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9 Amazing Graphic Design Trends for 2024

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on March 29th, 2024 1:55 pm | 6-min read

The graphic design industry had its work cut out in 2023. Quarantines, lockdowns, and with almost half of the world working, enjoying, and living off of the internet has become the norm. This increased the workloads of the graphic design industry to the next level. In response, there has been a surge in demand for fresh Graphic Design Ideas and an intense focus on the latest Design Trends. Keeping pace with Graphic Design Trends has become crucial for designers seeking to remain relevant in this era of Modern Graphic Design. Professionals and amateurs alike are constantly on the lookout for trending designs to inspire their work and ensure it resonates with today's digital audience.

Everything from distance learning to online shopping to entertainment went online throughout the year 2023. The graphic design industry is expected to have a massive leap in its workload in the coming year of 2024. This surge in digital engagement has fostered a new graphic design style, stimulating an abundance of innovative graphic ideas. Throughout the year, there has been an emergence of various trends in graphic design, reflecting the evolution of graphic trends. Keeping up with current design trends has become vital for designers aiming to create impactful and relevant work.

This shift has significantly shaped the landscape of modern design graphic, influencing every aspect of visual communication. These trends transcend all the various sub-parts of graphic design like UI, website, mobile app design, and more.

Some of these trends in design are likely to continue in 2024. In this blog, we will observe the various trends that might be popular in 2024, focusing on the latest design trends. Before we jump to these trends, here are some of the designs that gained the most engagement in 2023, highlighting popular designs of that period. We'll also explore how these have evolved into the current graphic design trends. Understanding these transitions will give us insight into the emerging graphic design themes and new design trends that are expected to dominate the visual landscape in 2024.

Graphic Design Trends - Appy Pie
  1. 3D Design
  2. Emojis
  3. Voxel Art
  4. Monochrome
  5. Retro Futurism
  6. Surrealism
  7. AR Experiences
  8. Cartoon Illustrations
  9. Simple Geometry

2024 will be the year of:

  1. 3D Design
  2. 3D design is as old as time. However, it’s about to get more exciting in 2024, becoming a forefront trend in graphic design. With various improvements in graphic design software and graphical hardware (read: Raytracing), designers are compelled to up their 3D game, aligning with the latest design and trends. This advancement is not just a trend but an evolution in the way we perceive and create in the realm of trendy graphic design.

    In addition, with VR and AR becoming more and more of an outlet for creativity, 3D design is gearing up for its new second-wind, marking a significant shift in trending graphics. These technologies are redefining graphic themes, making them more immersive and interactive.

    In the coming year, we could see ground-breaking uses of 3D in UI design, website design, video game design, VR and AR software, and apps, representing the pinnacle of trends in graphic design. 3D will be used to create hyper-realistic graphics to blur the lines between the physical and digital world. Apart from that, 3D elements will no longer be minor elements in various designs but will rather take center stage, showcasing a new era in trendy graphic design.

    3d website design - Appy Pie

    Video games have always been the epitome of 3D design, however, games like Half-Life: Alyx showed the potential of VR as a gaming platform, setting new designer trends in the process. These VR experiences, enriched with trendy graphics and innovative approaches, will become more and more common over the next year. This shift not only highlights the evolution of trendy graphic elements in gaming but also paves the way for new graphic designs in virtual reality. As these immersive experiences gain popularity, we can expect to see a significant rise in trendy graphic designs that challenge the traditional boundaries of video game aesthetics and functionality.

  3. Emojis
  4. Listing emojis as a design ‘trend’ may make you go ‘huh?’. Emojis, incorporating the newest design trends, are the default pictograms and method of communication in the age of social media. These updated designs in emojis help accent your texts and make it easier for the reader to understand your intent. Their evolving appearance and increasing variety reflect the dynamic nature of digital communication, showcasing how the newest design elements are being integrated into everyday digital interactions.

    One might think that the emotions and message conveyed through emojis is understood by almost everyone. I mean, we all know what the eggplant emoji means. However, that’s not the case. Apple introduced the animoji in 2018. While it didn’t exactly catch on, Apple was onto something. This does not mean the weird AR-esque emoji maker but rather the potential of 3D emojis.3d emojis - Appy PieIf you notice a Google keyboard in an Android phone, you’ll notice they’re ‘mildly’ 3-dimensional. That’s where the emojis are going. In 2024, we might see rapid growth in the usage of 3D emojis that would convey even more emotions with the pictorial representations. In addition, we will experience a rush of new, creative, and imaginative emojis to fill the emoji library even more.

