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Free Marketing Automation Software Tools for Small Business

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on May 3rd, 2024 9:57 am

The marketing software industry has been growing at a rapid pace. In fact, last year, the industry grew by more than 7%. There are over 2000 companies offering marketing automation software products and services. This is a great opportunity for small businesses to grow their online presence and generate leads. The only challenge is finding the right tools for your business. That’s where we come in! In this post, I have listed out some of the best marketing software tools that will help you do just that: 1) Sender Email and SMS Marketing Software for Small BusinessesSender is one of the best email and SMS marketing software for small businesses. It offers many robust features, including automation workflows, a drag-and-drag email builder, high-converting popups, and advanced segmentation. These features help you craft and send personalized emails and text messages, boosting your sales and engagement. Besides the simplicity of use, Sender stands out from other email marketing platforms with its affordability. The platform is ideal for small-to-medium businesses that want cost-effective (yet powerful) tools to grow their business. 2) HubSpot’s Marketing SoftwareHubSpot is one of the most popular marketing software companies in the world today. They offer a wide range of integrated digital marketing tools like website builder, lead generation forms, landing pages, autoresponder etc. which helps you build up your business online fast. What makes them stand apart from other marketing software companies is that they also provide training solutions for people who want to learn how to use their tools. So if you are new to HubSpot’s products you can get access to their video tutorials and webinars which will help you get started quickly. 3) Leadpages’ Marketing SoftwareLeadpages is another well-known name in the world of online marketing software. They offer email capture templates, landing page builders and website templates which you can customize according to your needs. One unique feature of this platform is their Exit Pop technology which sends automated exit popups once visitors close your browser tab or leave the website completely without signing up or taking any action. You can even design your own exit popups using templates provided by them. 4) Pardot’s Marketing SoftwarePardot provides effective lead nurturing solutions for B2B marketers. It offers an all-in-one solution for everything from building landing pages, managing content library to tracking results and optimizing campaigns based on user behavior data collected by various analytics engines like Google Analytics etc. Pardot runs on Salesforce which means it integrates really well with Salesforce CRM system as well as many other third party systems like MailChimp, Constant Contact etc., saving it users time setting up integrations manually between multiple systems. 5) Emma Email Marketing Software for Small BusinessesEmma is another popular cloud based Email Marketing Software used by small businesses around the world today to send out personalized emails to their target audience using dynamic content insertion technology called Smart Content Editor which automatically inserts personalized information about each recipient into each email message based on their activity patterns on your website or social media profiles etc.. Emma lets users create professional emails without having any skills in HTML or coding because everything inside emails are prepared automatically using dynamic variables inserted into each email message making it very easy for non technical people too to create engaging email campaigns within minutes! 6) Blog2Social Marketing Softwarestarting a blog smartly automates social media tasks. It takes care of your social media posting and scheduling, creates posting texts automatically, reshares old posts, and much more. A great thing about Blog2Social is that it's not complicated to use. They have a simple social media calendar, showing all scheduled posts: Your own, and your team members! This way, you can easily work as a team. Also, it makes it easy to reschedule posts, using drag and drop. Blog2Social can automatically add hashtags, shortened links, the best times for your post to go live, and more. 7) Infusionsoft’s Marketing SoftwareInfusionsoft provides a wide range of digital marketing solutions for small businesses. It offers email marketing, sales management, customer relationship management and marketing automation solutions which helps marketers to create targeted campaigns and automate repetitive tasks from lead follow-up to sales. The platform also offers flexible options for integrating with third party systems like Shopify, Dropbox etc.. 8) HubSpot Sales SoftwareHubSpot Sales is a cloud based sales intelligence platform that allows users to manage their entire pipeline from opportunity to closed-won deals in one centralized location. It integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, Pipedrive etc. so that you can view your sales activities from these platforms as well. Organize your leads using drag & drop functionality, schedule meetings using calendars and send emails directly from the system itself! 9) SalesLoft’s Marketing SoftwareSalesLoft offers a complete suite of tools for managing your sales process including campaign management, lead capture, email marketing etc. It integrates with major CRM systems like Salesforce, Infusionsoft etc., helping you keep track of leads and leads history, create professional emails within the system itself and sends them out to leads automatically. It also offers video tutorials to help users learn how to use their tools easily! 10) E-goi Email Marketing Software for Small BusinessesE-goi is an email marketing tool which helps companies send personalized email content to millions of recipients across multiple channels like social media networks like Facebook or Twitter etc.. Create automated emails using pre designed templates or write emails manually by inserting variables into each message depending on recipient’s activity patterns on your website or social media profiles. You can also integrate with other tools like Google Analytics or MailChimp if needed. 11) Ontraport’s Marketing Software for Small BusinessesOntraport is a powerful sales automation system that helps you manage entire sales process from lead management to customer service. It offers email marketing, CRM integration, automated workflow processes etc. which help small businesses save time and money while increasing sales. The platform is very easy to use with drag & drop functionality for creating forms or automating tasks so that marketers can focus on more important things like coming up with better campaigns! 12) RelateIQ Marketing Software for Small BusinessesRelateIQ is another popular CRM software system used by small businesses around the world today. It offers full suite of tools for managing your sales team including campaign management, lead capture, emails etc.. The platform also offers flexible integrations with other leading CRMs like Salesforce or HubSpot so that you can view all your sales activities in one central location. The platform even allows users to schedule meetings directly from their inboxes! 13) Yesware Email Marketing Software for Small BusinessesYesware is an email tracking tool that lets users see exactly who opened their email messages and what links they clicked on inside the email messages. This information about each recipient is updated in realtime without requiring you to refresh your browser tab constantly. You can even customize your messages based on how recipients respond to your messages – if someone opens the message and clicks on a link – you can send them next message instantly informing them about latest events, offers etc.. If someone doesn’t open the email message and instead logs into your website – you can follow-up them via email asking why they didn’t open the first email and then ask them to visit your website directly using a special URL provided by Yesware! 14) Outreach’s Sales Software for Small BusinessesOutreach is another well known name in B2B sales automation market. It provides complete suite of tools for managing entire sales process from lead generation through lead nurturing to converting leads into customers including email marketing, social selling and contact management etc.. The platform integrates with major platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce or Zoho CRM making it really easy for marketers to keep track of all their leads and leads history as well as create professional looking emails within the system itself and send those emails out automatically using various targeting options! 15) Pardot’s Marketing Automation Software Solution for Small BusinessesPardot has been around since 2010 but only recently has gained popularity as one of the top marketing automation solutions available today. They offer a huge selection of marketing automation features which includes lead scoring, lead nurturing, eCommerce tracking, landing pages, web form building capabilities etc., helping marketers take control over their digital marketing efforts easily! 16) Bronto Email Marketing Software for Small BusinessesBronto offers an easy-to-use email marketing platform which allows small businesses to send broadcast emails easily to millions of recipients using predefined segments across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter etc.. It offers powerful segmentation capabilities so that marketers can segment their audiences based on demographics/geography/behavioral patterns (like whether someone clicks on the link in the email or downloads whitepaper etc.) and then send customized messages accordingly resulting in higher engagement rates and response rates!

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