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How to Create a Career Counselling Chatbot? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on October 15th, 2023 2:17 pm | 4-min read

Yesterday I was talking to my cousin and she asked me, “How did you become a content writer?”. I replied to her that I went through a hit and trial process and then finally settled to writing. I explained to her that I did my engineering, then some random courses and I realized that writing is my call. She was confused and hesitatingly asked me if she had to board a roller coaster ride for choosing her career. I relieved her and recommended consulting a counselor before making her decisions.

Many times, it has become difficult to choose a career initially or when we want to switch our career. However, career counseling agencies and individuals can help us in making more sound decisions. The career counselling industry has boomed in recent years. This industry has started deploying career counselling chatbots for easing their day-to-day tasks and increasing efficiency. Let us explore more about career counselling bots and how they can be created in a few easy steps.

Why Career Counselling Chatbot?

From students to veterans, everybody seeks for a career counsellor to make better choices in their lives. It practically becomes difficult for counsellors to manage various processes included in career counselling. Thus, they deploy career counselling bots to improve their efficiency and serve customers seamlessly. Let us discuss some major benefits of career counselling chatbots.
  • Collecting Information: Career counsellors can advise candidates only after knowing the candidates’ background details, interests, and aspirations. Career Chatbot helps in gathering the relevant data in a user-friendly manner and forwarding them to concerned counsellors.
  • Screening Profiles: The resume of each candidate has unique details. Screening each resume manually might consume the tremendous time of counsellors. Career counselling chatbot can offer support in screening profiles of candidates and better counselling.
  • Counselling History: Sometimes both candidates and counsellors lose the track of their conversation and start having a similar discussion again and again. Career bot helps in keeping track of every query of candidates and data shared by them. It also helps in recollecting every counselling session.
  • Availability on Multi-Platforms: Career counselling chatbots can help you to be available on multi-platforms. You can deploy chatbots to websites, apps, social media accounts, etc. to easily serve your clients or candidates seeking advice.
  • Scope of Integration: Chatbot for counselling has the scope to integrate with third-party APIs and other business-related software. The integration helps in collecting and managing the data efficiently. For instance, if you integrate your career counselling chatbot with Google Sheets, the information gets automatically collected in Google Sheets from chatbot conversations.

Must Have Features in Career Counselling Chatbot

Career counselling chatbots can benefit your business only when you take care of a few points mentioned below. Your career counselling chatbot must have-
  • Interactive conversation flow
  • Exclusively personalized elements
  • User- friendly interface
  • Scope of data analytics
  • Flexible to integrate with other software
  • Easy accessibility
  • Availability of round-the-clock

How to Build a Career Counselling Chatbot?

You can create the career counselling chatbot without coding even a single line with the help of no-code platforms. You just need to opt for the leading no-code platform available online and start creating your chatbot. For your convenience, we are going to mention a step-by-step guide to create a career counselling chatbot.Step 1: Search for Appy Pie Chatbot with the help of your web browser.Step 2: Once you click on Appy Pie Chatbot, you need to “Get Started” by clicking on that CTA button. Step 3: You need to enter the name of your exclusive career counselling chatbot in the space given and click on the “Next” button.Step 4: Select bot type as “Career Counselling Bot” by clicking on the relevant category.Step 5: Create your account or sign up with an already existing Google account before moving further. You just need to fill in the details in relevant boxes.Step 6: Customize the bot flow and optimize the design as per your needs. Appy Pie Chatbot offers user-friendly interface and editing tools to tweak changes in career counselling chatbot.Step 7: Once you get satisfied with the design and chatbot flow, preview the bot before saving it.Step 8: Click on “Save & Next” to save your career counselling chatbot.Step 9: You will land up on the page from where you can copy and paste the widget code in the body section of each page of your website. You just need to click on the “Copy Code” button.Note: Do not forget to reload your website after pasting the widget code. Voila!! Your career counselling chatbot is ready to serve your candidates and counsellors.

Summing Up

Chatbots are slowly gaining traction in every industry. The career counselling industry is still a new one for chatbots. However, chatbots have started becoming helpful for both students and counsellors. For students, career counselling chatbots remain available 24/7 and help them in taking better decisions. For counsellors, chatbot reduces the burden of doing repetitive tasks and managing the data collected during counselling sessions. They can create their own chatbots using no-code development platform without any coding. Overall, we would recommend you deploy the career counselling chatbot to your most-used business platforms and make the whole counselling process efficient. We will advise you to create your career counselling chatbot with Appy Pie Chatbot. Create Chatbot Now!

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