  5. Voxel Art
  6. Voxel art is a type of art that creates 3D models entirely through the use of 3D cubes called voxels. Voxel art was popularized by video games like Minecraft and Roblox. An example of Voxel art is given below.Voxel art - Appy PieSource: Mini Mike’s Metro MinisThink of voxel art as digital legos. Voxel art is very dynamic and can be used to create attractive designs. Voxel art is a very fun art style that appeals to a childish simplicity and a very ’pixelated retro’ look. Voxel art can be better explained as ‘8-bit design but in 3 dimensions’. Ever since Minecraft regained popularity, the capabilities of voxel art were proved. 2024 may see the use of voxel art in more business environments and can be effectively used in web page design to create a memorable webpage.

  7. Monochrome
  8. Monochrome is an old concept getting a new second wind. The use of monochrome seems to be returning in 2024. There is not much to explain in this design trend. Monochrome design essentially uses various shades, tints, and tones of a single hue. Monochrome design usually gives off a cool, sophisticated look to designs. monochrome color schemes - Appy PieMonochrome designs are simple to create and can help save designers a lot of time. Many businesses use monochromatic designs for this very reason. Appy Pie has a dedicated blog on how you can use monochrome colors in your designs. You can also create your own monochrome color palette with Appy Pie’s Color Wheel tool!

  9. RetroFuturism
  10. Retro Futurism is coming back big time. For the uninitiated, retro-futurism is essentially a creative style utilizing the past’s view of future technology. Still too difficult? Think of movies such as The Fifth Element, Total Recall, etc. Retro Futurism involves creating art using the design elements and the view of the future in old pop culture as an inspiration. These usually involve bright colors combined with geometric designs and whatnot.retro futurism - Appy Pie

    Using the environmental style of retro futuristic graphics, designers are creating new graphics and using them actively. Retro Futurism usually involves bright neon colors on dark backgrounds. Purple and pink are pretty dominant in retro futuristic design. With the resurgence of past pop culture, retro futurism will come back in a big way in 2024 especially as a web design trend.

  11. Surrealism
  12. Surrealism is an art style that has been around for decades. Surrealism has, however, been restricted to creative art. With the new year, surrealism looks to become one of the biggest 2024 graphic design trends. surrealism - Appy PieSurrealism is a design that is ‘nonsensically realistic’. Surrealism is an art style that brings together something real and combines it to create something unrealistic. 2023 has renewed people’s interest in surrealism and it looks to be one of the largest trends in design in the coming year.

  13. AR Experiences
  14. Augmented reality continues to experience strong growth into 2024. Within the next year, more apps and websites will provide AR experiences. Including these AR experiences in a still graphic will be a challenge for designers around the world.AR Design - Appy PieAugmented reality will be one of the largest 2024 graphic design trends. The possibilities of augmented reality are endless. Their predominance will however be in mobile apps. With no-code development becoming commonplace, designing an AR app will also become easier. In fact, you can design a no-code augmented reality app with Appy Pie AppMakr without any coding whatsoever!

  15. Cartoon Illustrations
  16. Cartoon illustrations have been a large part of the design industry for most of the decade. Cartoon illustrations help brands stand out in the ocean of generic designs. Cartoon illustrations can be difficult to balance properly. Brands with cartoon illustrations usually have a titular character who they play around with. cartoon illustrations - Appy PieCartoon illustrations are going to be a trend in the design industry for a long time. There is so much creativity to explore in custom cartoon characters that this will be a 2024 design trend for sure. One of the best ways to create a cartoon illustration is to use a graphic design software that lets you create them. You can check out Appy Pie’s online graphic design software called Appy Pie Design today!

  17. Simple Geometry
  18. The final 2024 design trend is simple geometry. In recent years, there has been a web design trend that involves overpopulating image backgrounds with simple geometrical design outlines. An example has been given below. From cubes to trapezoids, these designs simply populate backgrounds of illustrations while giving off a cool modern vibe to your websites.geometric backgrounds - Appy PieThese designs can be animated further to add a distinct, attention-grabbing element that glues your viewers. Website designs are including these geometrical designs more and more. In 2024, these designs will become far more common.

Summing Up

That was our list of the 9 trends in design that will dominate 2024. These trends are worth reading up on and learning if you are a professional designer. You will also need to know about various tools that can help you create and use these designs.

Tools and software like Appy Pie Design are excellent for creating and editing such unique trend-related designs.

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