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Top 10 Characteristics Your Inbound Website Must Have

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Most businesses need a website that helps them generate more leads and bring more business. This is one of the major goals that every business sets up and spends thousands of dollars and hours to achieve it.

To help you accomplish your desired business goals, we will help you learn more about such websites, what characteristics they must have, and what components you need to add while creating one for your business. Characteristics of the Inbound Website - Appy PieThese websites are called Inbound Marketing Websites. They help businesses drive their conversion rates, build brand credibility, better connect with their customers, gain more profits, and much more. Let us now move further and have a look at the characteristics these websites must have.

Major Characteristics of Inbound Marketing Websites

Here are the top characteristics of an excellent inbound website.

  1. Customer Friendly
  2. A great inbound website should be easy-to-use for the customers. There are many ways how you can make your inbound website user-friendly. As per a recent study, 70% of the total consumers make a purchasing decision before they even speak to your sales rep or visit your store to buy a product. To attract these customers towards your brand and its products, you must focus on providing them value and building their trust. Post the detailed product information on your website to help visitors know more about what you offer, answer their queries instantly, and try to deliver the best user experience. This helps you drive more traffic to your website.

  3. Sales Driven
  4. Your inbound website must act not only as a marketing tool but also as a sales platform for your business. It should have all the details about your brand and its products. A website can act as a salesperson who remains available for your customers all the time, never asks for a raise, and collects data of your most qualified leads and customers. That is the most you can ask for from a website. Go through this post to learn how you can drive more sales on your website - Website Design Tips to make more Sales and Build Brand Loyalty.

  5. Helpful and Educational
  6. An ideal inbound website educates the visitors about your products. People on your website should be able to find what they have come looking for. Think about it as a buyer. What questions would lead the visitors to buy something that you offer? Most of these things should be added to your website.

  7. Responsive Design
  8. A responsive design in an inbound website enables users to use it on different devices with different screen sizes and different operating systems. This helps them stay engaged with your brand. Websites with non-responsive designs have lower conversion rates and higher bounce rates. Go through this post to find popular responsive website designs - Top Tips for Responsive Website Design.

  9. Visually Appealing
  10. Your inbound website must have an appearance that relates to your buyers. Make sure you keep on updating your website on a regular basis. An outdated website doesn’t attract users. Also, you can add videos and images to your website to help potential customers learn how your products work and how they can use them.

  11. Perfect for Marketing
  12. An inbound website should be perfect for marketing purposes. It should have blogs based on your products, CTAs that lead the visitors to the specific product landing page, users’ reviews and ratings to help visitors understand how your product is performing out there in the market. Adding all these elements help you make a perfect website for marketing. Here is a video to help you measure your website usability and increase conversion rates.
    (Above video is a part of a more elaborate course on Academy by Appy Pie. To access the complete course, please Click Here, or continue reading below.) Understand that you are creating this website for your buyers and not for your own gains. Try to add things that you would expect if you visit any website. You can also integrate your website with major marketing automation platforms. These platforms can help you pass your data to the CRM and enable you to manage the userbase information.

  13. Conversion Opportunities
  14. Your inbound website could become a powerful platform for increasing your conversion rates. Make sure your sales team considers your website as one of the major resources they have and identify the website visitors as the easy leads to convert into prospects. Have your sales team use your website every day or it cannot be called a perfect inbound website.

  15. Safety and Security
  16. A safe and secure website helps users know that you care about their privacy concerns and data security. A secure website has high form completion rates. An additional benefit of offering a secure website is Google ranks these websites higher in the search results.

  17. Social Media Integration
  18. This is one of the best ideas to make your website a big success – integrating your website with various social media channels. Make sure your users can easily interact with your brand and share your content on social media. It helps you increase your brand visibility.

  19. Simple Navigation
  20. Last but not the least, the navigation. If your website offers simple navigation, users will be more attracted to it. As per a study, buyers give each website 7 seconds before they switch to another which indicates that ease of use is a critical feature for any business website. Keep checking your navigation options, if they are leading users to the correct pages, if yes, good work, and if not, fix it at the earliest.


Those were the most effective and must-have characteristics of an inbound website. Try to implement what has been suggested to make your website deliver the best user experience. Appy Pie’s Website Builder offers most of the mentioned characteristics to help you create excellent websites. Try creating your inbound website using Appy Pie Website to attract more users and generate more leads. Leave us comments if you have some additional pointers to be added to this article. We will surely add them to the list. Good luck with creating your website!

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