end in disaster. You can’t certainly go for both the color, but what you can do is try and test different color combinations.

    Choose Your Colors Carefully - Appy Pie

    Here is a post to help you come up with various attractive color combinations – 20 Color Combinations That Can be Applied to Your Designs.

  11. Add Some Personality to Your Design
  12. Every couple wants their wedding invitations to be special. And why shouldn’t they? It’s the most special occasion of their lives that they want to enjoy with the people they know and love. People who are invited should also feel the same way. They are not obviously coming up to see just someone getting married. They should feel connected just with the thought of attending your wedding.

    Add Some Personality to Your Design - Appy Pie

  13. Consider the Purpose
  14. Most couples plan a few stages in the process of sending out their wedding invites. Sometimes, they send out a save-a-date customary before they send the final wedding invite. This save-a-date customary as per its name gives the guests plenty of time to lock the date in their calendar if they want to attend the wedding. The right time to send out this customary is eight to twelve months in advance in case of a destination wedding and four to six months when planning a local wedding.

    Consider the Purpose - Appy Pie

    The design of a wedding card depends upon the stage of sending out invitations you are on. For example, if you are sending the customary, just the names of the couple would be enough, however, if it is the final invitation, you need to mention every detail like name, contact numbers of your family members, address of the venue, and much more. You can also mention the dress code of the wedding if there is one or/and the catering type whether it is a BBQ or a sit-down dinner.

  15. Come Up with Something Unique
  16. You must always try to create the best wedding invitation. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different color combinations, fonts, format, and adding some personal jokes into your wedding card design. Sometimes just switching up your wording helps you make your wedding invitation unique. You can let the other elements flow naturally in that case. Go through the fresh wedding invitation templates and come up with something out of the box.

    Come Up with Something Unique - Appy Pie

  17. Choose Your Preferred Delivery Method
  18. You must choose a delivery method before you even start designing your wedding invitation card. This helps you figure out whether you want to send out the invitations by mailing in the post or want to opt-in for online wedding invitation. Some people create a mini website for their wedding invitations. This helps them make it easy and cost-effective.

    Choose Your Preferred Delivery Method - Appy Pie

    You can also create your own wedding invitation website using Appy Pie’s Wedding Website Builder. Here you can not only send out wedding invitations but also share your wedding images and videos with your friends and family post-wedding.


Creating an excellent wedding invitation card can dazzle and delight your guests. I hope this guide will help you come up with an amazing wedding card. Use Appy Pie Design to create your own wedding invitation card. The software comes with various effective features that help you design your own wedding card in just a few clicks.

Try out Appy Pie today! Do let us know in the comments if you have any inputs. We will surely add them to the article.



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